A Poem Thread

"Everything that is tearing us
down today will become a
memory, and this memory will
be shared as an anecdote or
a story or a poem or a play or
a warning.

It will be shared with another
human being, who will then
understand that he is not
alone in his sadness.

This is why we show up for
others and tell our tales
and listen to others.

The great congregation
meets daily, and you are
someone’s angel today."
Tennessee Williams
I came to you
by Jean Valentine, (n.d.)

I came to you
Lord, because of
the fucking reticence
of this world
no, not the world, not reticence, oh
Lord Come
Lord Come​
We were sad on the ground
Lord Come​
We were sad on the ground

"Dusk fell
and the cold came creeping,
came prickling into our hearts.

As we tucked beaks
into feathers and settled for sleep,
our wings knew.

That night, we dreamed the journey:
ice-blue sky and the yodel of flight,
the sun's pale wafer,
the crisp drink of clouds.

We dreamed ourselves so far aloft
that the earth curved beneath us
and nothing sang but
a whistling vee of light.

When we woke, we were covered with snow.
We rose in a billow of white.”

― Joyce Sidman, Winter Bees & Other Poems of the Cold

I just love this one, MR - it's a great reminder to throw caution to the wind sometimes, explore more, and figure out the details later.

I love it. I hear a train whistle from my apt every night and feel a longing to travel far away. If I could just muster the courage to do it some day..I'm a little agoraphobic I think..
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