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Emerald has the best so far I think. A bit flashy maybe.

I'm a nice cute warm furry bunny, that fits my wonderful warm personality.

While Boris looks like some kind of vampire bat - hmmm, is he telling us something.

And Dave is a sleek cat - just like his sleek web site.

But I'm worried about Boris.

Neat, I hadn't seen yours, cool.

Sorry I don't generally get to look in your forums.

Vampire bat?


Are you seriously saying that you know nothing about the "Pinky and the Brain" cartoon? Wow man, you must be religiously abstaining from Warner Brothers cartoons, or else you've never found yourself in a house with a child watching them.

Personally, I thought the fit with Brain was pretty tight. His name is my scientific obsession. He's a lab rat. He's megalomaniacally intelligent and thinks the world of himself (ok, so I'm a little self-effacing here, but it's a crime to take yourself too seriously.) He's a brilliant, if a little mad, scientist (well, I would wellcome brilliance if not madness :D) He's constantly wailing on Pinky for being a complete moron (they're still best friends though.) He begins every day with plans to take over the world and dictate his own style of life (my religious opponents on this board have to love that.) And that new signature of mine -- a classic Brain line; plus it ties in nicely with my old signature, wouldn't you say?

C'mon man, don't diss my avatar; it took me a whole 20 minutes to edit a full-resolution cartoon screenshot down to a little icon with recognizable details. :)
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I’m sorry to say that my ignorance is absolute. I guessed there must be a story hence this thread to entice you to tell, but I’m only a little wiser for the telling. My only brush with cartoons is the Simpsons and then mainly because that is on after Star Trek at 11pm and I’m too tired to find the remote and the power off button.

So where can I watch this … this … hmm … ‘intriguing’ epitome of Boris?

But I’ll give you credit, the avatar has excellent artistic quality, and I do apologize for the vampire slur, it was simply the closest image that came to mind.

You are simply too subtle for oldsters like myself. My children are all teenagers and it is they who now go out to babysit, I never have to deal with young children anymore, and I hope that grandchildren are in the distant future if ever.

So thanks for the story and I’ll look out for “Pinky and the Brain”. I can’t believe I am saying this.
Come on Cris, I was only half-serious. No ill blood at all, but I am indeed surprised you've not heard of this cartoon. It's one of the latter crop of "cool" tunes, it's even directed by Steven Spielberg, if you can believe that. It, and the "Animaniacs", are like cartoon icons for the 90's. (Simpsons are a whole different category, and personally I'm a big fan by the way.)

You can still find a quite a few P&B fan sites around the web; just type "Pinky and the Brain" into any search engine. As far as where to see it, I would suggest a Warner Brothers channel if you have one (of course, I wouldn't know what day(s) or time(s); you could try tvguide.com). It's nothing really special, I mean it's just a (often sarcastic, but humorous) cartoon -- so don't feel like you missed out on something huge.

I suspect most younger visitors to this board know this cartoon and will catch the many cutsey puns inherent in my avatar. And if the older generation feel intimidated by vampire images, then perhaps so much the better ;)

Ill blood? Nah never thought that for one moment. I should use more smilies. But just look at my little bunny face, always smiling and happy, but he isn't too bright.

Hey, just thought, we're both rodents - hmm!.

Time to leave the office for the day.
"wat are we going to do today pinky?"
"we are going to take over the world!!!"

a klassic line from pinky and the brain, its right up tehre with dexter's laboratory ;)

though simpsons is classified in a whole different catagory, it is outrageously funny, and i think it is one of the top 5 shows ever !

everyone had an icon so had to make one, dexter; is this too much like yours? let me know il change it if you think so