bad word?

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My guess is that just about all of them have stories about being pulled over by a white cop who didn't recognize them.

"Where did you steal that Ferrari, boy?"

"You play for WHAT Denver Broncos?"

racist american police is a huge problem
as equally as big a problem as trigger happy police and corrupt police.

probably a lot safer if they dont drive and go as a passenger in a taxi
american police are among the worst

have you heard of the buy black movement
its a group of black people trying to get all other black people to only buy from black people

black business owners not specifically black customer service people.
the black business owners only hire black people


imagine if all black sports people only bought from black busines owners
easy way to make yourself rich

black real-estate agents
black customer service
black hairdressers
black beauticians
black doctors

they just need a black santa
black Halloween
black church minister
black easter bunny

i think they already have black only schools to send their children to
& i think ive heard of black universitys
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