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Okay so I've got this problem...

I have just leased a server for 6 months, and I don't know what to do with it :D

I'm thinking of using it for a NNTP feed, some Website hosting, and possibly Mail but I have to admit I'm not even a Novice with Debian, so I know I've got to watch my A**e.

If I have any problems is there anyone on this board that knows how to use Debian?
I know how to use Debian. It isnt hard.. I will help w/ whatever you need. do you have IRC? AIM/GAIM??? Yahoo?? anything like that? You can e-mail me dexnull@netscape.net or dexter@bsd.sh

I would be glad to help. You could do tons with some space, though buying it is a little outrageous...
I've come up with a bit of a problem, it's to do with Logged in User Idles.

Remote administration is fine, until something disconnects you from your User, then the session is forced into a state of idle and locks you out from the system.

What I want to know, is there a command or configuration I can change that will either decrease the time it takes for an idle user to timeout, or force "all" users to timeout after a given period (say 5 minutes and including root)

(rather than me having to wait 30 mins to relog)


Okay that problem was resolved by gaining a module, at first I had a few problems with trying to aquire modules because the person that loaded the system used a Cd, so it kept asking for a Cd.

Eventually I wiped out the standard Package URLs, and in doing so it removed the CD-rom medium.

Within the past 24hours, I've been getting qiute use to Debian.
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