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This forum CAN'T be dead!

Hey, I've got a cat. Somebody get a box and a bottle of poison and let's prove Schroedinger wrong!
Well? Any offerings to help it along? This IS the General Science and Technology Forum. Has anybody here ever built a robot? I started to once, but had a problem keeping the little moron from keeling over. No gyro mechanism. I still want to build one, though. Honda built a bipedal 'bot that does pretty good at walking. It could even navigate up and down stairs without a problem. They're trying to hook up with MIT for the brain.

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Sounds good. I'll start a topic on Robots and AI.

I saw that Honda 'bot on PBS too. I was very impressed by the mechanics, but its only motivation was the engineer's hand on its joy stick (feel free to run with that last part).

I also read an interesting article last week which described the mechanics and design of a robotic snake. This idea struck me as being one of the more practicle robotic designs yet.

It's all very large.
I never really thought about robotic snakes, but now that you mention it, they'd be great for looking for trapped people after earthquakes and such.
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