2021 OSCAR


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2021 OSCAR how to give awards to movies?
Almost no movies in 2020 cinema.
Almost 9 months our cinemas were forced to closed in 2020, I really do not have any idea about new movies. :confused:
Do you retract your claim that "Almost no movies in 2020 cinema."?
No, you did not mention Malaysia. Refer to your opening post.

How many movies were released into Malaysian cinemas in 2020?
I don't know, I never went to cinema last year, until now all cinemas are still shutdown.
Cinemas had laid off 99% of their workers, nothing can be worse than that.
Okay, so let's summarise.

First you said almost no movies were in cinemas in 2020, but it turned out you did no research on how many movies were in cinemas in 2020.

Next you said that there were no movies in Malaysian cinemas in 2020, but it turns out that you don't know that, either, and have not researched it at all.

The point of your opening post was apparently that you believed that the Oscars would have a hard time giving out awards for films released in 2020 because there were so few of them. Obviously, that's not a problem, as two minutes of research would have shown you before you asked your silly question.

What do you do all day, Saint?
What's the point to give awards to movies that were not watched by many people?
I really don't know what new movies in 2020?
Because all cinemas closed.
No point to google because the movies got no chance to be shown here.
What's the point to give awards to movies that were not watched by many people?
The Oscars are supposed to recognise the quality of the work, not raw box-office returns numbers. Maybe you misunderstood what those awards are about.
If box office returns were all that mattered, there'd be only one Oscar handed out: an Oscar for the Highest Grossing Film of the year.

Tell me why you think there's an Oscar for sound editing, say, or Best Supporting Actor.
most people here won't have any idea about the movies nominated in this year oscar.
we have not watched those movies.