Why black men have a bigger penis

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by spuriousmonkey, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. Why black men have a bigger penis.

    The men in Scandinavia have on average a smaller penis than people from Africa. We assume for the sake of argument that penis length is genetically determined although no scientific studies have identified the genetic regulators of penis length. Why would there be a size difference.

    Scandinavian women do appreciate the longer penis. The theory that there has been sexual selection towards a smaller penis in Scandinavian countries therefore becomes implausible.

    Evolution often works in strange ways. Here we propose a different theory on the size difference of the human penis.

    The penis is a well vascularized organ. In this way it differs to a degree from other primate penises. The penis is not only well vascularized the blood flow to the penis can also be regulated. This can only mean one thing. The penis is a heat exchanger!

    A comparable organ is the ear of the African elephant. It is well vascularized and has a large surface area. It is used to dissipate heat. The male penis is not only used for reproductive means, it is also a heat exchanger in the hot climate of Africa where humans emerged. A dual function of organs is not uncommon in the animal kingdom. The ears of the elephant are still used to hear.

    When humans moved to Europe they finally ended up in cold Scandinavia. A large penis was evolutionary detrimental to survival. It dissipated too much heat. It shrank to reduce the surface area.

    And that my friends is the truth and nothing but the truth so help me Darwin.
  2. pilpaX

    pilpaX amateur-science.com

    so eskimos have no penises?
  3. alexb123

    alexb123 The Amish web page is fast!

    I heard that goldfish grow to the size of their enviroment (bowl) since hearing this I have stopped wearing underwear.
  4. That might hinder the dual function of the penis (well, triple, you also pee with it), unless eskimos do it with a cloacal kiss.
  5. S.A.M.

    S.A.M. uniquely dreadful

    I believe; it may explain why so many I came across in the rural deserts of Arabia forego underpants and "hang loose" under their robes. Obviously, this increases their ability to dissipate heat.
  6. John99

    John99 Banned

    Well i have seen hundreds of penis'\Peni, years or so ago i was employed in a position i would rather not discuss....anyway, we took showers together almost daily and from new guys comin in and location changes and the fact it was very intigrated i am able to levy an informal assessment throughout the 6 years or so i looked...so what i admit it....who wouldnt and whats the big deal anyway?

    The point is there was not real distinction, there were big ones and little ones,the funny thing is the the two smallest ones were on one black and one white, to give an idea think of a mushroom cap with no stalk. I felt so bad i gave one my old car instead of selling it.

    But the most startling sight and tbh quite shocking was the biggest one was on this short Italian dude, when he stood there it was like everyone just went whoa.

    Well i'm no longer employed in that position because i chose to spend one long weekend with two women (not hookers) in a hotel and well lets just say i came up dirty :) and i said "see you" ...true story.

    also, one of the women claimed to be a witch and told me there was a curse on me, i think she was too.
  7. Novacane

    Novacane Registered Senior Member

    Obviously, the women of Scandinavia probably haven't watched to many John Holmes movies (Johnny Wad or Boggy Nights) lately and I guess that also means that John Holmes wasn't from Scandinavia either. :D
  8. Destroyer

    Destroyer Banned

    But you have? :D :D
  9. Novacane

    Novacane Registered Senior Member

    Yea, but when they asked me to play the part of Johnny Wad in Boggy nights, I declined and they gave the part to John Holmes instead. :D
  10. imaplanck.

    imaplanck. Banned

    I would have said another good reason for smaller is general maneuverability and safty(if you snag your meat on a thorn bush why running, that vascularity is going to come back to haunt you) and some orientals(atleast) can actually meditate to coax their genitals into the body before fighting.
  11. imaplanck.

    imaplanck. Banned

    Plus you've got to think: what is the ADVANTAGE of having anything longer than the vaginal canal, haven't you?
  12. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    Yes, there is an advantage in situations where a female has multiple partners. The larger organ would drive out a rival's sperm. There is also the possibility of sexual selection by females, which wouldn't happen so much where mates are selected for women by her parents, or in places where clothing is commonly worn.
  13. imaplanck.

    imaplanck. Banned

    To a point, but as I said what is the advantage of having an organ longer than it can possibally penetrate? you the Fallopian tubes are too narrow to penetrate yes?
    Yes but the only reason women would desire a 12inch dick(say) would be because it was evolutionally advantagious to the species, you understand that?
  14. Vega

    Vega Banned

    And thats why white chics like black dicks!
  15. John99

    John99 Banned

    ....and the worst part about it was one of them was my best friends wife, she told everyone and i had to move to another state...he aint my friend no more either. :(
  16. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    You're just not trying hard enough.
    Nonsense, the products of sexual selection aren't necessarily advantageous, look at the peacock's tail, for instance. It takes resources to grow it, and it interferes with escaping from predators.
  17. Actually I did a bit of pubmed searching this afternoon on penile length and I couldn't come up with much. Many articles on penile extension. Ironically I saw one paper where they stated that most penile extension operations are done on penises of normal length.

    However, on the topic of penis size differences within the human population I didn't find many scientific articles. Yes, I am sure you will find some if you google. I did find a pubmed article on the penile length of neonates in Hong kong. Apparently they were shorter than average. I couldn't read the article fully because the university doesn't have a electronic subscription to it.

    However, the main lesson of this 'joke' story is that it is not always clear what the real evolutionary pressure has been behind a structure or organ. And that organs often have multiple functions which each can be under adaptive pressure.
  18. J.B

    J.B Banned

    Black men have "a bigger penis",

    because black women have a bigger vagina. :eek:
  19. Baron Max

    Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Well, now that we're actually focusing on one of the differences in human races, why don't we also discuss other things that are different and why? ...then perhaps those who are constantly talking about humans being only one race can see the truth in all it's radiant glory?

    Baron Max
  20. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    Why don't you... oh never mind.
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