Your greatest athletic accomplishment

and a real fight last for 40 minutes. .

what happened?
also,what are the names of the things you@re talking about that you can do on a skateboard?

i played basketball for bristol once but unfortunately at that time in my life i didnt have the right attitude for competative felt bad if other people lost.

probably my proudest acheivment,although not sporting,is climbing yufudake
while i had the flu and then having a victory cigarette at the top.
I've run the Marine Corps Marathon twice, and the Rock & Roll Marathon in San Diego twice as well. Not in much marathon shape any more, as rugby and my line of work have conspired to bulk me up beyond what a good distance runner needs.
Oh, I forgot, I walked 12 miles on a day hike once, with a couple thousand foot elevation change. One summer I did this hike almost every weekend, going farther each time.
I did a 160 mile race with a moutainbike, an inflatable raft, and a pair of sneakers once. All off road. Took me 3 days.
Orly, I can make a flat rock skip around 20 times if I get it right. It's all about the angle you throw the stone at...

I once cycled 56 miles.
what happened?
Just a schoolyard fight in grade 11, but it was pretty devestating, took up nearly a whole lunch hour, it was mostly a boxing match. Even though I've always been good at wrestling I saw it as dishonourable/lame to use in a fight for some reason. Me and my best friend just had wierd ideas of what was acceptable.
Do you want a play by play? 40 minutes of fighting is a lot to remember. It was one of those freakishly strong and determined farmer sons, I fucking hate them, kind of kicked his arse for ages, with huge rocking punches and elbows and knees to the head, but he'd obviously been kicked by mules and run over with tractors his whole life, and he just never let up. He also had huge hard fists and did rock me a couple of times. I definately won on points, but I was kind of glad when the bell rang, it did look like he just wasn't going to be stopped and eventually I would have gassed out.
These days I would approach it totally differently, like I said I used to actively refrain from wrestling opponents in fights, but now first thing I would do is take someone like that down.
I still don't like submissions, but I think if you place someone's head against a solid immovable object like the ground, and then pound it, even farmer sons can't take that.

I'm not saying it was one of my great fighting performances, just taxing stamina wise.

also,what are the names of the things you@re talking about that you can do on a skateboard?
Lipsliding handrails, nollie board sliding handrails, hardflipping down big sets of stairs, 180 nollie shovit (board does a 360, you do a 180 in the same direction- big spins we used to call them) to fakie over big quarterpipe hips, nollie shovit to smith grin on concrete blocks, little tech things like frontside flip to 5-0 stall to revert to fakie on a quarterpipe lip, etc. Heaps of shit, I was really good, nearly anything you could imagine (with a few peculiar exceptions). I'm kind of starting up again after about 8 years off, I suck, and the real scary shit I doubt I'll ever try again, but I can still do way more than most people on earth. Most people can stand still on a skateboard and jump off when it goes too fast- if they're lucky. Failing to jump off cleanly and eating shit is more common.
I'll start with mine. The Markleeville Death Ride. Though the course changes a little from year to year, both years I completed it, I did the five pass version - one hundred and fifty miles, and fifteen thousand feet of climbing.

So, what challenge have you completed against all odds?
Nothing as impressive as you. I ran cross country in high school and one of our practice routes was about 13 miles, and I was in a 35 mile bike race.

I'm also a kick ass arm wrestler. We used to arm wrestle every day in junior high while waiting for school to start so I got to be good at it. There's actually a lot more skill to it than you'd think. You need to get the jump on the other guy and twist his arm towards you so he can't get any leverage. I used to routinely beat guys way more muscular than me. I remember being at a party once when I was 15 or so and these two big guys (maybe in their twenties) were arm wrestling. These were "good ole boys" with arms like legs. I walked up and said I'd take the winner. The guy laughed at me. But then I slammed his arm down to the table as he stared in disbelief. His buddy couldn't believe it, until I beat him too.

Sadly, there was no high school arm wrestling team, so my skills pretty much went to waste.
I managed to do some crazy trick on a skateboard once. It was sort of a 360 double kickflip.

I'm shit on a skateboard though, and can't even land an ollie half the time.
I recall another, Limbo was a feat also. Almost broke my damn back once trying to do this ! :D

built my own "stackwall" house, thats made of logs and concrete all by myself including the roof and all,..1600 square feet two car garage in two summers...