You can say anything you want - as long as it is Pol. Correct

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Shawn34m, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Shawn34m Registered Senior Member

    You are allowed to have an opinion, as long as it is congruent with what the thought police consider correct. - If not, well, the first person that doesn't quite like you, can take you down. This may be Americas single biggest weakness. Free thought is ok, as long as you say what they want to hear. I say this is Bull crap. I say: Say what you believe and if people don't agree with you, then let them debate it. We live in a political climate were people will try to hurt you - get you fired, ect. for thinking wrong. I say if you want to wear the thought police badge of honor, do it on your own damn time. (Sorry, I've had a bad day)

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  3. river-wind Valued Senior Member

    our scociety is not designed to promote thought. it's designed to promote thought along certain lines. stray to far off that path, and you venture into territory unfamillair to most, and more often than not, unfamilliar territory is scary.

    Re-design our culture from the ground up to allow for more free-thought, and you get, as far as I can figure, a society that will be less succesfull in industry and war. These two things often work better when no thought is involved day-to-day.

    yes, you do have to stay within the confines of a certain type of thought, but you trade the freedom of expressing your more extreme views for the comfortability and relative safety western culture provides (that is how things were set up in the US). Go right ahead and say anything you want, but be prepared for the consequences.

    That said, the US, and western culture in general, has moved beyond that point. They are now in the grey area where conspiring to commit a crime is a crime in itself, which is simply foolish. I do not agree with punishing a person for them having differing views from my own, but I can't say that I would trust a person with my life if they think that small gerbils live in their head and tell him what to do. It's all a question of scope and fear.

    sorry you had a bad day

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  5. Nasor Valued Senior Member

    Of course in an ideal society we could have free and open debate on any topic, but this assumes that everyone is reasonable and rational. Try using reasoned argument to convince a creation scientist or a neo-nazi that they're wrong; it won't get you very far. It's better for society if some lines of thought aren't tolerated. If I feel that we should kill members of a minority, should I be free to express myself and encourage others to do so?
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  7. Klaatu Registered Member

    What do you mean by "the thought police"? I am assuming that you are using "thought police" metaphorically, that is, that you are not a raving lunatic.

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