Astronomy science blinkered! [This is Mind Boggling!]


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I did obtain this subject matter and the article over at Cosmoquest, where it is discussed in the Astronomy section.

Most of us were amazed and in awe at the photos and data sent back less than a year ago by the New Horizons space craft and its close encounter with Pluto.
Many questions were raised as to what was found, including the lack of crater impact.
detailed here.....

Much we don't know as yet, and some answers so far are only guestimates.
more attempts to answer questions here......

But check this out!
The delusions and inferences that surface when science/cosmology does not have complete answers at this time, by groups and individuals [some examples obviously seen on this forum] that Pluto having such a young surface is support for YEC's nonsensical claims re a young Earth/Pluto/solar system is outstandingly stupid, albeit expected.
The old god of the gaps argument that again some here like to infer with the rage we see against science and cosmology.

Here is the article I refer to.........Good for a laugh! :)

Looking Back at Pluto
by Jason Lisle, Ph.D. *
Evidence for Creation

Nearly a year has elapsed since the New Horizons spacecraft flew past Pluto and captured the first high-resolution images of this mysterious dwarf planet. Far different from the cold, dead, 4.5 billion-year-old mass that secular astronomers anticipated, these images revealed a world of astonishing diversity. Once again, science has confirmed biblical creation, demonstrating that the surface of Pluto is young, with evidence of recent geological activity.
more laughs at the link:

Another great example of how those with agendas are able to mangle and distort science and the scientific method.
The following paragraph from the YEC article, is hilarious but again expected [as we so often see here] in how they use science and scientific fact, to attempt to invalidate the same science!
"But this presents a problem for the secular view. How would Pluto have any heat left if it were billions of years old? Being a very small world, only two-thirds the size of Earth’s moon, Pluto cannot retain heat for billions of years. It certainly doesn’t get much energy from the sun—less than one thousandth of what the earth receives. The only thing we know of that could (in principle) generate heat over billions of years is radioactive decay. Some of the heaviest elements like uranium are radioactive and produce heat. But from Pluto’s low density, we know that it simply cannot contain very much radioactive material—not nearly enough to produce the geology seen on its surface. The most natural explanation is that Pluto is only a few thousand years old".