Aliens and Humanity: A Theory


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This theory is based on a given assumption:
Extraterrestrial aliens do exist and have been "visiting" Earth for a while now.

I have considered the questions being raised on extraterrestrial life, particularly "visiting aliens".

I have my doubts that the even with all the resources available to the govenments of the world, that they could "cover-up" the evidence of aliens trying to make contact with us. You just can't hide a secret this big from 6 billion people.

Unless it wants to remain hidden.

This would therefore suggest that the aliens at have actively decided to remain hidden to the larger population of earth.

This might suggest a sinister and hidden agenda, but I have a different theory.

Consider that humanity (compared to a space- faring alien race) is relatively primitive.

Conider further that we have the tools to change all that. We have possesed the technology and the resources to colonise Mars for instance, for the past 30 years! (go to

Now consider that the aliens (despite any alleged hidden agendas) are biding their time and waiting for humanity to elevate itself to the status of a space-faring species, so that they might communicate with us as equals.

I have also considered the possibility that should the aliens be ultimately hostile, that the development of space-traveling technology might be our last best hope for survival.
Or, you could just populate Mars with artificial life tolerant to its present conditions. Life doesn't have to be only carbon-based, you know...

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Erm....What? How many comics have you been reading? Aliens are going to kill off the human race. Afterall, they genetically engineered us did't they. Richard Hoagland and his colleagues have calculated from numerous measurements of random but definitely not naturally occurring small hills on Mars that the end of the world will be by fire and plague and that it is prophesised to happen on July 22nd 1997.

There is absolutely no proof of alien's interferring with humans and very little information about alien human interactions. No amount of reverse underwater regressison hypnonsense will change this. How many abductees (sorry "experiencers") have had poly graph tests or such like? How many have volounteered willingly? Any? How many have the buy my book and read all about it story?

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Besides, why should the human race need help from aliens to destroy us? We're doing a pretty good job all by ourselves.

Besides, why should the human race need help from aliens to destroy us? We're doing a pretty good job all by ourselves.