What the @#$%&* is going on?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Futilitist, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Mod Note

    1. Picture links, especially if they are from your photobucket, can and do break at times. Often, if you read forums, for example, you will see broken picture links because they were uploaded from photobuckets which are not always conducive to image sharing on internet forums and are known to break.

    2) You are free to believe this site is a sham. You are also free to leave here and go elsewhere if that suits you.

    3) We do have a right to comment on your overblown reaction to something that was entirely and completely from your end. To wit, we did not delete your images. The issue stemmed from your end and your photobucket. You know, perhaps PM a moderator and ask about it first and check out the issue from your photobucket or your computer before posting such accusations like suggesting that we have so much free time that we have trawled through all of your posts with the specific intention of deleting your images, because that is what you insinuated happened. The reality is that we will never, ever be that bored or have that much free time to torture ourselves that way. We aren't masochists..

    Thread closed.
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