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Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by Zachary sharp, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Zachary sharp Registered Member

    Hi my name is Zach,
    I am looking for a biologist who specializes in botany and energy. Currently I'm hoping to design something that has the potential to change the world. I am looking for people who are willing to help for free and may become closer partners as this project develops. Unfortunately, I can not afford to pay anyone at current but my intentions are not to make money only to fix issues no one is willing to address. I am and have this burning desire to eliminate pollution from our world. If this peaks your interest please contact me on here or at my e-mail address>
    Thank you for your time,
    Zachary Sharp
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  3. Jake Arave Icthyologist/Ethologist Registered Senior Member

    I'm an undergrad biologist/geneticist. I don't know if I would be of any help to you.
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