9 yr old boy records stalking ufo

Of couse it HAS to be aliens because there's no other possible explanation, right?
Good background info Bells. Thanks. But the video could still be real, no? And I'm not so sure making money on Youtube videos equates to hoaxing. There is afterall alot of science videos out there full of ads that are making money for someone.
You believe science videos are conducting a conspiracy of sorts? Yet you chose to accept the "experts" as real dinkydi unbiased experts?
You still have a few questions to answer from post two. All I'm trying to do is find a reason why you continually chose to believe something is of Alien origin from the film of an impressionable 9 year old.
A good rule of thumb is if it is from a known organisation, like NASA or official universities, for example, then it is probably not a fake.
In adding to that, what appears to be the general case stemming from that, and pushed by the believers in Alien craft, the paranormal and such, is that all of NASA, and the many learned institutions are conducting some conspiracy and cover up. Of course that is all they are able to resort to to keep and maintain any credibility to any of these types of claims.
In summing what you and I see as a "rule of thumb", they see as a conspiracy.
Right. A disappearing drone. That explains it.

If its as high up as the claim suggests, it could easily have been obscured by a cloud...

They... they DO have clouds wherever you are from, right? Or do you have to cover spacecraft in cotton balls to simulate them?
There's no clouds near the craft in the video. Are you saying the cloud was invisible?
Watch at timestamp 1:05 - the craft is moving and you can see a white wipe from right to left across the craft. You can even see a tiny bit of it poke over the top of whatever is obstructing it for a moment.

I'm sure someone more skilled in video editing (and with proper software) could pull the video frame-by-frame to clearly show this.

Also, a white cloud against a white sky... kind of hard to pick out until something crosses behind it.
Right. The craft disappears. But there is no cloud.

Correction. I CAN see a darker cloud that might obscure it. So yes, it's a plausible explanation. But the craft still doesn't look that high.
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The UFO in this fairy tale was at best just that...a UFO...nothing anymore sinister.
Most Alien/UFO tales are the sorts of things you hear around a campfire on any cold dark night. In all likelyhood it probably also contains a government coverup.
And its weird that all the photos of these UFOs, whether taken with a cheap mobile phone, or the worlds best camera, are always fuzzy. :)

This "want to believe" is quite powerful and will lead people to exaggerate, misinterpret, fabricate, or just plain old imagine, that what they deeply desire, is real.
Our greatest educator of our time, Carl Sagan, a firm believer in ETI, was also the chief debunker of this type of imaginary nonsense.
There was no one more wanting to discover ETI, but the science methodology saw him debunk all but a handful, which as we all nkow, simply remain as unexplained.