What is the 6th Dimension?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Xeno, Jul 23, 1999.

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  1. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Wrong. He didn't write anything scientific. But he did write quite a lot of woo woo mysticism.

    He wasn't a prince. And the fact that he was a crank is evidenced by his claims to be a prince.

    And how would that stop them being cranks? Simply because a crank has royal approval doesn't prevent them being a crank.

    Bull. Shit.

    More bull shit.

    You do realise that the "great old ones" AND the "necronomicon" were fiction? They were both invented by H. P. Lovecraft for his horror stories.

    No it wasn't and no you didn't.

    You know, if you got yourself a decent editor to correct your grammar and spelling you might have the basis of a decent fiction book.

    Could you please tell us how, exactly, the inane ramblings of yet another idiot in any way validates your nonsense?

    A shared delusion is still a delusion.
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  3. BigFairy Hi Im Big Fairy! Registered Senior Member

    thanks AN, its hard to pick the nuts out of the crowd.
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  5. alpert555 Registered Member

    It has been written in Scientific American, "To solve a problem just take it to a higher dimension". Well, our backgrounds seem to differ due to different pasts on the sixth dimension.
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  7. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    And you're failing (completely) to take into account the context of that sentence.

    Nearly true.
    In actual fact our backgrounds differ because I had an education and you're a gullible crank.
  8. alpert555 Registered Member

    When you read the earliest posts of "lahunken" in Yahoo's Alchemy61 you will see that we experienced some probability transduction teleportation by surpassing the lightspeed analogue of entropy producion rate.

    Outright web addresses wont go through on this forum, but, I can get it across by writing it triple w, groups, yahoo, at group alchemy61.

    You may start reading from post #1, for the bascic technology so that you may do it yourselves; and, not far ahead our teleportation is described.

    We first have had the experiences, and then tried to explain them. There is no gullibility here. We are not trying to crank money out of people. We would like to get everybody doing these secret forbidden practices. THEY can't get everybody.
  9. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Do you honestly believe what you just said?

    If 'they' manage just you that'll be a start.
  10. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Nearly correct.
    In actual fact if you read any posts in that group you'll swiftly come to realise (if you have any sense at all) that the entire group is a bunch of deluded cranks without the first idea of reality. And what they don't know they make up and claim that science has re-discovered it.

    If those people aren't gullible (i.e. they don't genuinely believe what they've written) then they are frauds and liars.
    Can't have it both ways.

    Secret forbidden practices?
    And that's why there's a (whisper it softly in case THEY are listening) Covert Yahoo Group dedicated to them.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  11. alpert555 Registered Member

    The sixth dimension spans the probabilities of the W in S=klnW.

    Order never had to rise; it's already here. Starting with the Singularity; what could be neater?

    There are two things in the universe, energy, and "information" the conformation of energy. There are three things in the universe, entities, properties, and relationships.

    Entities are closed circuits of the one substance, E=Mc², in the one substance, E=Mc², that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind.

    The properties of these closed circuits are whether they are counterclockwise (male), or clockwise (female); the true polarities. They are one on one side, and, the other on the other side. It's what's up front that counts, for relationships.

    Other properties of these closed circuits are rates of circulation, size, and shape. Circuits can be globes revolving, or, the shells of globes revolving. Circuits can be disks, toruses, mobius strips, etc.

    The globes are particles, although, a truncated tetrahedron composed of four counterclockwise circuits, held together by four clockwise circuits, is the electron. All other circuits have been called "dark matter".

    The closed circuit, a ring, that is the entity that you call "I" constitutes a unit of "dark matter"; not so far out. Consciousness has been imposed upon this ring by capacitance and the "ectropy" (work) to maintain this capacitance.

    Entities become nonexistent by undifferentiating with confluent circuits, for example, counterclockwise on clockwise. Permanent nonexistence will be attainted by a perfect confluency right down to the Planck's distance.

    That may seem very improbable, but, the pressure of ambient repelling circuits pushes toward this end, and this force is called attraction.

    Thus we also have the Unified Field Theory completed here. It's all very simple. Just, let it happen. Don't get in the way. A fast polarity cancellation rate is fire. That which gets in the way gets "burnt".

    The illusion of chaos comes from the large number of participants, with insufficient means to comprehend them all. There is no "rising" from it. The only perception of order is knowing this simplicity, which has been kept secret by "special interests".

    Everything is trying to run down. Entropy is not disorder. In that case, by the Second Law of Thermodynamics we would be dropping into order.

    The entropy of the universe has been defined by cosmologists as the proportion of nucleons to photons, "information" to energy, at any one time, so that polarity cancellation rate is entropy production rate, the increase of the simplicity of graspable order.

    True polarity is counterclockwise (male) and clockwise (female), and any other uses of the word polarity, like calling them "active" and "passive" and "positive (posited), and "negative" (negated), have been lies.

    By numerousness things could be hid, and from this came deception; and, with deception came confusion and disorder. This is being done by your fellow entities.
  12. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member


    So there's TWO things and THREE things? Any more?

    This is drivel. E=MC[sup]2[/sup] isn't a substance.

    This is new-age woo wooism.

    In other words you can call anything a circuit. Because that way it'll confirm your idiotic beliefs.

    Not even close to being rational, let alone accurate.

    All of the above is word salad.

    Link please.

    Well you're certainly managing the deception (the lies in your posts), confusion (you don't have a clue what you're talking about) and disorder (what do you use in place of thinking?)
  13. alpert555 Registered Member

    We can speak it in words. Start with an infinitesimal point, and nothing else. The Hebrews called it Aleph Yod Nun (=61), Ain, nothingness, pronounced "eyennn". It is there forever in time.

    So, what does time do to it? Time rasters it into timespaces, Ain Suph, infinite nothingness. It being one substance exerts its oneness in one direction, called the "prime vector".

    The prime vector stirs closed circuitry, that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind, and, all the circuits going the same way, vO^XvO^, clash, and repel, a Big Bang. Ain Suph Aur. That is the repulsion of like polarities.

    The vectors from the repulsions must also be in closed circuitry. All differentiations must be in closed circuitry. Eventually confluent circuits, ^Ov^Ov, will be forced, so that, face to face, they will undifferentiate with each other, the cancellation of opposite polarities.

    A pile of undifferentiating circular circuits will form a cylinder, like a tornado. A cylinder makes a characteristic sound, Ain. The word Ain in Hebrew means a well, a ring, an eye, and nothingness. The sound of the word Ain forms a cylinder in a three dimensional tonoscope.

    The form makes the sound, and the sound makes the form. What are the geometrical forms of all the other vowels? Why the mysteries? Us "profane" are not even supposed to know this one. But this is the one with the most power.

    Theoretically every time you say, or even think of this sound, new worlds burst into existence in other dimensions of the infinite number of dimensions, other Big Bangs with, what have been called, other "universes".

    The cloudbuster is a bundle of cylinders which when aimed at a cloud disintegrate it by draining it of one polarity, thereby leaving the cloud with only one polarity to repel. Of course the opposite polarity is the other side of any circuit.

    The cloudbuster does this by aligning circuits, going in one direction, within it, like a stack of coins, heads on tails, they are a pile of undifferentiating opposite polarities.

    Their presented face attracts other confluent polarities in their aim. A Black Hole is a mulidimensional cylinder in every direction. As anything approaches a Black Hole, the gravitation has bent timespace globally, so that the object is also then bent globally.

    The public hasn't been told that this globally bent timespace, being fifth dimensionally away from the rigid, hardening, orthogonality of flat timespace, that anything in it has attained a tenuousity indistinguishable from that which is called "spirit".

    In the fifth dimensional direction, right here, there are shells of variously bent globally bent timespaces, that may be accessed by other analogues of gravitation, like, velocity in mechanics (Dr. Einstein), current in electricity (Dr. Tesla), flow in hydraulics (Dr. Keely), and entropy production rate in thermodynamics (Dr. Lahunken). Google "lahunken".

    That infinitesimal point, Ain, we started with, also has the potential probabilities of every possible possibility. Every one is what Dr. Hugh Everett called a "parallel world".

    Every probability exists now, each with its probability timeline, which you may go to, in the sixth dimensional direction, side ways in time, by the inductive resonance of your thoughts.

    In this way, "If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to this mountain move it shall be moved". You go to the timeline where the mountain is elsewhere.

    For each and everyone of us there is a timeline where we win the million dollar lottery. We can all win the same million dollar lottery on different timelines. But, one moment of doubt, and it's temporarily ruined. You may try a again. But, can you control every thought?
  14. alpert555 Registered Member

    There is a world of fire. If you take a Cartesian coordinate system, use the X axis to represent opposite polarities separated, and the Y axis to represent opposite polarities united and cancelled out.

    As you approach the origin of that Cartesian coordinate system the distances between the X axis and the Y axis get shorter and shorter, representing faster and faster rates of polarity cancellation rate, identical with what is called faster entropy production rates (EPR's) in thermodynamics.

    EPR is an analogue of velocity in mechanics and mass in gravitational science. These access globally bent timespaces, in a fifth dimensional direction, which have lower values of pi.

    Thus, the numbers along the axises represent values of pi. Fire is a fast EPR. By the time you reach a pi value of e=2.718... everything is in flames. That is the surface of the Lake of Fire.

    The Hindus and Buddhists know this. They call this realm "Dharmaloka"; but that everyone in Dharmaloka has what is called a "dharmakaya", a body of fire.

    These "Liberationist" religions believe you can cancel out into nothingness, attain Nirvana, easier there. The flowery talk about the drop rejoining the "great sea" is just symbolizing entities undifferentiating into nothingness.

    There are two things in the universe, energy and "information". It's like taking a cloth, representing energy, and wrinkling it up. The wrinkles represent "information".

    Pull the cloth out straight and the wrinkles (information) vanishes, become nonexistent. This has been discovered in science where, "In physics, Ricci curvature is analogous to matter.

    "Space with zero Ricci curvature is space without matter- a vacuum"- Dr. Shing Tung Yau. This is describing the same graph of the eighth, ninth, and tenth dimensions.

    Dr. Albert Einstein defined the fourth dimension to be time, and Dr. Lisa Randall defined in and out of more globally bent timespaces to be the fifth dimension.

    And. sideways in time, across Dr. Hugh Everett's probability timelines, has been called the sixth dimension. The distance from the X axis to the Y axis, that we just described, had to be the seventh dimension.

    It is obvious that organized religion has exploited mankind by threatening eternal torment of the "immortal" soul. The immortality of the soul was a Greek dogma propagated by Plato, that due to the conquests of Alexander the Great, this dogma influenced philosophy in the Western world.

    That which we call "I", our entity, is a closed circuit of the one substance, E=Mc², in the one substance, E=Mc², that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind.

    In order to totally undifferentiate it must line up exactly with a confluency to the exact Planck's distance. But, the pressure of ambient repelling circuits pushes toward this undifferentiation, that Y axis, with the force we call attraction.

    Everything is trying to "run down". but some, to those others that are running down, wind them back up somewhat. The sun, running down, slammed its light into the orthogonalities of chlorophyll and perpetuated life therewith.

    Where is God in all this? In 1John1:5 it says, "God is light". Science found that light is energy. Thus, "In Him we live and move and have our being.

    We are not energy, as believed by New Agers. If we were energy we would never sleep. Light, God is always conscious. We are only information. We are perishable.

    But, even though in actuality, the heart of every pleasure is a moment of nonexistence, there were those who hoped to enjoy these moments of nonexistence by avoiding permanent nonexistence.

    Salvationist religions, like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, formed. And Jesus Christ came to provide eternal life for those who wanted it.

    You can see the fallacy here. But, that fallacious thinking is just another "negative feedback mechanism" that maintains life.

    A "negative feedback mechanism" is where the product of a process slows down production by interfering with that process.

    Even with what I know here I am 99.999% sure that I can eventually become nonexistent and never suffer again. But, there is that fraction of a percent that's got me. Can you clear that up?
  15. alpert555 Registered Member

    Much of the stuff I write is forbidden and suppressed knowledge. I try to encapsulate it all to get it all out fast. I have taught two week courses to explain everything so that it is all understood by my students.

    But, the details can be investigated in dictionaries, encyclopedias, and especially in Google and Wikipedia.

    It is very comforting to know the basics of the universe. I am surprised at how many people don't care about these things.

    Back in high school I wrote a term paper titled "Superstition in America" in which all the secrets of the freemasons were exposed.

    A banished freemason I met, who was homeless on the street, told them to anyone who would listen. I listened.

    My "Problems of Democracy" teacher gave me a 98% for the term paper; and, he later sold that term paper in the term paper black market. A freemason's daughter read it, he read it, and detectives were sent to catch the author (me).

    How did I find out? THEY caught up with me in the Army, locked me up, and gave me the real Hell. And, THEY bragged how powerful THEY were, and that I didn't have a chance.

    Before I sent the John Birch Society a twenty page report about this, the only world conspiracy theory accused the Jews.

    The John Birch Society then came out with the modern Conspiracy Theory about the One World Order and THEIR Illuminati, and that theory spread from there.

    But, I wanted all the real secrets out to everybody, so that no longer would innocent people who stumbled upon them be ruined by the suppressors.

    Like Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory", I obsessively wrote up my stuff, dropped it into mail boxes, and ran back to make sure it went all the way in the mail box.

    The internet came along and I have been obsessively spreading my stuff by internet ever since, though I still snail mail, and I do tell everybody who will listen.

    Every publishing company who published my stuff was wiped off the face of the earth and replaced by duplicate companies. That official process started with the Boston Phoenix.

    But, I have been obsessed with hate, anger, and defiance ever since THEY caused me incredible pain. THEY thought it would prevent me from exposing them; but, it obsessed me with telling everybody! I will fight to the death!

    We must forgive individuals; but, we may hate demons. In Greek, the word demon means a group spirit. "We fight not flesh and blood, we fight powers and principalities. And, that is what I am going to do!
  16. alpert555 Registered Member

    Do the damned become nonexistent in Hell?
    What do Moslems believe about this question? Christian sects like the Seventh Day Adventists, and the Jehovah's Witnesses, believe that the damned become nonexistent in Hell.

    There is a web site that says that the Old Testament Jews believed that the damned became nonexistent in Hell. Any Jews I have remembered to ask that question said that they didn't know. They were "luke warm" Jews.

    The doctrine of the "immortality of the soul" seemed to have been started by Plato, with nothing to back up that theory. Alexander the Great spread Greek thought where ever he conquered, and, it influenced Middle Eastern thought.

    Philosophy in the Middle East has many ancient Greek elements. Even the classical Middle Eastern music has the musical scale of Pythagorus.

    Pythagorus was a famous Greek mathematician who said that his musical scale corresponded to the "spheres of the planets". He had figured it out mathematically.

    There was the geocentric theory of the "planetary spheres" before Copernicus showed that the Earth, and other planets, revolve around the sun.

    The geocentric theory was based upon the time it took planets to circle the zodiac. It was based on more evidence than the theory of the immortality of the soul.

    The spheres of the planets were seen as levels of the "heavens". That is why the crescent is the major symbol of Islam. Mohammed is said to have received the Koran from the angel Gabriel, angel of the first heaven, the heaven of the moon.

    The reality of these heavens is not up in a third dimensional direction, but in the fifth dimensional direction, recently defined for, and accepted by official science, by Dr. Lisa Randall, a professor of quantum physics in Harvard University.

    Dr. Albert Einstein noticed the various warps of timespace; but he officially defined the fourth dimension to be time.

    The fifth dimension is along the variously bent contours of warped timespace, caused by gravity, velocity in mechanics, current in electricity, and what is called entropy production rate in thermodynamics, which is identical with polarity cancellation rate.
    It is by polarity cancellation that things may become nonexistent. Fire is a fast polarity cancellation rate.

    There are two things in the universe, energy and "information", and information, like matter, is the conformation of energy.
    It is like, if you take a sheet, to represent energy. Wrinkles in the sheet represent "information". Straighten out the sheet and all the wrinkles vanish, become nonexistent.

    This is not such a vague illustration. I quote this from Discover Magazine, a science magazine. "In physics, Ricci curvature is analogous to matter. Space with zero Ricci curvature is space without matter - a vacuum."

    This was stated by the mathematician Dr. Shing-Tung Yau. This contour graph has been assigned to the eight, ninth, and tenth dimensions.

    Whereas, the sixth dimension is that direction across probability timelines, side ways in time. And the seventh dimension is the extent of polarity cancellation, identical with entropy.

    The seventh dimensional definition was necessitated by a Cartesian coordinate graph where the X axis represents polarities separated and the Y axis represents polarities united and cancelled out. Going to and from the origin is the fifth dimension.
  17. alpert555 Registered Member

    Yesterday I just found out from three Moslems that the Moslems believe that the damned only get punished for what they did wrong, and then it's all over and they go to Heaven for eternity.

    This Moslem was from Egypt, and his fellow Moslems were from Saudi Arabia. That's more good weight against the eternal damnation dogma.

    For the past ten years I have been associated with a Pentecostal church which believes that even non-Christian babies, if they die undedicated to Christ, will burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity.

    Some Cathars took advantage of the Catholic "Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, Limbo" dogma. They invented the sacrament of "unbaptism".

    Supposedly, getting unbaptised was giving up Heaven to avoid Hell. It was recommitting the Original Sin of Adam & Eve. It is a dangerous yoga, that the freemasons also believe was the Original Sin, and the supreme secret of many mystical secret societies.

    My associate got it trouble discussing it
    outright. Someone died practicing it, and he has a Constitutional case on his hands. He'll take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

    The Pope reacted to the sacrament of unbaptism by sending out a crusade of knights to suppress the very knowledge of this secret. Two million French people were exterminated by this Albigensian Crusade.

    In Islam unbaptism is a capital offense, referred to in the Koran as "blowing on knots", and is punishable by stoning to death.

    In "the land of the free" millions of American citizens were committed to mental hospital gulags for being caught with the unauthorized knowledge and/or practice of unbaptism.

    Unfortunate individuals with, what the Soviet Union called, "shamans' disease", were also committed as "schizophrenics". The "psychosis" is caused by stimulation of the "muscarinic" nervous system.

    Practice of vagal stimulation was perfectly legal in the Soviet Union and its Communist Block countries, due to their materialistic atheism.

    Muscarinic stimulation overrides the inhibitory neurons of the brain, allowing the brain to use more than the legal 10%. LSD blocks these same inhibitory neurons.

    And, real "schizophrenia" is having more than the normal number of axons and dendrites between the neurons of the brain, also causing more of the brain to be used.

    This is caused by a gene called DISC1, which shows that people with this gene constitute a genotype, with all the human rights of any other genotype.

    This knowledge about DISC1 threatens the dopamine blocker industry, therefore, efforts have been made to cover it up, and blame "schizophrenia" on other causes, like the "insane virus".
  18. alpert555 Registered Member

    I'd settle for non existence. Let's face it, the threat of eternal torment is a religion based on fear, called in logic, "argumentum ad bacculum", meaning, the argument that you will get hit with the "bacculum", the beating club, if you fail.

    Did you notice that the four suits of cards represent the four ways in which people are dealt with. The spades represent killing people, the clubs represent hitting (punishing) people, the diamonds represent paying people, and the hearts represent giving people love.

    Everything is trying to run down. At the heart of every pleasure there is a moment of nonexistence, which is pure pleasure. To become permanently nonexistent would be to have the ultimate pleasure eternally.

    Living things have evolved mechanisms against realizing this. Those that did realize it didn't live long enough to pass on their genes. Such life saving inhibitions , like the failure to realize this truth, are called a "negative feedback mechanisms".

    But, there are official groups who have been conducting research, since just after World War II, who have messed with mental patients, and have accidentally caused some of their victims to realized this truth.

    There is a sound that confers a moment of nonexistence. It is the cylindrical sound, which shows that our entity is a closed circuit, a mere magnetic line of force, that is a ring.

    This sound aligns this ring with the confluent pile of parallel rings of the cylinder of such rings formed by this sound.

    This causes undifferentiation; but, for permanent undifferentiation, the circuits must align perfectly right down to Planck's distance.

    This now seems very improbable, but, the pressure of ambient repulsions pushes to this confluency, and that tendency is called "the force of attraction".

    The form makes the sound, and the sound makes the form. The most ancient languages have what are called "onomatopoeic" words, words that sound like that which is being described.

    For example, the Chinese call a cat a "miaow". And the word slap sounds like a slap. The Hebrew word for a well (a cylinder), a ring, an eye, and nothingness (nonexistence) is spelt aleph, yod, nun, and pronounced "eyennn".

    Contemplation upon that sound can give you the experience of a moment of nonexistence.
    Notice, there is no greater pleasure. For an instant, it is a greater satisfaction than even being a billionaire. But, too soon we're back.
  19. alpert555 Registered Member

    The more LSD you are given the worse it gets. It was forced on me involuntarily, for what has been called the Clockwork Orange treatment.

    If you saw the movie "Clockwork Orange" you will remember that they gave the victim a drug (LSD), un-named in the movie, and forced him to watch a film about Auschwitz.

    What happens is that the victim body switches backward and forward in time to experience each and every individual's experience, e.g.,torment in Auschwitz, as real as life. It is Hell!

    There are three levels into this Underworld proportionate to the amount of the dose of LSD, muscarine, or vagal stimulation: perinatal matrix one, which is euphoric; perinatal matrix two, which is the "knowledge of good and evil", and the mind has magickal power here; and if the power gets out of hand, you get perinatal matrix three, Hell itself.

    Fortunately it would be very hard work to do enough vagal stimulation to enter perinatal matrix three. I took me nine days to get into the magickal perinatal two.

    People with shamans' disease can be thrown into perinatal matrix three by the muscarinic nervous system stimulation from the scar tissue in their parasympathetic nervous system.

    Also, some real schizophrenics have enough axons and dendrites between the neurons of their brains, caused by the gene DISC1, to keep their brains awaken into perinatal matrix three, and their "physical" bodies are catatonic while they are actually body switching into everyone they ever saw, including in movies.

    But, crucifixion easily forces enough holotropic breathing (see http://www.holotropic.com) to enter perinatal matrix three. In the case of Jesus Christ, that is how He is in everyone.
  20. alpert555 Registered Member

    Knowledge of the sixth dimension was suppressed by what THEY want you to say, "the powers that be". Have you noticed, every story about time travel always has time to be only a straight line. We know better. Who are THEY? THEY are...

    A Luciferian secret society came to New England in 1638. They named and founded the town of Milton, MA, in 1640, after John Milton, who had glorified Lucifer, as a hero for Liberty, in his "Paradise Lost", where Lucifer said, "I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven".

    This secret society fronted under a stone masonry business in East Milton Square. They established the first railroad in America, which first transported stone from the Quincy Quarries to Boston.

    They built the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, and the Boston Public Library. They built the Milton Town Hall and artifices around the town of Milton.

    During the China Trade period they acquired a big Chinese bell, which they used to threaten members that if any member betrayed them they would have their brains shattered in the bell by ringing it.

    It looked like a horrible death. The victims would convulse and all kinds of disgusting things, but, just one lesion in the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata guarantees an absolutely painless death.

    They came to be known as the "Order of the Bell". It was Adam Auschwept's "Illuminati" who joined them. The Order of the Bell was the original One World Order as we know it today.

    President George Bush senior was born in a big gray mansion on Adams Street,near the base of Adam's Hill. Up further was the China Trade Museum where the Bell was kept during the last part of the Twentieth Century.

    When the China Trade Museum closed up, the Bell was moved to the Peabody Museum where it may be seen to this day.

    Catholic politicians tore down the Milton Town Hall, because of its "Satanic" symbolism, and today the only remaining visible artifact of the Order of the Bell is the "Flos Abysmi" on the key stone of the mausoleum in Milton Cemetery.

    But, the Order of the Bell continues to rule the One World Order throughout the world. Before 1970, the only conspiracy theory was that the Jews were trying to rule the world.

    But, the John Birch Society paid attention to a crank mail which contained twenty pages about the Order of the Bell. Then, after checking it out as best as possible, the John Birch Society was the first to declare the modern Conspiracy Theory, and it spread as it has today.

    The original Luciferian doctrine of these Luciferians from England was based on the Gnostic doctrine that the creator, demiourgos, of this physical world, was the most evil being; and that Lucifer protested having been created to suffer the unpleasantries of existence.

    According to this theory, Lucifer and his Rebellious Angels, weren't thrown out, they escaped. The Yorubas today also say that the creator, Ela, is the most evil being.

    The Sumerian Jupiter's name is written today, Marduk, but, it was actually Marad Ak, meaning, the Great Rebel. And, the rest of his companions, the pantheon of "gods", which have different names in different cultures, are the Fallen Angels.

    But, the Order of the Bell came to be an elitist, discriminating, fascist clique of snobs, with theories of superiority and "evolution", listing races and nationalities in order of their superiority, and blaming everything on genetics, and proceeding to exterminate undesirables, stealthily, or conspicuously.

    But, they are vulnerable. They have an Archilles Heel, their shameful secrets, the gateway to the Underworld. And, thanks to the knowledge about LSD, and http://www.holotropic.com , the equivalent physical techniques, which are their secrets, are available.

    With their shame exposed, they will disperse, and each nation will be able to direct its own destiny, naturally, under the guidance of God.
  21. alpert555 Registered Member

    First I had the experiences, and, then I searched for the theories to explain them. It was treated like a crime, but, with a one paper commitment, and no trial.

    Then the "lodge" would have you over a barrel. They'd come and brag about the power they had around the world, and how dare one like me profane their sacred mysteries.

    The first thing I got out, I wrote out this world control claim, sent it to the John Birch Society, and for the first time, the modern Conspiracy Theory began to spread.

    Before, the only conspiracy theory was that the Jews were trying to control the world. But the Conspiracy Theory you have today is the one the John Birch Society first declared.

    Unfortunately, the physiological secrets didn't spread with it. The John Birch Society didn't publish these.

    But, they had been indelibly engraved in zinc disks and scaled from car windows everywhere and still wait in bush and scrub waiting to be picked up and read.

    And, of course I was chased from state to state. I ran through forty-one states and fourteen foreign countries.

    Like David Vincent in that old TV show, "The Aliens", I informed one group after another, everywhere I went. Today the "Religious Right" is actually totally informed.

    Awakening the brain projects one into the more magickally powerful direction of the fifth dimension, where "one can make changes in conformity with one's will" easier.

    Stimulation of the muscarinic nervous system spreads up to the muscarinic neurons in the brain, awakening more and more of the brain for easier transportation to other timelines, in the sixth dimensional direction, tuned into by the imagination.

    "If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to this mountain move it shall be moved." You go to the timeline where the mountain is elsewhere.

    The larger plexuses of these muscarinic nerves are known as the "chakras". Their stimulation is called "kundalini". The "sahasrara chakra" is the brain itself.

    It is known that "pranayama" (holotropic breathing) awakens "kundalini" sending it up to the brain to awaken the "sahasrara chakra". In the Orient, Ki Kung is exactly the same thing.

    A good manual of Ki Kung also gives more potent techniques, which have been un-Consititutionally kept secret in the West. People with the natural ability have been tagged schizophrenic, but are esoterically called Anakim.

    During the Cold War, the West professing to be the Land of Liberty, this key of the "sacred mysteries", which replaced LSD, was offered to anyone.

    Like a chip on a shoulder, the cartel of secret lodges dared not knock it off. You can read "The Adventure of Self Discovery" by Dr. Stanislav Grof, available from http://www.holotropic.com or from http://www.amazon.com.

    Rather fast, effectual, but dangerous techniques are revealed on pages 170 and 171; and, the elite organizations who claimed exclusive ownership of this knowledge are exposed on page 111.

    The offending organization in the West has its name uncapitalized, perhaps to avoid lawsuit. But, then came the "hive theory", that specialized groups of people (hives) naturally sequester their knowledge.

    Now, instead of secreted purges, THEY just say, "Just let it be, it will pass, it will be as dead as yesterday's news"; but then there are very angry fugitives like me.
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