Why are rich people unhappy?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Saint, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Saint Valued Senior Member

    I long to have their fortune so that I can live a luxurious life and to be financially free, I think I will be a very happy person then.

    But, anyhow, those people who really made millions/billions dollar, sometimes live a miserable life.

    WHY? What's wrong?
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  3. WINSTON Registered Member

    most rich people seem mentally disturbed to me. they want to get ahead at the expense of other people. they also seem to enjoy creating chaos. i used to know a rich kid. his name is brandon wales. he would buy eggs, and give it to other kids so that they could bomb cars on the street. he just enjoyed watching that. he would also spread false rumours to get people to fight, and he got off on that. today, he works for the department of homeland security, most likely creating fictitious threats when there are none. rich people generally do not have friends because they are always trying to use other people. they are generally selfish, and greedy.
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  5. Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous Valued Senior Member

    Firstly, let us not paint with too broad a brush, there are certainly many rich people who are happy as a clam at high tide.

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    However, the drive that powers many other's efforts to acquire monetary wealth comes from an emotional issue of some kind. Bipolar disorder is just that - a disorder. You cannot be "happy" if you are clinically depressed and that is a physiological imbalance at that point.

    It is possible for most any of us to acquire great wealth - if we are willing to do what we must to accomplish that. However, if one wishes to enjoy their life, have good relationships, good health and love their work, then the simple acquisition of monetary wealth ain't gonna work out. It won't be enough and it doesn't accomplish those goals.

    Very few of us end up on our death beds lamenting that we should have bought more or worked harder to gain monetary wealth.

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  7. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    First of all you shouldn't look at what others have or are doing but instead look at yourself and see what you would like to do to keep yourself happy. If you would rather be a chef and are happy with doing that type of work, and there's nothing wrong with that, you could have a very good life because you are doing what makes your life complete.

    Just by having millions of dollars can never be the only way to inner peace and happiness, although many believe that is the way, I assure you it is not. You just have to find something that you want to do not that you have to do and if that work doesn't make you monetarily wealthy it will satisfy your emotional well being and keep you at inner peace with yourself. If you would be lucky enough to make millions of dollars doing what you enjoy that would be an extra benifit but certainly not a necessity for billions of people only make a reasonable amount of money during their lifes and are very content.

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  8. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    In the case you cite the person has a diognosed mental illness, bipolar isn't a choice or feeling down but a gentic linked illness which is beyond the control of the patient and requires life long medication with a mood stabiliser like lithium
  9. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    1. Money makes life easier, but doesn't buy happiness.
    2. He was clinically depressed....
  10. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    You seem to think that money is the key to happiness. Did your parents teach you that? Well I hate to disappoint you, but they were wrong.

    In order to be happy you need to have sufficient food, air, water, shelter and safety. Of course money helps tremendously with that... yet in most modern countries there is a social network to keep people from starving or freezing to death, so it's not even completely clear that money plays a big role in these achievements.

    To be happy you also need friendship and love. Money is virtually useless for these purposes. It can in fact work against you since it tends to attract people who only pretend to be your friend or lover but merely want to share your wealth. This is why, in the USA, an entire industry has sprung up to help lottery winners remain anonymous.

    To be happy you need a purpose. Can money help with that? Perhaps, but you need to have a certain amount of talent and a sense of direction first.

    To be happy you need success. We've finally gotten to a place where money can help--although frankly it's usually success that brings the money, rather than the other way round. But anyway, look around and you'll see lots of people who are successful in business, politics, etc., but don't have good friends, an honest, loving spouse or partner, a family, the respect of their community, etc. These are the rich people you read about. The only thing that highly correlates with being rich is the one thing that provides the least happiness.

    In any case, there are lots and lots of rich people who are happy. They just don't make interesting news stories so you don't read about them.

    There are also lots of poor people who are happy. Being a musician, I know quite a few full-time career musicians. It's a tough life for the 99.9999% who don't make hit records and go on world tours. (Actually that's a pretty tough life too, but that's a subject for another thread.) Some of them are genuinely poor and we all find ways to help them. But they sure are happy. They have a purpose.

    Dogs are always happy because they have a purpose. To be your friend, to console you when you're sad, to protect you and warn you of danger, to keep you from taking yourself too seriously.

    I recommend reading the obituaries in your newspaper, or at least in mine, the Washington Post. Every couple of days they run a long story about some rich, successful person who died in his 90s who used his wealth and power to change the world and help people. Sometimes they're not even very well-known because they never sought fame. They got their happiness from doing good deeds, not from being recognized for doing good deeds.

    Role models for all of us.

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  11. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    In this case, bi-polar disorder. I think rich people are generally happy.
  12. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    Money can't buy you happiness. It helps, and yes for the short term it can i guess. I mean money can buy you nice cars, nice houses, nice clothes, nice stuff,...etc.. It can't buy you happiness as you have to strive for happiness. If you think too much in this world it can't buy you happiness. I think that's the key really.

    Money is actually a dangerous thing when it's given to the wrong people. I'll give you an example but i don't want to steer away from the topic. For instance you could have a great job earning loads of money. But how are you getting that money? Doing good things and getting the reward makes people happy. As i know a lot of rich people who don't really do any work. But i won't go into details. I guess you need a passion in life, a hobby, or something.

    I mean you could have multimillions and get women to fall for you. You could be a fat balding banker. Is he happy? Bags under his eyes balding head. I don't think he is. Money doesn't buy you happiness.

    You need some sort of passion in life or a life which gives u happiness.

    I think that's the mistake where many go wrong really. Most people or a lot of people hate the job they do. That's the thing i feel you need to do something you love. if you have a passion for gaming and all things related go down that path. If you have a passion for finance. Go down that path.

    If you have no limitations, by all means chase your dreams. But always try and listen to positivity over negativity. I mean life is good but it's not for everybody.

    Unfortunately, you can't pick and choose a society and the people in it. As i think people are the things which can define your happiness. If you're around happy people you will be happy. If you're around a positive environment you will be happy. If you're around a very stressful work environment and work rediculous amount of overtime. You will be unhappy.

    Money can buy you things but you have to have a passion. You have to have goals to what you want to achieve and i guess money is the thing which can help to achieve your goals as a reward. But you have to gain happiness.

    Heck, my brother is a multimillionaire and he works around the clock. Is he happy? Hard to say really. I guess he is. But working non stop is no life for anyone really. You then are too tired to do the things you enjoy.

    Even this is entirely my opinion and many others will say money will buy you happiness.

    Another topic is people who live by money and control. People who use money for control but that's totally another topic for a different day.

    Money in a sense breeds consumerism and materialism. As the western world suggests. Which is sad really but that's the way it is. Perhaps older generations will disagree.

    You can pick out the flaws in what i have been writing by all means. It's just my viewpoint. Money can buy you nice cars, nice houses, nice stuff,...etc... If you love cars its great. If you hate cars, not so much. If you would want to live in one house. Having many would make no difference. Stuff is stuff. I mean my passion is playing games and i'm also a game collector. I have nearly every single title on every system since the eighties except the nes. That's my passion and money helps to get the nice stuff i want. Does money buy my happiness? No. The passion i have brings me happiness and i can appreciate a good game.

    Shallowness with money is in essence very idiotic. You obviously need money to pay bills, buy food, keep a roof over your head. More money can help buy you more stuff. Perhaps live a more comfortable life. That's it really. It doesn't neccesarily buy you happiness or although it is very arguable for some. Having enough money to enjoy the things you want, and working in a job you enjoy will give you happiness. Goals bring you happiness. So achieving them goals and getting the reward is what has brought me happiness, anyway.
  13. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    I disagree. The pursuit of happiness is a fool's game. Money is the only thing which practically gets you what you want and need. Money is what solves problems for people. Money is the reason life isn't good for everyone. The lack of problems is all you need to be content.

    Why is the rich banker not content? I don't know, maybe he's an idiot.

    Maybe the problem isn't his money, but his work.

    Maybe he is happy in spite of your criticisms about his appearance. Money can buy hair and fix bags under the eyes.

    In spite of appearances, the Western world is not materialistic. As soon as they get some material, they turn it into disposable junk as soon as possible. There is no appreciation for the material world, for architecture, urban planning, good food (it's fast food over good food). The Western world is in fact obsessed with illusion and image. I wish we were materialistic.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2012
  14. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    All things being equal, if I'm not going to be happy. I'd rather be rich unhappy than poor unhappy.

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  15. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    I can 100 percent guarantee multimillions will not make you happy and cannot get you everything you want. I guess that's the shallowness of the human race. And that's the horrible nature of a human being. I'll give you another example. Some guy mentioned to me they don't pay tax in dubai and he works in the health services and he's meant to look after and care for people. What does that tell me? He's doing the job for the pay cheque. Simple as that really. Not because he cares for people and has a passion for the job. He gets paid for doing literally nothing. And he calls it a job.

    I enjoy my job and i'm not doing it for the money. Money is just a bonus as a reward. So i can pay my bills, tax,...etc... That's all it is. Multimillions would not make me happy as i can buy mostly anything i want but it won't neccesarily buy me a great life. That's the thing. I appreciate things because i have to work for them. I mean if someone handed me 10 million tommorow i'd accept it of course. But then i can buy everything i want easily. Requires no effort. What's so great about that? Having a decent salary is fine. Multimillions isn't that great. I guess it can by you control and such. Buy you some nice material items such as ferraris, lambos,...etc.. Other than that it's nothing. A new model will come and you will want that. And it's rinse and repeat.

    People will always have different opinions, and they think from their perspective they're right, and you're wrong. I guess that will always be human nature. I guess money is great if you don't think so much.

    The smart people are the guys who are suffering the most. Stephen Fry for example as someone mentioned earlier has bipolar disorder. He's a multimillionaire. Look at it from a different perspective.
  16. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    You are trying to tell me that luxury isn't great? That you wouldn't like a life of leisure? I bet whatever you are doing now you could do much more with millions of dollars. Enjoy helping sick people? Millions of dollars would save thousands of lives and build hospitals, schools, eliminate diseases internationally, start public campaigns to treat drug abuse and other social ills. Go ahead and explain how curing someone of disease won't make them happy, how removing multiple benign tumors on someone's face in China wouldn't allow them to live a normal happy life. How inventing a source of clean energy won't save the planet and prevent untold misery. These all can be done, but only with money.
  17. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    You CAN'T buy health and youth...nor freedom...Ask Khodorovsky...
  18. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    Yes you can. Maybe not youth, but who needs that? Pimply and clueless is how I remember it. You can buy your own private island and have all the freedom you want.

    It's only someone who can never be satisfied in their own skin who can't enjoy luxury. I would say the same about poverty. All things being equal, I would rather have the luxury.
  19. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    That's the mistake you're making. You're arguing from a moralistic viewpoint on how having multimillions will help people. Yeah, i suppose you can give your wealth away to help others and get a reward out of it. From that standpoint. But there will always be people with serious health problems. So let's single out a few million people and give them say 5 million. 5 million will literally only help a small percentage of people. So let's say we'll single out them, and not help others. It's a cycle where they will always need more money. The health sector will always need millions injected. People have always wanted to get rid of poverty. And here's the argument. For example i had 20 million to spend on the health sector to help people with serious health problems, and people in third world countries who are dying in their millions. Would that really help in the longterm if i give the money away? They will always need more money.

    It's why there's investments in the world, and it's why people will always argue the government doesn't do enough. But they can never do enough as there will always be another barrier. There will always be another hurdle in terms of money. Multimillions won't eradicate the problem from a person's pocket.

    Who should wipe out poverty and inject more money to help those suffering greatly from disease and serious illness.

    Me or You? Do I have a right to tell you what to do with your money?

    Do I have a right to tell the government to do with their money? Yes

    Unfortunately, the government doesn't care about people or taxpayers. Aslong as you play the game and continue living life you'll be ok.

    Giving money away to solve a minor problem when another one arises is a catch 22.
  20. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    You are only making a case that more money is better. I simply chose helping people as an example, not knowing what it is about your job that you find so rewarding.

    Then perhaps his problem isn't money but bi-polar disorder. I knew poor people with bi-polar and they ended up living on the street. I'm sure that's something Stephen Fry will never have to experience. And one could argue that he never would have become rich without bi-polar. The manic phase can be quite productive and stimulating.
  21. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    Luxury is great, yeah. I can sit in a nice warm environment. And enjoy the things i enjoy. Money can buy that, yeah. I'm not knocking the idea of having lots of money. The argument i'm making is it can't make you happy 100 percent of the time. As there's always a problem. And it will always be that way.

    It's impossible to be happy 100 percent of the time. You have to do something to persue it and release the chemicals in your brain.
  22. Gremmie "Happiness is a warm gun" Valued Senior Member

    I would like to answer this question from "first hand" knowledge...

    But, ATM, I'm far from rich. So, I invite all posters to contribute to a fund for me. Then, I will tell you if it's miserable to be rich, or not. (I'm thinking not.)

    Thanks in advance for the contributions.

    Send payments to Gremmie c/o SciForums.com...

    Have a great day.

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    ETA: I have known several wealthy people over the years, and some haven't been the "happiest" folks I've ever met...

    But, I'd be willing to bet that they'd be even less happy if they were poor... Just sayin'
  23. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    Stephen Fry's intelligence got him far. As he was diagnosed later on in his life with bipolar. You get bipolar from a chemical imbalance from life experiences. Anyone can be hit by depression, but others get it for a long period of time and its then labelled as a disorder. I guess when you overanalyze the world and see things others perhaps do not see as it is possible to give yourself a mental breakdown.

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