Sure, we have a lot of them unregistered within our national borders.:D
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:confused: Do Aliens exist? :confused:
I'd be astonished if they didn't. Actually, that's not true. I'll never know if they didn't, but statistically, it's improbable in the extreme.
Sadly, unless we all get little nanobots exending our lifespans by several millennia, it's unlikely that anyone alive today will ever know for sure.
i'm sure there is life somewhere out there. I mean, how can we be the only life forms in the entire universe? out of the trillions of stars out there, how can it be that none of them is a sun to a planet with life roaming it? That possiblity is almost non-existant.

So just based on probablty, i'm sure there is life somewhere else in the universe.
And who says "01001010" is not an alien. Look at the name. Will any human being have a name like that?
And many years ago, I ran into a very respectable rich gentleman (doctor), who claimed that he has been talking to the aliens and was hoping to go to their planet. I thought he was having some mental problems. Few months later - he disappeared and no body found him since. Left his practice to his son.
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And who says "01001010" is not an alien. Look at the name. Will any human being have a name like that?
how the heck do i know that you're not an alien. Just because i don't have a "traditional" letter name, doesn't mean i'm an alien. And besides, what's wrong with being an alien anyway?:D

PS... if you can figure out what my username is, you win a special prize!
so close and yet so far....

there's more to it than converting binary to decimal. try hex, or maybe ascii. Or maybe a combination....

you must be extremely bored to do all those calcualtions, but unfortunately, none of them are correct. I commend you for trying, though.

Keep trying... you'll get it sooner or later.

Hi 01001010,

(Note to all: the reply above from 01001010 was one to a post of mine I deleted. I happened to delete the post, and in the meanwhile 01001010 replied... darn coincidence).

Anyway, here for the correct calculations:

First of all, one nekshot for wet1 for wrongly converting 01001010 to decimal ;)))).

01001010 = 74 = $4A = "J"

0100,1010 = 4,10 = D,J

Whatever it means, no idea :)


How can anybody doubt anymore?

The aliens have been here for so long, that they are now no longer aliens, in the traditional term. The are millions of other civilisations within this universe alone!And then there are millions of other universes too... :rolleyes: :D
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01001010 = 74 = $4A = "J"
Well that wasn't so hard was it? That's right, you got it -- the correct answer is "J", which happens to be the first letter of my name. It's not some secret code or anything, but you could pat yourself on the back anyway.

Ill figure out what your special prize is later...