300: Narrator

Frankly, the mix of Spartans and FREEDOM is kinda... funny. Sure, they're kinda free. But more like slaves to their city. Impressed into service at birth. In service until the day they're brought home on their shields.

JUSTICE would have been a much better ideal for Spartans to fight for.
I disagree, I am a slave to sleeping and eating and defecating, doesn't mean "I might as well be a slave to vicious brown people as well, what's the difference?".
If I was fighting off a persian horde I'd feel ok with saying I'm fighting for my freedom, even if technically I can never be free, not being ruled and dominated by a rival strain of hominid is close enough.
Justice? What the fuck would that mean?
Justice? What the fuck would that mean?

There is a famous story related to us by Plutarch which expresses this attribute of Spartan Honor:

"An old man wandering around the Olympic Games looking for a seat was jeered at by the crowd until he reached the seats of the Spartans, whereupon every Spartan younger than him, and some that were older, stood up and offered him their seat. The crowd applauded and the old man turned to them with a sigh, saying "All Greeks know what is right, but only the Spartans do it." "

You do make a reasonable point about the idea that Spartans are not fighting for Freedom as some pure abstract ideal of individualism which we hold it to be today, but rather just as Freedom for themselves from being held in bondage to a foreign master.

And, another point to note would be that the Spartans were masters of propaganda amongst themselves and would have applauded any such use of jingoism to stir a national pride amongst a people. Spartans were indoctrinated from birth with an intense form of jingoism which expressed itself in a contempt for everything not Spartan.

Iam thinks Americans are bad? Spartans would show him just how laid back Americans are in their jingoism.