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Every day since about February I have constantly had these hives, rashes, and giant welts all over my body. If it's not on my arm, it's on my leg, if it's not on my leg, it's on my neck, if it's not on my neck, it's on my back, and so on. I recently went to an allergist and they did a skin test. Here's what I'm allergic to (get ready):

Ash, white
Oak, white
Pine mix
Walnut, black

Dock, yellow
Dog fennel
Lambs quarters

Candida albicans

Fescue, meadow
Rye, perennial
Vernal, sweet



From what I've heard (and seen) this month has been pretty bad for allergies, but these hives have gotten exponentially worse. I can barley sleep at night because they're so uncomfortable, and they itch like crazy. At this point, any advice is VERY helpful and would be gladly appreciated. I've already tried pretty much every prescription under the sun, and would just like to try some old fashioned natural way to reduce or get rid of this s**t. I'm damn tired of it. And it's really startin' to piss me off. Thanks.
Jerrek, I don't know why you even would envy me. If you meant pity, I wasn't looking for pity.
as for cats, i am allegeric to them but we have recently acquired one that was abandoned at a local playground. i have found if we wash her once a month and use dander cloths to wiper her down, my allegeries are considerably better, they hardly even exist.

as for everyting else, maybe you should invest in a bubble.
End your life...ok bad advice...i mean i don't know what to tell you. I have not found one thing yet that i am allergic to so i wouldn't know shiat about allergies. Though there are new medicines constantly coming out for allregies.
Dribbler, I've seriously considered investing in a bubble. A really big bubble. With maybe a jacuzzi inside, and a laptop with wireless broadband capabilities...
Oh, and also, I don't mean to be rude, but I want some advice for treatment, because I really don't care if you have allergies or not, I just really want to help this stuff.
I JUST discovered i have an allergy to long-haired cats.........I found that taking a Reactine every morning helped a LOT. I dont know why, but the cat hair didnt bother me unless i forgot to take it that morning.
wilson13.. did you JUST find out that you're allergic to peanuts? if so it must not be severe.. that or you're REALLY lucky. lol.

as far as hives etc go, a perscription that will cure it up pretty well is adarax (not sure of spelling). but as a suppressant id suggest Zyrtec. thats what i have, and its pretty effective. well, it was until i lost it two weeks ago.. -rubs bruised sinusses while staring at the computer through burning watery eyes-. damn carpet.
some thoughts for your allergies . . .

Sorry to hear about your allergies. It sounds like you are allergic to a lot of things so taking something as light as zyrtec probably won't help. Claritin, Allegra, Benedryl, etc. won't really do much for you either if your allergies are at least moderate.

What did your allergist decide to do for you?

Anything stronger than meds like Allegra will definitely need a prescription. This would include stuff like steroids (Flonase, etc) and immunotherapy (this takes a long time for it to work).

As for the skin condition, it is not uncommon for individuals with allergies to develop skin conditions (including eczema). I hope your physician can prescribe some things that will help you cause you really sound like you're suffering. Otherwise, just kick him in the nuts. If it's a female physician, just kick her in the nuts too.
Alergic to pork and onions?
In that case, I would probably treat myself with cyanide :)

aaam just playin around.

I'm also allergic. To dust. Really bad. When I clean my room I get chunks im my throat and I almost bleed from the nose and eyes.
I went to a specialist and he ran a test and he said that there is a new vaccine that can immunize you from allergies. The bad thing is that it's only about 60% guaranteed to work and if it does, it may only work for a limited amount of time.
You have to go to a clinic twice a week and get the vaccination. It may rise to 4 times a week for a period of 6 months. It may have side effects. The specialist advised me to do that, and I'll start next month.
I'm not sure about when you have multiple allergies. I have only one.
If he didn't tell you about this option, ask him if you can do it.
It is bad to give medical advice on the net even if one is a doctor. Here are some suggestions or ideas:

1. The acute case should be treated by a professional

2. While on the treatment, find a methodology that works for you to reduce Systemic Stress in your life (Body and Mind).

3. Get a good nights sleep (Quality Sleep)

4. Remove exposure to pesticides and herbicides.

Allergy is a multibillion dollar business and growing. No one really knows why that happens and if anyone knows, they are not telling. Capitalism at its best. Once afflicted, allergy does not go away under any doctors supervision - almost the sameway, once you go to a shrink (and have insurance or money) - the shrink becomes your life partner.
i gave some advice, only on stuff that worked for me. just as i am not an attorney, neither am i a doctor.

i dont see anything wrong with giving advice. doctors don't always have every answer, and why not look around before you go to see one for a perscription? even something as simple as allergies can be misdiagnosed.

Once afflicted, allergy does not go away under any doctors supervision
. actually, you're wrong. its pretty common for someone to have a one-time allergic reaction to somthing that thay've been near several times before, and been fine. its happened to me twice. one of them i wasn't treated for, the other put me in the emergency room with a needle pokin me in the ass. and even though its not that common it isn't unheard of to outgrow childhood allergies.

Actually, it is against the law to practice medicine without a license. There are a ton of other laws related to the same all designed to protect the citizens (US laws) not to mention ethics. I am sure same with Canada and Australia. I meant, we have to be careful in giving advice and the extent.

I should have prequalified the statement that in majority cases when someone takes allergy shots hoping the allergy to go away - raely does. I have spent thousands for my daughter who has all types of allergy...

A one time affliction is a whole different matter. It happens to me when the pollens are at their heaviest and I am mowing the lawn, or when my spouse sprays perfume on her too close to me - my nose goes to an overdrive....
To reply to everybody, my allergist is currently making the syrum for my allergy shots I have to get twice a week starting in a few days. I really hope the works, and he says it MAY knock it out in about, oh...three years. That's a huge may. I just really hope thos shots stop this stuff. And I've already tried both Allegra and Zyrtec, both of which did work, but then stopped. Benedryl just conchs me for about 12 hours, and I haven't really noticed it working. About steroids, I did take those, but not for long. A few days. They didn't work, but I don't think I was taking them long enough. And another problem I have, juvenille arthritis. I have to take more medicine for that. Now, for my allergies, I'm taking Cingulair, but have yet to see results. I'm also taking this natural anti-oxident thing. I forgot the name, but it's also supposed to take a while to kick in. Is there anything strong and fast out there? One last thing, I posted just to get people's opinions. I know it's illegal to practice medicine without a license, which is why I plan to ask my allergist about it all next time I see him. Again, thanks all you guys (and gals), I look forward to more advice. Cheers.
Actually, it is against the law to practice medicine without a license.
i didn't see anyone practicing medicine. (not to mention we're not askin for money which would make a big difference IF we were trying to treat people). All i saw was someone asking for any information someone who has been in his situation could give him. the average person can't just go online and order their allergy shot medicine on ebay (well.. maybe:rolleyes: ) nor can they write themselves a perscription for their treatment. but they CAN ask around and get suggestions so they do have something to ask their doctor about that just might help them.

It happens to me when the pollens are at their heaviest and I am mowing the lawn,
umm.. that wouldn't be a one time thing.. that would be an allergy to pollen that just doesn't get aggrevated easily.
I am allergic to dust mites. it's the worst thing you can be allergic to because it's everywhere and year around.

I am also allergic to women, I think. I find them irritating...
the best way ( imo) to keep a hold on dust allergies is wood flooring.
carpet holds onto sooo much, no matter how you vaccum it.
Originally posted by Joeman
I am also allergic to women, I think. I find them irritating...

Is that because they miss the deeper meanings of a posting? :D

the best way ( imo) to keep a hold on dust allergies is wood flooring.

That is why we switched to ceramic tile flooring...