9/11 Anniversary!


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CTV and airways are loaded with reportages and discussions over 9/11. A tragic incident that united us all. United? I’m beginning to think that it actually “aligned” us more then united.
So, no more united states but aligned states!

I still need to see a 9/11 propagandist program that deals with 9/11 in ways to find closure instead of masquerading the lies and presumptions that the masses have eventually accepted as facts.

A criminal attack to the American people, right? Then why is it classified as secret? Why the information contained in the black boxes of those planes is secret? Why, some of those in-flight terrorist are alive? Why independent investigations (forensic or otherwise) are not needed or any in progress is redtaped or blocked? Why the rush to wipeout the evidences of the crime scene?

Any smaller scale crime draws far more investigation then 9/11.

Do you know why?


Hey!... I didn’t realized that to simply say “I don’t know” is such a difficult answer!

Why people always think that they must reply, is it a generic mild mental disorder?
Open case?

We've heard more substance from the ongoing Kobe Bryant investigation than we have from the ongoing 9/11 investigation.

While we cannot know exactly what motivates the secrecy, the War on Terror has been conducted behind a veil of unilateralist obfuscation of the kind Americans used to revile as characteristic of our enemies.

We may have hated the Soviet Commies, but Bush sure does want to be like them.
You really want to know about 9/11?
Modernism died on 9/11 .....At a time of mourning people no longer wanted panoramic views across a river out of a vast glass window....Sales of glass and steel furniture plummeted while sales of burgundy mohair throws rocketed
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in the Observer

What is in this year? More colourfull textiles, softer looks and large sofas. The cosier feel is a response to September 11 and the war in Iraq.
Financial times article on new Ikea catalogue 14 August.

"Since September 11 people want a richer experience at work and I don't mean money" says Grant Sexton the managing director of leadership Management Australia
Mycareer.com Aussie careers site.

To New York with Love is a beautiful and moving work. It can't be easy to express the many complex emotions evoked by the tragedy of 9/11 in a silver pendant but somehow the artists have managed to do just this.
From the site of Lynn Tindale Scottish Jewellery designer.

There is more but you get the idea.
Americas tragedy is now a marketing event.
Americas nightmare becomes the American dream.
Go sell your shit.
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To celebrate the anniversary here in Sweden the minister of foreign affairs got knifed down.
Re: Open case?

Originally posted by tiassa
We've heard more substance from the ongoing Kobe Bryant investigation than we have from the ongoing 9/11 investigation.
Nonsense. Listen to the stupid stuff that comes out about Bryant. I do my best to ignore it, but most of it's not substantial, really. "Girl used to lie about shit" or "Bought his wife a big ass ring" has very little to do with the actual criminal investigation. It's just some chaff the news media latches on to in lieu of anything better to report. Similarly, we've heard stuff about 9/11, like how the FBI and CIA weren't communicating, and if they were, it would have had a chance at preempting the attacks. And how Osama could've been whacked in 1998 but Clinton decided the op was too high profile. If you're asking for anything more concrete with either Bryand or 9/11 investigations, you're not going to get it on either. Say what you want about the conduct of reflexive military and law enforcement operations post-9/11, but pretending that evidence has been witheld unreasonably compared to a normal criminal investigation is wrapping yourself in tinfoil.
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