Your best/favoutite SciFi Movies of all time!?!

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by =SputniK-CL=, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. splunk yo' mama so fat... Registered Senior Member

    I cannot believe this... I read this thread and decided i absolutely had to make a name and post.

    How is the movie ALIENS not on anyones lists? hello? one of the best movies ever made? and u guys neglected Predator too!

    The sequels to both of those movies sucked hugely:bugeye:
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  3. TheEnd Registered Member

    Fun. My list may include a bit of non-scifi, so bare with....

    2001: A Space Odysee
    The Terminator(2)
    Independance Day
    Star Wars(1,2,4,5,6)
    The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded
    Total Recall
    Bruce Campbell vrs the Army of Darkness
    Evil Dead 2
    2010: The Year We make Contact
    War of the Worlds
    Babylon 5: In the Begining

    Some of those obviously weren't top of the line movies, but I thought they were fun(Army of Darkness is an exception, as it was made so on purpose I suspect)....
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  5. splunk yo' mama so fat... Registered Senior Member

    Total Recall? that movie was painful to watch. Schwarzeneggar at his... I wont say worst, because Collateral Damage was pretty bad too. Lets just say, not his best.

    (spell check on Schwarzeneggar anyone?)
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  7. Marigny Registered Senior Member

    ah, i missed this topic before...

    i love sci fi!

    Terminator 1&2 (3 doesn't cut it for me, although good action)
    Matrix, naturally
    Aliens 1&2 (of course 2 is better) 3 and 4 just was too painful...*sigh*
    Fifth element
    Star Wars (all of them)
    Predator 1 (ah, thanks for reminding me, splunk)
    2001: Space Odyssey (kubricks masterpiece)
    Mad Max
    Time bandits
    (there's more but i can't think of it now)
  8. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    Best ALL TIME sci-fi movies

    1. The Day The Earth Stood Still

    2. This Island Earth

    3. The Forbidden Planet

    4. The War of The Worlds

    5. The Time Machine

    6. Kronos

    7. The Day Of The Triffids

    8. Invaders From Mars (the original version 1963 i think)

    9. The Fly (the original version 1962 i think)

    10. 2001: A Space Odessey

    11. When Worlds Collide

    12. Earth Vs. Flying Saucers

    13. Dark Star

    14. Marooned

    15. Them

    16. It (1 and 2)

    17. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

    18. The Black Hole

    19. Saturn 5

    20. The Andriomedia Strain

    These are but a few of 100's that I liked.
  9. atreides1977 Registered Member

    Children of Dune
    Dune (both origanal movie and Scifi channel one)
    Solaris (the origanal one)
    Matrix (1 and 2)

    of course its obvious i live for dune
  10. coolmacguy Registered Senior Member

    I also loved Children of Dune. Just got the DVD a few weeks ago.
  11. Robban Registered Senior Member

    c'mon guys!

    Dont miss the great tv-series stargate-sg1
  12. UberDragon The Freak at the Computer Registered Senior Member

    This is for movies, not Tv shows.
  13. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member


    Stargate was a movie first then became a TV series.
  14. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    Where has this thread been hiding?

    Okay, Sci-Fi, my favourite genre.

    In no particular order...

    1 - Stargate
    I just love the concept behind this film and puts a huge spin on ancient myths and legends

    2 - Aliens
    Vietnam film in space. Lots of action, lots of firepower and lots of aliens

    3 - War of the Worlds
    A classic no matter how bad it looks today

    4 - The Last Starfighter
    Childhood memories *sniff*

    5 - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
    The Hoth Battle is still amazing

    6 - Blade Runner
    Not directors cut, too slow paced. Also a little too close don't you think.

    7 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Although the US government was a little too friendly with those aliens

    8 - Akira
    I know it's manga but it's even in the Top 100 Sci-Fi films of all time and very well deserved

    9 - Mad Max
    There's something about this Post-Apocolyptic film that strikes a chord with me

    10 - The Thing
    I believe this was one of the last decent movies Kurt Russel ever made

    11 - Soldier
    I stand corrected, this was his last good movie

    12 - Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    What's to explain?

    13 - Back to the Future
    Another classic!

    14 - Equlibrium
    My new favourite film, I never thought anything would topple Platoon.

    15 - Metropolis
    This was on C5 the other week and was way ahead of it's time, I applaude this film
  15. DarkEyedBeauty Pirate. Registered Senior Member

    Star Wars, Alien and Fifth Element. I'm not too into this end of SciFi.


    You just have to let me include Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. They are SO SciFi, and I love them!

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  16. Mucker Great View! Registered Senior Member

    Science fiction is fiction about science, so it usually includes space films. I think this is because science's greatest acheivement has been to discover 'the universe', that exists outside out our solar system. Films probably initially began to record stories within books, chronologically, so the earlist books were recorded first, i.e. bible stories and plays etc. However commercial films seem to have taken off from where books departed: science fiction probably dominated the book market in the seventies, and thus with the wide availability of electrical goods, such as televisions and video players, at that time, came a new medium that has now become dominant.

    The universe itself seems to have become the focus of attention, however fictions of science will probably begin to introduce notions of time travel, and other such areas of the unkown. Ideas about time travel have begun to seep through in the film format, under a scientific label, however maybe science didn't create these ideas at all. Maybe they have always been here.

    I know one such time travel film (a remake) was written decades ago. Science fiction has already produced other ideas that have been presented as films, such as notions that viruses and bacteria could attack humanity, and who knows what science fiction will be produced in the future.

    It is quite interesting that science, something that prides itself on producing observable and testable facts, has to boost it's status with fictional stories about itself.

    It might also be interesting to compare the 'revenue' (re venue) of science of science (fact) to fiction of science. Bascially science fiction makes the statement "look, this could be true". All of this could be true. It could.

    I hope I've made sense and I hope I haven't dragged on a bit.
  17. slasher911 Registered Member

    1.) Terminator 3.
    2.) Star Trek: Nemesis.
    3.) Aliens.
    4.) Fifth Element.
    5.) Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

    Terminator I is good, but too much techno music.

    The Matrix is alright, but everytime I see it I wanna' kill Keannu.
  18. sweet Pentax Registered Senior Member

    1) star wars
    2) space balls
    3) aliens
    4) action mutante
    5) odyssey 2001
  19. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member


    Three cheers! Dark Crystal was on my short list also, although I think I posted it on the Fantasy Movie thread instead of this one. It'is one of my favorite movies of all time. Labyrinth was great too. Muppets and David Bowie on the same screen! I also included The Muppet Movie on my Fantasy Movie list.

    Of course you'd never guess that my wife Red Fraggle and I love everything with Muppets.
  20. DarkEyedBeauty Pirate. Registered Senior Member

    730 did I forget Spaceballs? I guess I didn't think we were including spoofs.
  21. candy Registered Senior Member

    STAR WARS (all, especially Return of the Jedi)

    Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
  22. Mucker Great View! Registered Senior Member

    Yeah I don't think Keanu is much of an actor; He's so wooden. However I think the Matrix worked for him.

    Sorry Keanu (if your listening).
  23. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    Blade Runner

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