What is 'Heat'?

Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by Bishadi, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Bishadi Banned Banned

    perhaps look into the works of roger bacon, newton, maxwell

    from radio all the way to gamma..... the cross of electric and magnetic fields at perpendicular planes.....
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  3. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    OK, I take it you mean electromagnetic waves in the IR range by "em(light)"

    I have already explained that IR radiation, despite often being called "heat" as in "heat lamp" is not heat. Heat is low quality energy which can only partially be converted into high quality energy. Not in practice, but in principle IR energy can be converted nearly 100% into other forms of high quality energy. The conversion is NOT limited by the Carnot equation as conversion of heat is. Except for the "black body" (or grey body) radiation distribution of radiant energy there is not even a temperature associated with radiant energy. Heat normally has a temperature associated with it (It is difficult to to avoid a Maxwell /Boltzman distrubution of particle energies in a heat source)

    The first "lasers" were called "Masers" as they produced microwave energy, (The very first used NH3, as I recall. One of the most efficient is uses CO2 and radiates 10.6 microns as I recall.) then IR energy and finally visible light lasers were made. (I believe not only are there now a few UV stimulated emision source known, but even X-ray "lasers" have been demonstarted. (Teller wanted to put one in space as part of Regean's "Star Wars") Microwaves can not only in principle, but in practice, be converted into DC power with very high efficiency. Serious proposals exist to place solar cells in orbit for continuous collection of higher intensity (more than full noon at sea level, 24hours/ day) solar energy with the energy converted to microwaves and then beamed down to "rectennias" on earth for new type of power stations.

    Certainly microwaves are not "heat" nor is any EM wave, IR radiation included. Heat is only as I defined it in prior post.

    You, I think, are confusing what the physicist calls heat with the physiological experience that can be achieved by IR or only visible light being absorbed on your skin. That higher quality radiant energy is degraded into heat in your body when it is absorbed but was not heat. To call it heat is the same error as calling the electric power that can be converted into low quality energy in a resistor "heat." Both electic power and radiant energy can be converted into low quality energy, called heat, but neither is heat.

    I AM VERY FAMILIAR WITH MAXWELL'S EQUATIONS, having solved defined boundary condition problems related to reflection, polarization, Bruester's angle determination, etc., calculated the sink depth of various conductors, derived the laws of refraction from them, etc. I never was very good at antenna theory. - That is almost an art, even though Maxwell's equation are fine for simple geometries, but not for the typical TV antenna.
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  5. Bishadi Banned Banned

    light is just the term to cover the whole spectrum

    ever notice the inversed square rule and how it applies to light; the size of the wave is opposite to the measured state of the energy

    such is the same to tap a surface to a flat pond. At the impact the wave is at its greatest but affecting the smallest portion of mass but then as it rolls through medium the amount of mass imposed is exponentially increased

    i.e... the energy is not equilibriating. It is entangling more mass. The energy is still there, it didn't just chaotically vanish (remember conservation)

    So as one may define entropy to be single direction, it can be said, the 'growth' or increase of mass is positive.

    that is why i say the first laws shares the 2nd law is missing something; half of the equation; think causality or simply the cat in the box. To know the out come of the experiment requires observance to the conception and all parts in between

    so it is not that and 'uncertainty' exists but that the parameters are incomplete

    yet at 98.6 that lightly heated mass (life) can cause mountains to move

    how can that occur?

    ie...... the reality is not to think of mass and energy as rocks and the sun

    but to observe that energy has intent which is proven by life (rule: life; purposd to continue)

    To go a little deep; that initial cause has been defined throughout history as being from God, or in the real old periods; the sun is that spark to all life; the light of life

    then to really go esoteric; an idea (human conscious/mind) is simply a new shade of light.

    that'll piss off every pizza reheating guy during monday night football

    Physiology is what is important, not building a particle accelerator or looking to the stars and then state the universe is composed of 75+% of dark crap that doesn't exist. (because the math will not comply with the observations)

    Life is what the science were born from (we as a species 'created' the concept); perhaps to understand how existence works, life must be addressed.

    In fact, life is what did reveal how it all works. The understanding of how energy affects mass and thereby to associate.


    The heat of mass, is the energy upon the mass; be it resonant, momentum or held in time (mass)........... in every case, in all action and association from atom to atom.......... HEAT is of em(light).

    energy is em and em is what allows all this http://flux.aps.org/meetings/YR98/BAPSDPP98/abs/S6500.html to occur

    it is not me being narrow minded, it is that in order to comprehend the whole scope, the understanding energy must change

    i already have; time for the wave to entangle more mass
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  7. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    Sorry - I thought you were interested in learning about heat.

    Are you a sock-pupet for that guy who was argueing that "life had purpose," evolution was not by chance mutations, but working toward that purpose, etc?

    You are free to preach your POV but there are better forums than this one in Science / Chemisrty section for that. I will not respond more here..
  8. Bishadi Banned Banned

    It's OK no need to apologize.

    Lamp-chop? well .... yeehhas

    Something like 'evolution'? Or purely put, to be capable of understanding the mechanics of how from atoms and energy as the based constituents to a living structure actually works.. Well .... yeehhas

    Remeber Gets Smart; chaos looses.

    ie.... if any read the laws of thermodynamics they can see for themselves that the first law makes the second law moot.

    such that if entropy was pure then what started the action? Good accounting means keeping track of the figures.

    Idiots of chance will never balance and what schroadingers cat analogy was all about.

    Chance, chaos and uncertainty is for the simple minded; and has nothing to do with how mass and energy evolved into a life.

    So if knowledge evolves, then chaos would be the tangents for the ignorant!
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  9. Bishadi Banned Banned

    Wonder how many guests are actually questioning and using the points

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