A Real-life Monster

Police in Florida said they got a call about an approximately 8 foot alligator with what appeared to be a human body in its mouth near Orlando. Police responded and recovered the body, that of an adult male. The cops say that they don't know if the alligator killed the man or whether it scavenged the body. The medical examiner has the body now and will have to determine the cause of death.

Reports coming in that a toddler was walking alongside a small man-made lake at Disney World in Orlando, when an alligator lunged out, seized the child and dragged him/her into the water. The child is presumed dead.

Did Disney knowingly allow large alligators in the lake? They might have, since they warned against swimming there. Is it against some environmental law to kill them?
I read somewhere that saltwater crocs have the strongest bite. Even stronger than that of Great White sharks. Ugghh.