What to learn to make some money

I am currently using Udemy to study up on Angular 2, having already done the AngularJs course.
Their prices are pretty darned reasonable: $25 - $50 per course.
A friend of mine is a programmer. He suggested Ruby on Rails. He said that it is one of the simplest to learn, and you can make very good apps with it. Plenty of people are making money with ruby.. Go to their website and check it out.
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Find something people are having issues with and create a software to solve it. I have a few ideas in my industry but lack the coding knowledge. I can share them with you and who knows, we might start working together on something.
I am 18 right now, by the way.
My family is relatively poor and they probably won't be able to send me to a university. They also couldn't have afforded to send me to a good high-school, I've been going to a high-school where we don't even have ICT classes (the only high-school in the small town in Croatia I live in). My parents have always believed I was talented for computers and that I can use that to get them out of poverty, and they invested a lot of money into me learning how to program (they bought me an expensive laptop and quite a few books about programming). How do I explain them I am not able to make money with my knowledge?

your parents were not thinking short term when they bought you the lap-top or the books.

do not abandon your goal.
adapt & evolve.