What is the 6th Dimension?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Xeno, Jul 23, 1999.

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  1. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    If the 4th dimension is space
    and the 5th dimension time,
    then what is the 6th dimension?
    What would dimensions 7 - 10 be?

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  3. Boris Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    Man, what the hay are you talking about??!!!

    Physically, space consists of three dimensions. In relativistic theories, time is the fourth dimension. Then there are the imaginary dimensions along which spacetime can get distorted. And some supersymmetry theories postulate even more dimensions. But <u>none</u> of it has anything to do with heaven, hell, or afterlife!!

    Stop pouring this nonsense all over the place!

    I am; therefore I think.
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  5. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    What the hey!?
    What I said had nothing to do with
    religion and stuff like that.
    I always thought that there were
    5 dimensions, but if what you're saying
    is true, which it probably is,
    then physically, space and time are
    one, thus there are only 4 dimensions.
    Okay then, I think I got it all
    straight. Thanks for the reply Boris.
    Oh, by the way, nothing I say is

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  7. Spook Guest

    By the way hate to break this to you, but there are more than three, and possibly 13 or more.
  8. Crisp Gone 4ever Registered Senior Member

    I have the feeling this could become a huge discussion

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    Anyway, it all depends on how you interpret the concept "dimension". If you interpret it as what we can experience (see, feel, ...), then there are only 4 (3 dimensions for space, one for time). Theoretically there are ofcourse plenty more (and I have seen the number 13 - and even more - appear alot there). But does it really make sense talking about "dimensions" we cannot experience ?

    I'd stick to 4 dimensions. Explaining what we see there is already difficult enough

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  9. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    Ok guys,
    I think I'll just add a little twist to
    this conversation:
    Thinking of dimensions in spiritual terms,
    is it possible that there are dimensions
    of existence (states of being) before
    the physical?
    Just as there are forms of existence
    after the physical in forms of spiritual,
    is it possible that there are forms of
    existence below the physical?

    Pretty screwed up, eh?

  10. Rands Registered Member

    Newer heard about the string theory? It says, that there can be up to 6 or 7 dimensions. these dimensions are very thin. It is imposible to prove them by conventional methods. Not yet.
  11. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    The superstring theory?
    (Theory about everything)

    Oh, that.
    I read it already.

    Big Deal, he can take using big words.
    What's wrong with that theory is
    that it's too self-centered around
    the 3rd dimension.

  12. Aloysius Registered Senior Member

    Dear Xeno,

    I'd be interested to learn more about string theory's "self-centeredness around the third dimension". Would you oblige us?
  13. MysteriesOfSpace Registered Member

    You're getting there. First of all, the String Theory isn't really needed in this discussion: while the String Theory relies on the existence of higher dimensions, the concept of higher dimensions does not rely on String Theory.

    I think the main problem in this thread is that we're simultaneously talking about different kinds of dimensions. Depending on what you're talking about, dimension can have different meanings. There are:
    • Spacial dimensions
    • Temporal dimensions
    • "Variable" dimensions

    In astrophysics, quantum physics, and theoretical physics, we usually talk about spacial dimensions. They are the dimensions we are most familiar with. We know of three: length, height, and depth. We live in these three, though there theoretically may be more spacial dimensions beyond the third dimension.

    In other physics and relativity, we usually talk about the combination of spacial and temporal dimensions. Temporal dimensions deal with time, which is usually called the fourth dimension. For example, in relativity, we speak of space-time, which is basically the combination and relation of the third dimension (space) and the fourth dimension (time). The extension of these dimensions is most likely what Dan/Xeno was talking about in his original post. Of course, since General Relativity supports the existence of the fourth dimension (space-time), it becomes likely that even higher dimensions exist beyond that (which, by the way, are supported by the String Theory).

    Variable dimensions are used in other sciences when graphing different sets of variables and data. I won't get into them here because it is obvious that they are not what Dan/Xeno was talking about.

    - Jeff Gerard -

    [This message has been edited by MysteriesOfSpace (edited August 16, 1999).]
  14. Aloysius Registered Senior Member

    A dimension, most generally, is an element of a vector whose elements are mutually orthogonal.

    Dig it.
    Be more fun if they weren't, though.
    Mutually orthogonal, I mean. Kinda messy though.
  15. Plato Registered Senior Member

    Just to add some flavor to the discussion, and to mess your minds up

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    : normally dimensions are what they call 'Natural numbers' but in fractal theory there are also forms who have real number dimensions, like 2.7 or 1.3 This means that for example a line can have so many holes in it that it doesn't really is a 1 dimensional structure anymore but more like a collection of points so that one can speak of a dimension between 0 (a point) and 1 (a line).

    we are midgets standing on the backs of giants,
  16. Matt D Skeptic Registered Senior Member

    Xeno, you really are a small mindless child aren't you. Can't write, can't
    spell and can't even come up with orignal ideas / theories:

    Ever heard of Michio Kaku? I think you have. It is quite blatently
    transparent a huge proportion of your postings have swiped his findings /
    research has mysteriously appered on your postings -and then you insist
    that you understand them and pass them off as your own?

    Anyone interested should try some of these posts. You may recognise some
    of it. I apologise for the space this post takes up and since I have only
    just gone online, I also apologise for not yet knowing how to paste links.
    I am but human, not a pure incandescent 10th dimensional asexual energy
    spike. Sorry.

    <A HREF="http://www.maximus.dircon.co.uk/

    " TARGET=_blank>http://www.maximus.dircon.co.uk/

    </A> <A HREF="http://www.greenleafpublications.com/stdlist_hl.html

    " TARGET=_blank>www.greenleafpublications.com/stdlist_hl.html

    </A> <A HREF="http://www.meru.org/science.html

    " TARGET=_blank>www.meru.org/science.html

    </A> <A HREF="http://www.wbaifree.org/explorations/mk-artcl.html

    " TARGET=_blank>www.wbaifree.org/explorations/mk-artcl.html

    </A> <A HREF="http://www.dorsai.org/~mkaku/mk-artcl.html

    " TARGET=_blank>www.dorsai.org/~mkaku/mk-artcl.html

    </A> <A HREF="http://www.flash.net/~csmith0/hyper.htm

    " TARGET=_blank>www.flash.net/~csmith0/hyper.htm

    </A> <A HREF="http://www.khouse.org/articles/update/hyperspace.html

    " TARGET=_blank>www.khouse.org/articles/update/hyperspace.html

    </A> <A HREF="http://www.salemctr.com/newage/snac21.html

    " TARGET=_blank>http://www.salemctr.com/newage/snac21.html

    Alternatively, you could go to one of your facourite search engines and
    type either of the follwing: Xeno's plagiarism home page /
    Unable-to-think-for-oneself.com / I'm-cleaning-my-teeth.mum /
    I-got-an-"A"-at-1hand.typing.com / Pass-thetissues.com

    You know it to be so
  17. Xeno Registered Senior Member


    shut up. What is the point of you
    posting all these pointless messages
    up. Besides, what is all this accomplishing
    you?... that you're the official
    jack*ss of the billboard as well as
    the official jerk.

    Since when have you had anything
    to say.

    No good views, no good points, nothing
    good to say; perhaps you are the mindless
    one on here.

  18. Phantasm66 Registered Member

    Since time is the 4th dimension, it might be possible that the 5th dimension could be probability, or coexisting realities (alternate universes, which have almost identical, but not completely identical, histories to our own (another universe just like this, where the paper clip was never invented, etc.))

    Some scientists have suggested that higher dimensions may share some of our dimensions with us, for example they may share our height and width but not our time. Or they may exist in the same time but have no comprehension of our three dimensions of physical space. Indeed, it may be possible that life there (if there is any) experiences our perceptions of time AS height, or width as time, and in their dimension this makes perfect sense in the same way that getting older makes perfect sense to us.

    Or that might be a lot of crap that comes into your head when you've been smoking dope. It is hard to say.
  19. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    I'll try to go slowly now instead
    of just blasting a bunch of things
    into one post.

    Anyway, there are many meanings to the
    word dimension. Analysts,
    anti-religious skeptics, and scientists
    think of dimensions in scientific
    perspective using mathematical terminology.
    Ok, mathematical terminology might not
    always be used, but I've seen it used
    a couple of times before.

    I think of dimensions differently.
    Perhaps I should refer to them as
    densities or states of existence.
    Basically, a dimension is something
    higher and more complex than the
    last. In example, 3 dimensions are
    higher and more complex than the

  20. Matt D Skeptic Registered Senior Member

    So what you are saying is that you have no idea what even the first 3 are but then swiped the rest from the above links. I see now. It is clear Obi Wan.

    You know it to be so
  21. PsychoProgeriaK Registered Member

    I've always thought that Dreams were the 5th dimension and are mainly from our subconscious mind which can contain messages.

    Although during dream time we are on the 5th dimension we are still connected to the physical body by a silver cord. This silver cord makes it possible for us to return to our bodies; it is like elastic that stretches for miles and never breaks.

  22. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

  23. Reiku Banned Banned

    First of all, this is all wrong. The first three dimensions are space coordinates in real time, and the fourth dimension is an imaginary dimension of space which really is time itself.

    There we have normal Einsteinean spacetime, with 3+1 dimensions of spacetime. The fifth dimension is a bit more stranger. It directly interacts with electromagnetic charges in spacetime, and if something was able to move about in this dimension, things woulds contract to the size of a superstring and then back again. Even stranger still is that they haven't gone anywhere at all!

    In the sixth dimension, are supermicroscopic universes, or at least, this is what Hyperspace predicts. In other words, baby universes are curled up into infinitesimal sizes in the sixth dimension of spacetime.

    I don't know about the seventh...
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