Artificial eyeballs

That's pretty crazy, but the fact that it was a tadpole which is still developing makes me wonder if it will work as smoothly in full grown adults ...

If it does work though people who aren;t 20/20 might have some hope of getting perfect vision or different colored eyes ...

The eye also though is a fairly distinct unit as most body parts go. The rest have much more complex non-nueronal connections to the body.
Admittedly I did have a question about the genetics of a Frog.

I know it's possible that if a particular specie has too many males, some of the males turn to female.

This had me questioning if that fact had any effect on the outcome, for instance if a frog had only a partial amount of DNA to be cloned from, will it's DNA actually "clone" itself to make it a whole. (filling in the gaps)

Admittedly this is where I would bring up Kmguru and point out that if a person was mapped to the fullest extent and placed into a 3dimensional virtual world. Would it not be possible for the world to be programmed to react with similar rules to our own, so that we could do "SIMULATIONS" without actually cloning real people.