Why is the problem of theodicy a problem?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by wynn, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I'm not following. Being moved may be temporary, but surrounding yourself with beautiful scenery never gets old. It always has an effect on you. What about that requires learning? You mean you don't know how to surround yourself with pleasing things? You don't know how to start a relationship with a person? I really don't see where you're going with this.

    That makes no sense. You don't have to believe in something to try it. You don't know if you'll like a new kind of fruit, but you'd still try, wouldn't you?

    I just thought it was odd that you left out the more major ones I listed.

    It doesn't take religious conviction to trust in a doctor. You can verify a doctor's credentials, see the proof of their skill. If you don't like their prognosis, you can get a second opinion, or a third, or a fourth. You can dismiss it outright if you like. I mean, there's a good chance you're alive today thanks to modern medicine and doctors.

    Dunno why "chemically imbalanced brain" is in quotation marks, unless you're one of those woo-woos who thinks psychology is a scam. And what good have your philosophical concerns done for you so far? You're a nihilistic, fatalistic, deeply-depressed person who literally doesn't know how to enjoy a fucking vista. I'm just saying maybe you should look into some alternatives. Therapy could help. Maybe it won't, but it certainly could.

    I haven't said that you're wrong. Life is temporary, and cosmically there is likely no purpose to life. All I'm saying is that life isn't just that, and this fact doesn't need to define you. It's only human to be bummed out by it once in a while, but sadness is just another emotion, and well within the spectrum of life. And, as I said, it's really not something that has to be such a big part of your life. You should be concerned with living the life you have instead of being so concerned with what happens when it's over.

    I tend to to not believe you on that count, just by how narrow your worldview seems to be, but okay, for the sake of argument, let's assume you're being honest. Then perhaps something's wrong. Depression is a real thing. Chemical imbalances are real, and can affect mood, outlook, appetite, sex drive, everything. Maybe you should see if that's what's going on with you. Because if you can't find joy in the things that make life worth living, I don't think you'd find any joy in the belief that this life lasts forever, or that there's some eternal afterwards we get to if we behave a certain way. I think you'd find such a realization hollow.
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