Are there any Online Bullies on SciForums?

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You are a Bully pad .
Are you saying I bullied James into banning you from the sciences?
Or are you claiming that because I debunk most of your ridiculous claims, that I'm a bully?
Should I not comment on the fact that you knew SFA about the Earth/Moon system and needed to put you straight?
Do these things piss you off river?
You mistake genuine rejection/s of your nonsense for bullying river. But rest assured that while I am here, I will continue to comment on such nonsense, along of course with most others here that have gone out of their way to try and educate you.
You need to thank me and others river, for that help, not take it as bullying.
Reading through this thread, it seems that the only reason it exists (and probably why it was started in the first place) is that it gives a thin-veneer excuse to call names at other members one doesn't like. The name-caller then feels righteous because he is calling out the "bully" that he has labelled as such.

Nothing good has come or is likely to come from this back-and-forth insult trading, so I am closing this thread.
Not open for further replies.