a chat???


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i know that chats are manly for little people who have nothing better to do.... but i was thinking about you ahving a little thing, were we sign in before we post, and it will tell us when other members are on, so that we can talk to them, kinda liek a buddy list for cheep aol users, but then we can talk about the topics one on one, its jsut a little thought!

when christianity ruled the world, it was called the dark ages.

-dexter (nimrod242 :aol sn)
Why not just use ICQ?

Its a lot more secure then AOL instant messenger.

When christianity ruled the world it was called the age of exploration and the rennasaince (sorry about the mispelling)!
corp. i dont like your signature, but what about those who ont have ICQ? i do, but i am not registerd, and i also have aim.

when christianity ruled the world, it was called the dark ages.

-dexter (nimrod242 :aol sn)
Well dexter, I don;t like yours either. It is too simplistic to blame christianity for the dark ages, and it is also too simplistic to give christianity all the credit for the wonders of medieval life.

Well, believe it or not, not everyone has AIM either. ICQ is the easiest and most efficient way to do what you are talking about.

When the jews ruled it was called the first democracy in the world
Chorus of a hip song I learned in church...

"Go on and take another lap around Mt Siani, till you learn your lesson...till you stop your whinning and you quit your complaining... till you learn to stand in your day of testing... by trusting and obeying the Lord..."

It just seemed to fit...God I love this place!