Why are good-looking people treated better?

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by pluto2, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    Well, it's obvious.

    We are better.

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  3. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    Women are always nice to me because even though they only just met me 9/10 want my healthy babies?.

    so every man/women a person meets they instantly scan them for baby making quality and judge them accordingly, I honestly don't think I do that to women, I barely even notice people or there features I don't really look at people or take any notice of what anybody else is doing. I would talk to a fat ugly woman the same way I speak to A list models or RnB singers. When I see men giving women so much attention it makes me laugh.

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  5. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    are fat women always ugly or is it that ugly women are always fat?
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  7. CutsieMarie89 Zen Registered Senior Member

    Really? How can you look at someone when you're talking to them and not notice anything about their face? I don't think most people are aware that they treat certain people differently, until someone else points it out.
  8. CutsieMarie89 Zen Registered Senior Member

    It's just a double whammy

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  9. Dr Mabuse Percipient Thaumaturgist Registered Senior Member

    You're getting in the way of blatant self delusion there, by pointing out the obvious.
  10. Roman Banned Banned

    The cool think about science has been the revelation that people don't do the things they think they do, for the reasons they think they do them
  11. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    Keith Richards is treated extremely well wherever he goes.
  12. Diode-Man Awesome User Title Registered Senior Member


    What if you find a "real baby making specimen" that can play guitar, music keyboard, rock climb, paint, sculpt.... then what, you fool!

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  13. Anti-Flag Pun intended Registered Senior Member

    I must have been the only one that prefered Velma. I saw a woman once who looked like her, even wearing a similar sweater, gotta admit I was pretty into her from the get go.
  14. Killian_1_4 Registered Senior Member

    It's human nature to mistake attractiveness as a virtue.
  15. mikenostic Stop pretending you're smart! Registered Senior Member

    They were both juicy. I've always thought that Daphne and Velma alike could double up on me anytime they wanted.
  16. chris4355 Registered Senior Member

    Because people want them.

    I am guilty of doing that in my dating/love life. However I am not nicer or more polite to people based on their looks.
  17. Algernon Registered Senior Member

    Here's a question though....

    Good looking people tend to have the ability to see more of the spectrum (observe society and how people are treated from a good looking person's perspective) as well as be able to pretend or mask their looks (glasses/hair/dirt/whatever bad clothes/gain weight). Meanwhile, physically unattractive people are only able to view society from their view and rarely as a socially attractive person.

    In some ways, unattractive people will always be viewing others from the lens of someone who is unattractive, and will rarely be subjected to being treated based on how good they look.

    When I was young, schools and social values always taught me that looks don't matter and that you can't judge a book by its cover and that its whats on the inside that counts. Well... as I grew and saw for myself, I realized that looks DO matter, no matter how shallow it seems, its just the nature of most human beings, and that books CAN be judged by its cover a lot of times (although I do try not to be prejudiced or biased based on physical appearances) but I can tell a lot about a person by how they dress, how they smile or act, how they make eye contact or fidget or the way they do their hair or talk, all within the first few seconds of meeting someone. And quite frankly, the obese kids were not the smartest, nor were they the nicest, despite what I was stereotypically taught. Some of the most bitter, depressed, and resentful kids at school were the overweight ones, and while a lot of the popular good looking kids were pretty shallow and superficial or just posers, decent looking kids got by probably the most balanced.

    Good looking people are treated better because they are pleasing to look at or be seen next to, just like you'd rather be seen next to a ferrari rather than a kia.
  18. Saven Registered Member

    Good-looking people are generally healthier than bad-looking people. We are attracted to good looks sexually, and because of that, those goods looks are associated with success. People like to be associated with successful people. It's that simple.
  19. Challenger78 Valued Senior Member

    It's psychological, not biological.
    Also, if you were freud, It would be sexual.
  20. Search & Destroy Take one bite at a time Moderator

    It is without any doubt rooted biologically into our genes. There are fundamental qualities of beauty that transcend culture. But there are smaller preferences which you could call psychological.
  21. draqon Banned Banned

    It is 100% biological.
  22. eddie23 information sponge Registered Senior Member

    DUH... its simple every one wants to have sex with the good looking people.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 26, 2009
  23. Algernon Registered Senior Member

    lol quality over quantity.

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