A Gift of Power

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    As a sign of respect to the one who is now a real mess, but may still become a great warrior, I will post here a story.

    This story is not written for the reason, nor it is written for the feelings. It is written for the will.

    It's also not written from the memory, since I, like you, don't really remember anything. It's just a feeling of a memory. Something once known and long forgotten. Like a very dear friend never met.

    Like many stories, it begins with - A long time ago....

    ... or maybe not so long, in some other life time, there was a
    group of warriors. At some moment, on this or some other world, they
    realised what was really happening with human civilization and where
    it all leads to. Then, the leader of this group made a decision to
    come back to this world and lead a war against a force, call it "the
    enemy", that holds the world in slavery.

    He invited the other members to join him, but first, he explained to
    them this manoeuvre would be very dangerous. All of them would have to
    be born as ordinary people. They would have to choose ordinary
    destinies that would actually lead nowhere. Their will would have to
    guide them, and at some moment, they would all have to leave their
    destinies to join the battle. The danger that did, and still does lie
    in this strategy is that, by being born, they would all forget the
    reason why they came to this world. And the enemy would use all the
    force to try to keep them under control, by giving them different
    stupid life problems, and empty promises of power. Because of that,
    some of them may never succeed in pulling themselves away and joining the
    battle. They will live through their ordinary destinies, and they will
    die like ordinary people. And only after they die, they will remember
    their task, but by then it will be too late. They simply failed, but that
    cannot be taken against them. The enemy was just too cunning for them.

    There were many groups of warriors like this one. And they all made
    the same decision.

    I will not be posting here anymore.

    Good luck to you all.

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