Why Microsoft should be banned from operation in the US

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by Tiassa, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. GuitarToadster Packin' six-string heat! Registered Senior Member

    You have obviously never used Linux on dial up....
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  3. firdroirich A friend of The Friends Registered Senior Member

    Just slap them for using public money to fund non-functional products that do not meet expectations. I reckon any MS OS you buy should be upgrade free for 1 level - because usually you buy a lot of problems which take ages to be fixed. Like, what changed between 95 & 98, really? - IE 4 bolted on? ME too, the only 'leap' of significance was NT.
    98 was Win95 Service Pack 1. ME was service pack 2.(From the basic end-user POV - the R & D was no means as simple, I realise that)
    The major strides if I remember from 95 to ME was USB connectivity, IE intergration. If I left other things out it's down to the 80/20 rule - I may never have even needed them. That's a big chunk of the problem right there - the majority are paying for an upgrade they wont really use - if all they want to do is print off a few things, check mail, why should they pay for eye candy, or advanced features they can't understand.
    If, after 1 level of upgrade you're happy - then, hey, all's well. You got what you paid for - there is no robbery.
    Strange though how most MS complainers have been with them for years.
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  5. Watcher Just another old creaker Registered Senior Member

    Another alternate to Windows Media Player in the Core Media Player. I've had pretty good luck with it. And of course it's hard to lose with Winamp. Never install Real Player, it is like a virus.
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