are you you ??


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saw a recent piece, it stated every 5 years a humans's atoms are different to what they had previously, dont change all at the same time !!.
anyway the implications, are strange, for we are not us anymore.
the fabric of our very self is not the same as when we had our first kiss, we are not the same being anymore.

so lets apply this to our brain, er it's as weird as quantum physics, it may explain why we get so involved with nostalgia, for thats one thing we think of as us in the past or is it ??
are you you

Yes. Since i have to be somebody and no other identities are on offer.

Seriously, cells are the least of it. Think about civilizations. Old people die off all the time, and new people are born, but the character of the civilization is not altered by a turnover of functional units. Actually, it is altered, subtly, all the time. And so it the individual human being whose cells replicate and die.

I am my body plus my experience, function, memories and relationships. Identity is not a problem as long as we know are able to express it.
If you look into this stuff there is actually people whom have different personalities, and brain scans show this. People that are really multiples, actually have different brain scans when scanned.
The human brain accesses the mind, so you can see why this may be so.

So i am saying, some that truly are multiple personalties actually have differences in there brain scans when in different alters.

So i am saying the brain is an interface, that we use to channel into our mind which is outside of our body. So you look at what i just wrote above, you can understand why some people may be more than one person. Like what people called demon posession.

So although most of us are one person, i would think there are multiples out there.

I associate with me, and what my name is. All i can say is i am me, but i do not know about you people.

So when you hear of people high up doing rituals. Maybe they have this disorder, and switch for the rituals, and then back again to live a normal life. I am sure people that do such things, have multiple names, and the name we see them as, may not be the name they use in rituals, as they may be a different person there. If you get me.

Trauma does cause some weird things to your brain, and whom you are. Like i said we access our mind through our brain, but multiples have different brain scans in there different personality.

Trauma can cause some weird things, and humans have known this for along time.