Your name-and why!

Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Pollux V, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Why is your name here the way it is? What inspired your name, what does it mean? How about your title (unless you're just a junior member, member, or senior member), or your avatar? Dooooo tell!

    Shrike-A pesky little bird that has a habit of dropping its prey onto barbed wire, leaving it there to die until it returns later. Plus it sounds cool.

    Deus Ex Machina-Latin for (I believe) The ghost in the machine, which says on the cd case for the game Deus Ex (pronounced Dayss) says the one that will save us all, the god that will use mechanics to save the world. I thought that sounded fairly cool.
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  3. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    I think tht we did this sm 1.5 months ago, but here it is.

    Main Entry: av·a·tar
    Pronunciation: 'a-v&-"tär

    Avatar is a word in sanskrit which I translate as

    -----an incarnation of a God in a human form-----

    akShayaH---- "enternal" in sanskrit

    what I always wanted to be and maybe am

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  5. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    shrike ...

    I think if you check back the question has been asked, and not that long ago.

    I think the member that uses the picture of a cow as her avitar is the one who posed it.

    Take care

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    Okay, found it: Oxygen
    And the thread was: Explain yourself (over in the Free Thoughts forum)
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2001
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  7. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    oh, woops. I thought I saw this before. Sorry everyone.
  8. John Como Registered Senior Member


    I've often wondered whether names - including very clever ones - weren't chosen to conceal identity, location, etc of subscriber. Which would be kinda absurd since this info is relatively easy to obtain if one were so inclined. A relatively new joiner, I would appreciate a Sciforum response. Muchos gracias.
  9. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    My main reason for picking a Pseudonym, wasn't the Anonomity but because a normal name doesn't have the same hang.

    Writers can write under pen-names, for what reason? Possibly the anonomity, a publisher might have got fed up with them sending drivel in scripts, so they conceal their name and call themselves something that get's peoples attention.

    As for why I called myself Stryderunknown well, I would have just called myself plainly "stryder" but there are hundreds of them across the internet, and the "unknown" was just added to the end as I used it to fill in my first forms Surnames. simple really.

    I have had many other handles though, one of which got me to read "Neuromancer", so you'll have to guess what I picked as a "pen name" at that time.
  10. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    well, john, I was thinking of using a pen-name the first time I published a book. For me it puts a wreath of mystery around me, making my name cooler. I'm still wondering what my name'll be but Pollux V seems to be the frontrunner assuming that I ever do publish a book.
  11. John Como Registered Senior Member

    JC alias Dung-disturber

    I probably misunderstand the underlying motivation(s) for writing and the need for "cool" aliases. To me, though, a pen-name denotes anonymity, the writer unwilling to be identified with his/her opinions. Certainly some best-selling authors have legitimate business reasons as does a woman writing on a male theme (and vice versa). But most writers enjoy the feedback - in my case, negative - and I prefer that my opinions be associated with me and not some clever pseudonym. Peace and goodwill.
  12. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member

    I do not favor anonymity but I do dislike my last name. So I simply use my first name only whenever I can.

    It is interesting that in the USA first names on official documents and credit cards and check books are common. But in the UK they tend to insist on titles, e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc, and then followed by initials and then a last name. Much too formal for my liking.

    I suspect that if I ever get to publish any of the novels I've started then I'd stick with my real name.
  13. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    I have been fortunate enough to be involved with computers since around 1976. In 1982 or 1983, the Internet was invented by Al Gore and I was in heaven. Back then, you traded your 300 baud modem for a 1200 baud and were on the sceamin' leading edge of technology.

    At that time, psuedonyms were mainly used, as Stryder says, "because a normal name doesn't have the same hang." Goofyfish became my nick around 1981 from college friends, and I have used it ever since. Today, I seldom use my real name not because I am unwilling to be identified with my opinions, but because the Internet has become a true "freak show" and I am unwilling to take the risk that some bozo will hunt me down and kill me because I misspell "carburrator."

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    It would be great to have open dialog on a first name basis with many of you but, in truth, I have had the nick so long that it is the same as calling me... Rick.

  14. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Much the same as goofyfish, my net name goes back a long ways. Though I was not on the internet much, I popularized the BBS and can remember the thrill of just getting a 1200-baud modem. I have had the net name for long enough that it is the equivalent of my first name.

    But we do have some wacko's out there. While I do not think it necessary to hide under a rock, I think it a wise precaution not to add name as a clue for identity theft. Take name and number, willingness to try and get something for nothing and you wind up with a lot of grief for being you. No I am quite comfortable with my net name it has not changed. I have found that sciforums posts even come up when a search is done for the net name. I find it unusual that some net names can be searched for and nothing shows while others history can be found rather easily. That is not exactly being anonymous to be able to be found by simple search of the internet.
  15. Tristan Leave your World Behind Valued Senior Member

    Hmmm This is Hard.... Well.... Simply put....Its My First Name

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  16. esp Registered Senior Member

    I am esp

    My ID here is rooted in the nickname I aquired in college. My closest mates would call me Hesp or Esp. It's a fragment of my surname.
    It was that or Delta-Vee amd I've not used that for years.

    Tertiary Adjunct;

    Of a unimatrix perhaps!

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  17. Congrats Bartok Fiend Registered Senior Member


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    Congratulations came up because when i was piffi, I was very depressed (which was the reason I changed my name) and I thought maybe when I'm feeling happier I'll 'Congratulate' myself. I thought it was a positive name, and i like the effect of people saying 'Congratulations, Congratulations!'
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2002
  18. Merlijn curious cat Registered Senior Member

    Merlijn because it is my second name, and it is Dutch for Merlin. Which is really cool, don't you think?

    Curious cat because I am curious, a cat-lover. I just hope I do not get killed.

    (Rogier) Merlijn

    and... it's Merlijn, not Merljin.
  19. Congrats Bartok Fiend Registered Senior Member

    Well, congratulations, Merlijn!
  20. John Como Registered Senior Member

    The lives of Merlijn

    Cats get killed, sure, but you'll have 8 lives remaining. Wish I could say the same for myself. Mind you, there are those who believe in reincarnation... but I ain't one of them. Cheers.
  21. joshua_tygi Registered Member

    tygik..this is my nick and most of my college friends know it though
    they might not use my nick to address me. I omitted the 'k' ..if you ask me why...i will have to say ..sorry, neither do i know why i threw the 'k' away. And for your information, 'tygik' has its own meaning in my mother tongue. I leave you all with it ,take your time to figure it out. I promise to reveal it to you all next time i log in to sciforums.
  22. joshua_tygi Registered Member


    tygi=stingy...well i am not that 'stingy' anyway,i can't remember which event drove me into such a nick....did i??
  23. John Como Registered Senior Member

    No alias

    Thank you, Fukushi, for simple answer to complicated question.

    Personally, I choose not to use an alias, ostensibly because of courage of my convictions. I prefer to be identified by name, whether I'm right or wrong, partially right, partially wrong, or none of the above. Peace and goodwill.

    John Como

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