What is the 6th Dimension?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Xeno, Jul 23, 1999.

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  1. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member


    Also nope.

    Sheer nonsense. For one thing you can't quantify will or imagination.

    Where do you get this rubbish from?

    No it can't.

    Most of the brain sedated? Well I can think of one poster that posts as if he's dreaming...

    Pure crap.

    Nonsense again.

    Wrong. It's "habal" in Hebrew.

    Judging by your posts you know nothing but invent much.
    Maybe you should keep taking the medication.
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  3. alpert555 Registered Member

    It works, therefore it's real. I do it. It's my experience. I turn, so called, "normal" people on to it. They do it. And, it's also their experience. Contageous? Here's the latest article.

    And, things in the universe are getting more and more entangled all the time. And, my people are trying to make it more and more entangled.

    The universe is like a shaken bottle of water. The initial bubbles were the primal fragmentation, but more and more, they are undifferentiating into the natural unity called nothingness.

    The bottle, representing the limitation of impossibilities, holds the water which represents energy (E=Mc²), "the substance of things hoped for"; and, the air which represents probability, "the evidence of things not seen".

    Like a sheet of cloth, the sheet represents energy (E), and wrinkles in that cloth represent "information", the conformation of energy (Mc²).
    Pull the cloth out straight, and the wrinkles vanish (E=Mc²).

    In the one substance, E=Mc², motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind, counterclockwise (male) on one side, and clockwise (female) on the other side.

    One side is out, and this is the polarity presented. Opposite polarities attract by being pushed into confluency by ambient repelling like polarities.

    By vibrational harmonics, like wave crests fit together and are pushed together by repelling discordant frequencies. This is not polarity. Green in not the "opposite polarity" of red; and, notice they clash yielding white light, the color of turbulence and fragmentation.

    Entanglement can be transduced, like for example, by sound from the source, into the mechanical analogue of the microphone, into electricity, into electromagnetic transmission, back into electricity, back into mechanical vibration, and just as capable of entanglement as the original, for, it is what counts here that counts: the Touch.
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  5. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Can you provide any evidence that it works?

    Can THEY provide any evidence?


    Now you're just rambling.

    And that is even more rambling. Incoherent unsubstantiated (and unsubstantiable) nonsense.
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  7. alpert555 Registered Member

    While there is all this vigilance to prevent Christian prayer in public, in schools, etc., Spiritualism is being pushed everywhere. Last night's CSI Miami was even polluted with the dogma of a person becoming a "ghost" right after death.

    We have two major Spiritualist propaganda shows every week, "Ghost Whisperer" and "The Medium". And now this dogma is penetrating all the shows everywhere, while, there wasn't even the mention of Christ on "Touched by an Angel".

    And, it turns out that the CIA has detected "ghosts" that perpetually body switch from one living person to another. "Ghosts" are said to not be able to have consciousness outside of possessing a living body. That's perhaps why the NSA is called "the serious intelligence agency".

    Is Heaven or Hell that far away? The Cartesian coordinate graph of "entropy production rate" shows Hell to be right here in a fifth dimensional direction.

    Fast entropy production rates are fire itself. There is a fifth dimensional surface to the Lake of Fire. It may be said, "He and she can't be here. They went to Hell." But Hell is right here in a fifth dimensional direction.

    Assistants of Holotropic breathing (see Grof Transpersonal at Holotropic Dot Comm) have to have pass tests at dealing with the Underworld gracefully, before they are allowed to assist Holotropic breathers.

    Why? The Holotropic breathing digs a fifth dimensional pit, a field, into the Underworld, like an informational Black Hole; and, if they can't cope with the Underworld, even though they are not making any effort of their own to go there, they will "freak out" in that fifth dimensional field.

    What? Someone else's condition can draw anyone down into the Underworld? Is this a new discovery? No. That was the real purpose of "sacrifice".

    Sacrifice doesn't actually mean giving up anything up that you don't want to give up. And the actual purpose of fasts and such deprivations was originally to make you psychotic, to wake up more that the normal 10% of the brain.

    Now we see why religious organizations are able to get away with "hearing voices" and such symptoms of psychosis that would justify the commitment of a lone citizen into a mental hospital gulag, indefinitely.

    It's unauthorized. It's real witchcraft. Soviet anthropologists defined witchcraft to be the unauthorized possession and or use of the secrets of the priestcraft. It's called schizophrenia today.
  8. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Link please. Or are you merely spouting nonsense? Let me guess...

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    More inane rambling. And as usual totally unsupported.
  9. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Citation needed.

    Citation needed.

    I know Cartesian geometry and I know a fair wack of high dimensional differential geometry. You're wrong.

    Citation needed.

    Citation needed.

    We use all of our brains, just not at the same time. The folding of our brains into the shape the human brain is is actually a marvel of evolution because without that our skulls would be more than twice as big and too large for the birth canal (and child birth, so I'm told, is painful enough as it is). Our brains make up less than 10% of our mass (3~5% I think) and yet use 20~25% of our energy intake. It is advantagous, on an evolutionary level, for us to 'turn down' the parts of our brains we aren't using in order to save energy. When you are constantly on the edge of starvation anything you can do to need less food (short of dying) is very useful. There is not any area of the brain which does not get used at some point but when you're using your memory your coordination goes down. When you're speaking you can't also think something different. If all our brain parts could turn one at once you could juggle while working out a maths problem you were told yesterday and hold a conversation but we can't. Even though we have ample food now (well, people in the Western world have too much) there's still biological issues with having all our brain cells working at full tilt all the time. The blood flow needed wouldn't fit in our necks and the temperature increase would kill us.

    The "We only use 10% of our brains" is ignorant of basic evolutionary facts and basic medical knowledge. Look up PET scans, they instantly disprove the claim.

    Because believing in all all hearing all knowing all watching overlord is nuts.
  10. alpert555 Registered Member

    Saved e-mail message

    From: alpert555@webtv.net(Michael*Alpert) Date: Mon, Feb 22, 2010, 7:02am (EDT-1) To: alpert555@webtv.net, alchemy61@yahoogroups.com Subject: Did the Jews Believe the Damned Became Nonexistent in Hell?
    ************Here are some answers I received. Thank you very much.
    ************Actually there is a world of fire in a fifth dimensional direction defined by Harvard quantum physicist professor Dr. Lisa Randall, who only defined the globally bent timespaces in terms of the gravitational and velocity analogues in mechanical engineering. ************But, the entropy production rate, EPR, analogue in thermodynamics shows that in globally bent timespaces with pi values less than e=2.718... everything is in flames, thus, the globally bent timespace with a pi value of e=2.718 is the fifth dimensional surface of the Lake of Fire.
    ************But, the Hindus and Buddhists know this, and call this fire world "Dharmaloka", and say that all those in it have a fire body called the "dharmakaya". They say that in here it is most probable to attain Nirvana, where "the drop returns to the Great Sea, undifferentiation, in other worlds, the attainment of nonexistence, called Liberation.
    ************Thus we see that there are two kinds of religionists, Liberationists, and Salvationists who have apparently lowered themselves to lying in order to bring in the cash, to maintain their Cadillacs, etc.
    ************A Cartesian coordinate system maps this hyperdimensional world. The X axis represents opposite polarities separated, the Y axis represents opposite polarities united and cancelled out, and the "origin" represents instant cancellation. ************As you approach the origin the polarity cancellation rate, which is identical with EPR, increases, and thus accesses the lower values of pi of the globally bent timespaces. ************Below flat timespace, with the familiar value of pi at 3.14159265..., has been called the Underworld. But, the problem is that as you descend into the Underworld the more powerful your mind becomes to materialize your visualizations as reality.
    ************In doing this you are not changing one world along a single time line, you are more easily traveling in the sixth dimensional direction to resonant timelines, the probability timelines revealed by Dr. Hugh Everett.
    ************Just knowing this makes you aware of this power. Those ignorant of this knowledge are as helpless as leaves in a river, but, they will soon go down into the fire world to, theoretically, cancel out into nothingness, fast. There is an orgy in the Lake of Fire.
    ************For those who know, down in so far, where every thought manifests, and those who know too much end up body switching backward and forward in time, for as much as a hundred years before finding a stable position again from which to start over. This unstable period is called "the aeon of failure", aioniu amartaematos", translated into English "eternal damnation", in the Greek New Testament. ************What are the polarities? The polarities are closed circuits of the one substance, E=Mc², in the one substance, E-Mc², counterclockwise (M), and clockwise (F). These are the entities, the "I's" of Dr. Douglas Hofstadter; but, circuits, not "strange loops".
    ************You are your prime polarity, your "self". And, where the English Bible says "deny self", the original Greek is "anaesthestho auton", cancel self, and that feels good. It is not depriving yourself.
    ************Where is God in all this? In 1John1:5 it says, "God is light". We know that light is energy. "In Him we live and move and have our being".
    ************In the universe there are two things, energy, and "information". In this living systems dynamics definition, "information" is defined to be "the conformation of energy". ************Like a sheet, energy; wrinkles in this sheet are information. Pull the sheet out, and the information disappears, it "perishes". The distance of the wrinkles from the flat surface define the eighth dimension.
    ************Pains are sharp spikes in this three dimensional graph, in the eighth dimension. The other two dimensions here are the ninth and the tenth dimensions. ************What happened to the seventh dimension? It is that distance between the X axis and the Y axis of our polarity cancellation graph. As opposite polarities merge, there is a rising frequency represented by colors ranging from red by the X axis to violet by the Y axis.
    ************Using a bouncing ball analogy, the floor could represent the Y axis. As the ball settles down on the floor it bounces faster and faster, with a higher frequency. ************If the ball is slapped it will again bounce to higher heights. This is done by our organism's negative feedback mechanisms to keep us alive.
    ************But, there is another phenomenon, self cancellation. If we have 5 polarities, like our prime polarity, merging with 4 opposite polarities, and there are no more opposite polarities around to compensate, our system here will self cancel from 5 to 4, green; to 4 to 3, yellow; 3 to 2, orange; 2 to 1, red; and, when our prime polarity, us, is alone, 1 to no opposite polarities, it is experienced as a painful white dot on a black background for a while. ************Then, the extreme voltage of the lone polarity ultimately attracts opposite polarities again. The Second Law of Thermodynamics guarantees it. You will notice this color process, of color progression, in the change colors of leave in the Autumn, when the cooler environment allows easier polarity cancellation. ************But, in flat timespace there are orthogonal separations from the opposite polarities possible, so that only unbalanced polarity cancellation can take place in those situations.
    ************You will find this color progression representing the progression of history in Rev. Jonathan Lawton Hammond's "THE GOD CODE and Creation". He puts the world of the damned in the infrared, as though such individually high voltages could be maintained. Tell me how that can be done do I can patent a battery that will never run out.
    **************"Did the Jews Believe in
    Eternal Torment?" was e-mailed to me after an inquiry. ************"Noting that we teach that the doctrine of everlasting torment was engrafted upon the doctrines of the Christian Church during the period of the apostasy, the great falling away which culminated in Papacy, some have inquired whether it does not seem, accordingto the works of Josephus, that this doctrine was firmly held by the Jews; and, if so, they ask, does it not seem evident that the early Christians, being largely converts from Judaism, brought this doctrine with them, in the very outstart of Christianity? We answer, No; the doctrine of everlasting torment sprang naturally from the doctrine of human immortality, which as a philosophic question was first promulgated in anything like the present form by thePlatonic school of Grecian philosophy. These first affirmed that each man contained a fragment of deity, and that this would prevent him from ever dying. This foundation laid, it was as easy to describe a place for evil-doers as for well-doers. But to the credit of those heathen philosophers be it recorded that they failed to develop, or at least to manifest, that depth of degradation from benevolence and reason and pity, necessary to paint, by word and pen and brush, such details of horrors and agonies as were soon incorporated into their doctrine, and a belief thereof declared "necessary to salvation" in the professed church of Christ. To appreciate the case, it is necessary to remember that, when the Christian Church was established, Greece stood at the head of intelligence and civilization. Alexander the Great had conquered the world, and had spread respect for Greece everywhere; and though, from a military point of view, Rome had taken her place, it was otherwise in literature. For centuries, Grecian philosophers and philosophies led the intellectualworld, and impregnated and affected everything.It became customary for philosophers and teachers of other theories to claim that their systems and theories were nearly the same as those of the Grecians, and to endeavor to remove differences between their old theories and the popular Grecian views. And some sought to make capital by claiming that their system embraced all the good points of Platonism with others which Plato did not see.
    Of this class were the teachers in the Christian Church in the second, third and fourth centuries. Conceding the popularly accepted correctness of the philosophers, they claimed that the same good features of philosophy were found in Christ's teachings, and that he was one of the greatest philosophers, etc. Thus a blending of Platonism and Christianity took place.This became the more pronounced as kings and emperors began to scrutinize religious teachings, and to favor those most likely to awe the people and make them law-abiding. While heathen teachers were truckling to such imperial scrutiny, and teaching an everlasting punishment for those who violated the laws of the emperors (who ruled as divinely appointed),we cannot suppose otherwise than that the ambitious characters in the church at that time, who were seeking to displace heathenism and to become the dominant religious power instead, would make prominent such doctrines as would in the eyes of the emperors seem to have an equal hold upon the fears and prejudices of the people. And what could be more to the purpose than the doctrine of the endless torment of the refractory?
    The same motives evidently operated with Josephus when writing concerning the belief of the Jews. His works should be read as apologies for Judaism, and as efforts to exalt that nation in the eyes of Rome and the world. It should be remembered that the Jews had the reputation of being a very rebellious people, very unwilling to be ruled even by the Caesars. They were hoping, in harmony with God's promises, to become the chief nation. Many rebellious outbreaks had occurred among them, and their peculiar religion, different from all others, came in for its shareof blame for favoring too much the spirit of liberty. Josephus had an object in writing his two principal works, "Antiquities" and "Wars of the Jews." He wrote them in the Greek language while living at Rome, where he was the friend and guest successively of the Roman emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian, and where he was in constant contact with the Grecian philosophers. These books were written for the purpose of showing off the Jewish people, their courage, laws, ethics, etc., to the best advantage before the Grecian philosophers and Roman dignitaries. This object is covertly admitted in his preface to his "Antiquities," in which he says:
    "I have undertaken the present work as thinking it will appear to all the Greeks worthy of their study....Those that read my book may wonder that my discourse of laws and historical facts contains so much of philosophy...However, those that have a mind to know the reasons of everything may find here avery curious philosophical theory." In a word, as a shrewd man who himself had become imbued with the spirit of the Grecian philosophers then prevailing, Josephus drew from the Law and the Prophets, and from the traditions of the elders and the theories of the various sects of the Jews, all he could find that in the most remote degree would tend to show:--
    First, that the Jewish religion was not far behind popular Grecian philosophy; but that somewhat analogous theories had been drawn from Moses' Law, and held by some Jews, long before the Grecian philosophers broached them.
    Secondly, that it was not their religious ideas which made the Jews as a people hard to control or "rebellious," as all liberty-lovers were esteemed by the Caesars. Hence he attempts to prove, at a time when virtue was esteemed to consist mainly in submission, that Moses' Law "taught first of all that God is the Father and Lord of all things, and bestows a happy life upon those that follow him, but plunges such as do not walk in the paths of virtue into inevitable miseries." And it is in support of this idea, and for such purposes, evidently, that Josephus, after saying: "There are three philosophical sects among the Jews; first, the Pharisees; second, the Sadducees, and third, the Essenes," proceeds to give an account of their three theories; especially detailing any features which resembled Grecian philosophy. And because the last and least, the Essenes, most resembled the doctrines of the Stoics and leading Grecian theories, Josephus devotes nearly ten times as much space to their views as to the views of both Sadducees and Pharisees combined. And yet the Essenes were so insignificant a sect that the New Testament does not even mention them, while Josephus himself admits they were few. Whatever views they held, therefore, on any subject, cannot be claimed as having Jewish sanction, when the vast majority of Jews held contrary opinions. The very fact that our Lord and the apostles did not refer to them is good evidence that the Essenes' philosophy by no means represented the Jewish ideas. This small sect probably grew up later and probably absorbed from Grecian philosophy its ideas concerning immortality and the everlasting torment of the non-virtuous. It should be remembered that Josephus was not born until three years after our Lord's crucifixion, and that he published his "Wars" A.D. 75 and "Antiquities" A.D. 93--at a time when he and other Jews, like all the rest of the world, were eagerly swallowing Grecian philosophy and science falsely so called, against which Paul warned the church.-- Col. 2:8; 1 Tim. 6:20.
    Josephus directed special attention to the Essenes because it suited his object to do so. He admits that the Sadducees, next to the largest body of Jewish people, did not believe in human immortality. And of the Pharisees' views he makes a blind statement, calculated tomislead, as follows: "They also believe that souls have an immortal vigor in them [this might be understood to mean that the Pharisees did not believe as the Sadducees that death ended all existence, but believed in a vigor or life beyond the grave--by a resurrection of the dead], and that under the earth there will be rewards and punishments, according as they have lived virtuously or viciously in this life; and that the latter are to be detained in an everlasting prison [death--not torture], but that the former [the virtuous] shall have power to revive and live again." Is it not apparent that Josephus has whittled and stretched the views of the Pharisees, as much as his elastic conscience would allow, to show a harmony between them and the philosophies of Greece? Paul,who had been a Pharisee, contradicts Josephus. While Josephus says they believed "that only the virtuous would revive and live again [Does not this imply a resurrection, and imply also that the others would not again, but remain dead, in the great prison--the tomb?]" Paul, on the contrary, says: "I have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow, that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust."-- Acts 24:15.
    We have no hesitancy about accepting the testimony of the inspired Apostle Paul, not only in regard to what the Jews believed, but also as to what he and the early Church believed; and we repeat, that the theory of the everlasting torment of the wicked, based upon the theory that the human soul cannot die, is contrary to both the Old and the New Testament teachings, and was introduced among Jews and Christians by Grecian philosophers. Thank God for the purer philosophy of the Scriptures, which teaches that the death of the soul (being) is the penalty of sin (Ezek. 18:20); that all souls condemned through Adam's sin were redeemed by Christ's soul (Isa. 53:10); and that only for wilful, individual sin will any die the Second death -- an everlasting punishment, but not an everlasting torment."
  11. alpert555 Registered Member

    Saved e-mail message

    From: alpert555@webtv.net(Michael*Alpert) Date: Mon, Feb 22, 2010, 6:23am (EDT-1) To: alpert555@webtv.net Subject: Re: What Causes Consciousness
    **************Consciousness is generally caused by an interference of energy by matter. In the case of animals, and humans, the magnetic circuit, of the one substance, E=Mc², in the one substance, E=Mc², which is the entity, has consciousness imposed upon it by the capacitance of the neuron walls of the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata.
    We know this from the effect of solvents, like ethanol (booze), acetone, etc., causing more neuron wall permeability and thereby allowing more undifferentiation.
    Our organization would value, very much, proof that "not every consciousness survives death".
    Gheorghe Rakoczy's cartesian coordinate system shows that we have to have portions of our being right up to the fastest polarity cancellation rates.
    These rates are identical with thermodynamic's entropy production rates, which are analogues of other means to access globally bent time-space, in which matter becomes subtle and invisible (soul and spirit?).
    Our organisms in bent time-space have matching organs, and the medulla neurons that impose consciousness causing being and consciousness after death. Has anyone here gone astral body traveling?
    But, all that exists can be graphed as being composed of polarities, so that, it is theoretically possible to become nonexistent. We welcome stronger proof.
  12. alpert555 Registered Member

    Saved e-mail message

    From: alpert555@webtv.net(Michael*Alpert) Date: Thu, Feb 25, 2010, 6:06am (EDT-1) To: alpert555@webtv.net Subject: The Law of Reciprocation (Karma)
    ************It is a mechanical fact that in the one substance, E=Mc², motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind. It is in this way that your karma comes back to you.
    It is a sure thing. What ever you say or do, etc., its effects are coming back to you. The only way out of it is to become nonexistent before it comes back to you. Then it will come back to where you would have been.
  13. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Did you do a degree in "Word Salad" or are you a self-taught nonsense creator?
    Frankly I'm amazed at your ability to string perfectly good English words together in such lengthy sentences and still fail to make any rational sense whatsoever.
  14. alpert555 Registered Member

    Saved e-mail message

    From: alpert555@webtv.net(Michael*Alpert) Date: Tue, Feb 23, 2010, 10:33pm (EDT-1) To: alchemy61@yahoogroups.com, alpert555@webtv.net Subject: Re: Knowable Information, Unknowable Energy
    ************The conviction behind the statement, "Information is the conformation of energy", that is made in "Living Systems" by Dr. James
    T. Miller, is that ENERGY itself is UNKNOWABLE.
    The conformations of energy, "information", like the M in E=Mc², that is, matter, particles, waves, etc. are conformations of energy, but not energy itself, or I should say, Himself.
    In 1John1:5 it says, "God is light", light is energy, God is energy.
    The First Law of Thermodynamics is, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed". Consciousness is caused by an interference of energy by matter, therefore, surely in eternity energy is conscious, God.
    You know light? God wants to be known. The perceptability of energy in such ways are the ways God presents Himself to us.
    Certainly the sound of our voice or appearance of our writing isn't us, but information from us. Energy itself remains unknowable.
    Only "information", the conformation of energy, is knowable. God went all the way to incarnate among us as Jesus Christ.
  15. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Yet you also stated that
    I.e. matter is energy (just "conformed").
    So you're effectively claiming that consciousness is caused by interfering with yourself?
    And here was me thinking it just made you go blind...
  16. alpert555 Registered Member

    Matter is actually not energy. Matter is the comformation of energy, "information". It's like, energy is represented by a cloth sheet. Wrinkle the sheet up, and, the wrinkles represent information, like matter.
    The energy from E=Mc² is the energy released that formally maintained the conformation, the information. If we were energy we would never sleep.
    Energy, having been made conscious by the matter it created, never sleeps. What came first? "The chicken or the egg?" Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy is eternal. There was never a beginning.
    It is seen that particles and antparticles are bubbling out of timespace all the time. Take the absolute isolation of the singularity of a Black Hole, and it is rastered into new dimensions which exert their oneness in one direction, which stirs closed circuitry.
    This closed circuitry, all going the same way, vO^XvO^, repels causing a Big Bang, and you have a new "universe", which is actually a world in an infinitude of worlds.
  17. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Then I suggest you check what the word "conformation" means.
    All you've stated is that matter is the way energy is arranged - i.e. it IS energy.


    Sheer nonsense, as previously pointed out.
    And how could energy sleep anyway?


    And you're back to meaningless word salad.
  18. alpert555 Registered Member

    The statement, "There are two things in the universe, energy, and information, the conformation of energy", was made by Dr. James T. Miller in his book "Living Systems". He had everything in the universe all summed up in a secular way.

    The mechanical fact that motion can only be in closed circuitry in an incompressible fluid necessitates that information be differentiated from energy in closed circuitry.

    Our entity is such a closed circuit. In order to totally undifferentiate it must line up to the Planck's distance with something confluent, the opposite polarity. This seems very improbable.

    But, the ambient pressure of repelling like polarities forces confluency, and this phenomenon is called attraction. This makes it much more probable.

    There is nothing smaller than Planck's volume, etc. If infinitessimality were possible there would be no granularity to cause significant interactions, friction, etc., between closed circuits, and, therefore there'd be no universe as we know it, and there'd be no consciousness.
  19. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    So what?
    And do you actually mean James GRIER Miller?


    More word salad...
    Where do you find this crap?

    Followed by a leap in the dark.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2010
  20. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Wrong. I'd explain but you're too stupid.
  21. alpert555 Registered Member


    In general systems dynamics, power equals effort times flow, which is the analogue of force times velocity in mechanics, voltage times current in electricity, temperature times entropy production rate (EPR) in thermodynamics, and of course, pressure times flow in hydraulics.

    But, power of the mind is will times imagination. Imagination takes the "flow" analogue. Matter cannot go at the speed of light. But, as matter approaches the speed of light, timespace gets bent globally around it so that its value of pi goes down.

    Gravitation has such an analogue so that at the event horizon of a Black Hole the value of pi is two. Inside a Black Hole the value of pi is less than two, and, it corresponds to velocities faster than light. Black Holes surpass the light speed equivalency.

    Electrical current may surpass the light speed equivalency. Now I don't mean that the electrons go faster than light. I mean that due to the mass of the current the light speed equivalency surpassed.

    Nikola Tesla used the electrical analogue in the Philadelphia Experiment to cause the USS Eldritch to surpass the electrical light speed equivalency and thereby to be teleported by probability transduction travel (probability is faster than light) not only faster than light, but anywhere tuned into, past, present, future, and all the probability time lines thereof.

    Crew members of the USS Eldritch who survived the Philadelphia Experiment claim to have had their "time locks" broken, and they wander from time line to time line sideways in time loose in the sixth dimension to time lines with different roots and histories, making their memories apparent "lies".

    Radionic machines work by changing time lines. Theoretically then, if you simply turn the dial of a time line changer you have broken your "time lock" for life, and will run into alternate histories.

    For that matter, "If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to this mountain move it shall be moved", you have gone to the time line where the mountain is elsewhere, you have traveled in the sixth dimension, and have supposedly broken your "time lock".

    What ever the discrepancy, it was that way on my time line.
  22. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Are you bucking for Crackpot of the Year?

    I've already pointed out that this is nonsense.

    Show us the maths.

    Pure crap.
    The Philadelphia Experiment was about degaussing warships: all of this "invisibility" and "teleportation" is specious drivel.

    Also wrong.
    I suggest you try reading what the crew members actually said, as opposed to what they have been claimed to say by the woo woo crowd.

    No they don't.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  23. alpert555 Registered Member

    Scienfic American has had several articles over the years teaching the mathematics of bent timespace.

    There was a potato farmer who had potato beetles in his field. He took a potato beetle, put it in the sampling cup of his radionic machine, turned the dials as he rubbed the rubbing plate, and, each time his finger "stuck", he left the dial he was turning at that number.

    Finally he came up with a number which he subtracted from the number of nines of which he had dials, for the complementary conjugate number. He then set the dials on that complementary conjugate number, and, all the potato beetles disappeared from his field.

    What actually happened is that he changed time lines to where there were no potato beetles in his field.

    The complementary conjugate number cancells out that represented by the the number. The ancient Greeks knew this with their number equivalents for every Greek letter.

    For example, the numerical sum for the word asthma is 251. It was said that asthma was caused by a lack of courage, and there was an herb that conferred courage, called courage, asphalea, which adds up to 748. Subtract 251 from 999 to get its complementary conjugate number, and you get 748, asphalea.

    It turned out that this herb, asphalea, diminisheds the immune system so that the renegade antibodies can't cause asthma, and the molecule of the active ingredient has been synthesized today into the modern drug Allegra, phenfexadine.
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