A tank of gas, a world of trouble

madanth said:
I had an aunt who worked at a nuke plant that was built and ready to go in Washington State but never came on line due to enviromentalists.
It was probably Chernobyl and Three Mile Island that had more of an effect than some movie.
Could be the lies that preceded and followed those two disasters had as much effect as the accidents themselves.

The reactors in Red Wing, MN, for example, were presented to the community as completely safe, ridiculously overbuilt with safety features, and as accident proofed as could possibly be - and then TMI came along and proved that well, no, things weren't quite that well under control. And people realized they'd been lied to. Lied to before, during, and after that near miss.

We were confronted with the fact that the entire nuke business, including the government regulatory agencies, was willing to kill them and ruin their rivers and bankrupt their communities as a side effect of nuke projects and profits. And they still are.