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Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by bellbottom31, Apr 13, 2013.

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    You might had seen the superhero movies like spiderman, batman...etc, in the superman movie the theme is that the actor is just a scribe lean tall guy who in times of adversity changes into a superman!
    Then are the WWE wrestlers have such kind of genetic recombination to make them act like superman? Suppose what if the weight as is said of the wwe wrestlers is approximately 110 kilogram to 135+ kilograms. But what it seems to me that many wrestlers since ages if you study their videos they change their body structure as the match progresses and cools down to normalisation as the match ends!!!
    Suppose these wrestlers men and women who claim to be like bodybuilders, strongmen are not like such and are infact like hocus pocus!
    For instance lets say the wrestler big show, sheamus etc are normal human like in their social outgoing like just 5'7'' , 82 kilograms!!! But when they are in the arena just on short notice they read some spells which changes altogether their personality! And they become 170 kilograms 7'6''!!! This sure is then as mentioned in the movie 'hulk'!!! And even super strength!
    But then if they haven't eaten / exercise to become that huge and were just like any other normal human being! Then how can one account for their body's increase in mass weight? From just 82 kilograms to 170 kilograms!!! I sometimes think that are they hollow inside and its just hocus pocus which make the viewers' eye baffle!! But considering their weight that i can't deny they might be even 240 kilograms to even 440 kilograms!!!

    Also what if shawn michaels is 65 year old short american guy and natalia a ordinary woman !!!
    But when they are in arena they become young, their face become protrudingly smarter, hair grows to extreme proportions and strength is enormous!!!!
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  3. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    It is difficult to understand what you are asking, but I think the question is are the WW whatever wrestlers magic. The answer is no they are not magic and they cannot violate the laws of physics.

    If you think you see something magical, I assure you it is just your imagination.
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