Who built the Pyramids?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Agent51, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. Agent51 Registered Member

    The idea that the pyramids are anything more than just gigantic construction projects to venetrate is ludacrous.
    How come any Kings or pharoahs were buried in the pyramids?
    The Pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world. If the Egyptians bulit them then how? with what supplies? why?
    I have theories in these "w's"
    How? If the Egyptians really buitl these magnificent pyramids then with what. They had little technology we are talking about 2500 b.c here. These pyramids can outstand the technology we have now a days. Did the Egyptians have hidden technology? (if somebody can answer me that fine)
    But I see that the only tools the Egyptians had were rollers and inclined planes.
    Weak ofcourse and unable to withstand these tons of bricks on top of each other these bricks weighed a-lot cant even say how much.
    Also, if the pyramids were heavy wouldn't of it sank beneath the sand. It shows after all these years the pyramids dropped 2.6 inches only.
    There is also a theory that I support that aliens have come to build these structures in Egypt.
    The Great Pyramid the one that has a face shows a person but who?
    Can it be an alien idle?

    Aliens have more tech than we do what are your ideas?
    Any Links will be good for me .No one can be certain who the figure is to personify. It is possible that it is Chephren. If that is so, it would then be the oldest known royal portrait in such large scale. Some say that it was built after the pyramid of Chephren was complete. It may have been set as a sort of scarecrow to guard his tomb. Still others say it is the face of his guardian deity, rather than Chephren himself. The image of the sphinx is a depiction of royal power. Only a pharaoh or an animal could be shown this way, with the animal representing a protective deity.

    Any thoughts of the Great Pyramids or the Pyramids in General?
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  3. Xev Registered Senior Member

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  5. Agent51 Registered Member

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  7. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    From what has been hypothesised from a few sources, I'll put down how I think they were built and why they were built.

    Egypt at that time, had a population making use of the vast fertile shores of the Nile. They use to farm right down where the shoreline was during dry times, but during one part of the year the floods would come and cover their arable land.

    This meant they became good at storing food, and living on some of the many islands that were created.

    This meant during those times, that there would be a vast number of labourers that had no land to farm, while they waited for the water to subside. So the Pharaoh decided that from his tributes he would pay for a structure to be constructed. This kept his people busy in the times of flood.

    The blocks were taken from the banks of the Nile, the understanding being that if it's depths could be carved, then the river wouldn't flood the arable land.

    So the great blocks cut from the sandstone, where loaded upon barge vessels, and sailed up the river to site of the pyramid construction. So the pyramids might not be on the river, but narrow channels like ditches were carved from the river right up to the construction site to float the blocks to it.

    As for the building itself, It continued as a tradition. I'm sure any Egyptologist should be able to work it out from the inscriptions and carvings.
  8. Agent51 Registered Member

    Here's my theory:
    The pyramids weren't BUILT by aliens, rather they ARE the aliens themselves. These aliens live under the polar ice caps of Mars, and have life-spans in the millions of earth-years. They like to spend their holidays sitting about in remote deserts of inhabited planets, watching the natives poke and prod at them, and then one day, when the holiday is up, they pack their bags and they up and go.
  9. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

    And the occasional movements of massive glaciers over the world is them playing shuffleboard?
  10. Agent51 Registered Member

    OK another theory:
    Thoth, was an Atlantean Priest-King who founded the civilization of Egypt after the sinking of his mother country.When Thoth left Egypt, he built the Great Pyramid of Giza and also incorporated inside the pyramid his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis. As for stating how he built the pyramids? I have no idea how to explain what methods this influental figure would build a pyramid with if he is credited with being the inventor of writing, numbers, astronomy, astrology, engineering, botany, geometry and land surveying! Also, Thoth was scribe, moralist, messenger, and a Supreme Magician - later being called Hermes, Merlin, Loki, Dhouti, Tehuti, Thout, Djehuti, Zehuti and quite possibly many others.

    According to Thoth, the Great Pyramid and all of the sacrfed sites in Egypt were built following the geometries of the human body. Just as there are black-light and white-light spirals that come off the human body, so there are similar spirals that come out of the Great Pyramid. One of these spirals used to pass through one end of the sarcophagus that is in the Kings Chamber - the Egyptian Antiquities Authority has moved the sarcophagus from it's original location, because of strange things" that used to happen when visitors lay down in the sarcophagus.

    Thoth was considered to be the God(Creator) of moon, drawing, writing, geometry, wisdom, medicine, music, astronomy, and magic.

    I hope that suits you better!

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  11. Northwind Master of Anvils Registered Senior Member

    Well, this gives new meaning to "off the deep end".

    Yes, there is no way humans built pyramids, having no access to advanced technology like moving heavy stones and math.

    Here, have an anvil up the backside.
  12. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Agent51: Are you familiar with somthing called Ockham's razor?

    It says that very elaborite theories should be discarded in favor of simpler ones.

    Anyways, Egyptian civilization was not founded in a day, a year, or even hundreds of years. It gradually evolved, with both halves of Egypt uniting into one.

    Here: http://emuseum.mnsu.edu/prehistory/egypt/history/timeline.html

    Egypt is fascinating, ain't it?!
  13. kmguru Staff Member

    The Sumerians did it. Blame them. Someone said, it is in the Bible code....
  14. sjmarsha Registered Senior Member

    Do you really believe this? If so then walk into a mental hospital and start screaming and kicking until they lock you up. If, however you were joking then please carrry on.

    The pyramids were built by the Egyptions. They knew about levers and pulleys, they had an almost limitless number of people willing to work to please their gods (fanatical people can do more than you think).

    Was this not the point of the discussion?
  15. kmguru Staff Member

    Who built the Pyramids?

    The people of Khufu in 2680 BC. Full moon after winter.
  16. Neutrino_Albatross Legion of Dynamic Discord Registered Senior Member

    Anyone here see that thing on Nova about that group that managed to build a small pyramid using only tech available to the egyptions?

    agent 51, I think u've seen stargate a few too many times

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  17. kmguru Staff Member

    I have seen highly complex designs of Hindu temples with intricate carvings on very large solid blocks of granite. Just look at Taj Mahal. So it is doable, may take a few generations. If you are not fighting armies and plenty to eat, that is a good way to spend the tax money.
  18. thed IT Gopher Registered Senior Member

    They where tombs of the Gods, not temples. Do you doubt the Goa'uld made them?

    I assume you mean NO Pharaohs where found? Tomb robbers, perhaps.

    What of the other six?

    FWIW, they found the village of the workers who made the Pyramids. It shows explicitly how it was done. The Egyptians where smart.

    I have answers in the "y's"

    Stone. Stone working tools and common sense.

    Little technology, yes, but plenty of smarts. The bent and blue, IIRC, shows they got it wrong a few times first.

    They built to last?

    The implication is ET technology. You can't proove a negative.

    The plains of Giza are covered in the score marks of stone cutting and drag marks. Next.

    They where built on bedrock.

    Same argument goes for the Empire State building, Houses of Parliament, the ex-World Trade Center and so on.

    Oh yes, a highly advanced species who have mastered interstellar travel came here to build stone Pyramids. Why? For what possible reason? Wheres the left over tech they dropped?

    That's the sphinx. It's a cat, the Egyptians had a thing about cats.

    Or a cat.

    I've never met and Alien. How about you?


    It's a cat.

    They where built by humans with a strong knowledge of engineering. Aliens are not necessary.
  19. kmguru Staff Member

    The aliens did it. And here is proof.

    The slave labor from africa. Some of them probably did not have working permits....

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    If I were an alien race from planet far away and came to this wretched planet to build a pyramid, because I have nothing better to do...I will build it such a way that when the locals develop technological sophistication, they will contact us for trade and commerce or to simply say "hello". I will leave some high technology gadgets in a nitrogen filled time capsule with a trigger mechanism that when locals develop GPS capability or satellite communication, the beacon will get activated and start beeping.

    Since no such high technology was ever found, I am inclined to believe - the aliens were of local kind. Just in case somebody brings up the Egyptian battery....if we had alien presence then or even now (some people believe we have aliens walking around among us now) the culture and technology osmosis would have speeded up with focal areas where aliens landed.

    On the otherhand, there may have been a modern civilization before the iceage with some mechanization using brass, copper, and perhaps steel, including hot air balloons. If a technological society such as ours established itself some 100 million years ago and perished due to nuclear or natural catastrophe - there will be very little stuff for us to find except perhaps any gold and platinum material in elemental form. Even the satellites would have long decayed and splashed into the sea. Any glass would have flowed into the ground.
  20. Lesion42 Deranged Hermit Registered Senior Member

    Nice ideas, but you guys are all wrong...

    You see, you guys got it all wrong. I built the pyramids.

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    All that alien/egyptian stuff is a crock of monkey snot if you know what I mean.
  21. kmguru Staff Member

    Sure you did Lesion42...next thing you are going to tell us, you were a mummy for many thousand years....just revived by me using my book of life....and tell us how life was in your days...

    welcome to sciforums....
  22. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    Re: Nice ideas, but you guys are all wrong...

    Lying bastard!

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    I built 'em, and I will now disclose the method.
    1. Choose a location and stake out a square
    2. Cover staked area with stone blocks
    3. Add new layer, indenting one block from each edge
    4. Repeat Step Three until pointy at top
    5. Yield: One Pyramid
    Mystery solved, please return to what you were doing.

  23. Lesion42 Deranged Hermit Registered Senior Member

    Yeah man, that's right... But whered you get my papyrus blueprints from?

    Hahaha! Your plans sound very similar to the ones I made back in the day... Then I scrapped the whole thing for the Mayan step pyramids. Much simpler and quicker to make.

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