A possible proof that negative ageing doesn't occur in special relativity?

I came back to read this because I was wondering if I was being too obstructionist by just repeating my answer rather than rephrasing given that TonyYuan is working in a second language but then I remembered that this is a guy who claims to have overturned relativity and says that to him Einstein is "just another physics enthusiast". I can see four different ways to tell which of my two formulas is correct:
  1. Count to two and take the second one as I've told him
  2. Put the units in and see which one has units of time
  3. See which one is the same as the algebraic answer \(2\gamma Ln/c\) that I've given several times
  4. See which one is the product of the velocity I stated in #61 and the gamma factor I stated in #78 when I said that the right answer was the product of the two
Any of these would work even if a reader was struggling a bit with my language. Now I'm a smart guy but I know Einstein was a lot smarter than me and I would expect him to see at least these four ways to verify which formula I meant if he needed to. TonyYuan seems strangely uncertain about these fairly simple concepts for someone who has such a low opinion of Einstein.

I see what you did there.
He's just another obsessive crank. He's got one thing, really, which is some computer program for the orbit of Venus. All roads lead eventually back to that, with him. It's something he can't let go off, psychologically, probably because he has spent ages constructing it and is proud of his construction. So he can't bear to admit it's bunk: he has too much invested in it. At a human level one can understand how this happens, but basically it's all in his head and not scientifically driven.

Given that he's Chinese or Mongolian, there may also be some latent resentment of "Western" science and a wish to prove it wrong. We see this sort of chippiness from time to time, with some individuals from Asian countries that have become more assertive in recent years, notably India and China. I don't know if it's a factor with him but it may be.