Zionazis are Real

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    Violent Zionists are terrorists. Such terrorists were instrumental in founding Israel. Israeli apartheid began contemporary, unparalleled ethnic cleansing of the Middle East. The Jewish quarters of every mideastern capital (save Jaffa and I-Shams) are nearly deserted because of the hatred inflamed by the creation and callous misdirection of Israel.

    This is no invocation for the destruction of Israel. This is a humble invocation for the transformation of Israel into a true democracy respecting human rights and origins, and for the reintegration of the middle east, so that North African, Lebanese, Syrian, Russian, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, Palestinian, etc. and all semites can transition from apartheid into being at home in their homeland again. A megaMasada is unnecessary, but inevitable if the Zionazism and terrorism (on all sides) remain the leading expression of Jewishness and Middle-easternness.

    The world around must confront Israelis and their supporters with reality if we are to make the paper or the ink for any semblance of a "Roadmap to Peace"

    Shalom, wa Salaam.
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