About the members Round 7 : Varda


whats that baby girl?
you wanna jump my bones?
I chopped off my ear and sent it but no reply.
I think she's cavorting with that pseudo-husband tosser.
Varda, have you ever punched anyone?
Have you ever punched a car door?
Have you ever set fire to a toilet roll?
your kidding me? that old...grandma is attracting to you? :bugeye:
Shes a classic mediterranean beauty yes!

"The architectonic contours of a perfect soul...crystallized at the very edge of the flesh itself" -Salvador Dali.

Was that Draqonesque enough?
Varda...knowing that so many men want you...in direct sense, what does that makes you feel? (I have heard at least 3 talk of their sexual desire for you)

kind of creeped out, but it's all good
in person I am a lot more "one of the guys" type
2. What kind of skulls do you prefer?

large mammals, specially felines

3. If you...er...had to collect the skull of one SciForums member, whose skull would that be and why? Would you display it on your mantelpiece?

whoever could convince me he/she has the best teeth here. I'd most deffinitely display it

4. How many people are buried in your backyard?


Once when my father was having one of his panic attacks, he made a hole in the backyard, it was half the size of an adult, but pretty deep. He said he wanted to be buried there, sitting.
My mother covered the hole.
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