What have you learned about women?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by zanket, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Are you implying that men and women are equally subservient? After laughing at the fact that women had political influence in ancient Greece?

    Oh -- and love is not so much a weakness as it is the effect of a weakness, ie, being vulnerable and maleable(especially sexually). This is why men are weak to the seduction of women. You're looking at it backwards.

    I know how difficult it is for existentialists to admit they have more in common with Judaism then against it.

    Point taken. For example, I know you'll likely slaughter me in this debate the way you usually slaughter your victims. Not because you're necessarily right, but the fact that your abstruse knowledge of philosophy and history can be easily manipulated to win *any* argument.

    In wrestling, I don't need to use technique or chess-skills to beat my opponent. Instead, I use my endurance and freakish strength. If I can combine the two, I'll become unbeatable, and the only way I can do that is by loosing (maybe half the match) against people that have both. Next time I meet them, they may not be so lucky..

    Admit that self-betterment, if even subconsciously comes down to the instinct of pro-creation!

    Okay, you're right. You know it and so do I. --I don't know very much about sociobiology or evolutionary psychology. Pretty obvious. Consider this my first honourable action (and try to unearth something even more dishonourable.)

    Be honourable and tell me your biggest flaws?

    Its even more amusing that a learned woman thinks she understands the way I think.

    I didn't know he fled from a brothel in terror

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    D,) but:

    Not to say that I agree with all of his points, but he does make good generalizations when it comes to the common bleach-blond 'bitch'.

    Nietzsche, I think, was afraid of women because he understood something about them. He saw the praying mantis half. The part of a woman that wants to consume their mate alive and use the bones to make soup for her offspring.

    THAT explains it :m: He thought they were conniving nationalists and socialists with an evil agenda...

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    Thankyou for sharing you knowledge.

    EDIT again:
    If you could be any animal listed below, what kind of animal would you be:

    a) praying mantis
    b) Minke
    c) Tortiose
    d) Shark
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  3. Xev Registered Senior Member

    In love, I'd say men are even more so.
    There's no contradiction between the two statements.
    Political power is generally based on physical strength and ability at manipulation. Men are naturally better at this, although there are notable exceptions like Elizabeth I of England or Catherine the Great of Russia.

    No, love is a weakness.
    Love is often linked to the sex urge, but only an idiot would claim that the two are inseperable. That is, love is not the effect of being sexually vulnerable but something else.

    Existentialism is a nothing term.

    Of course.

    Good boy, now shut up about them.

    Why, love of course.
    And the need for entertainment. I should be wrapping presents, but this is way more hilarious.

    What's absolutely hilarious is that a little Jew is trying to show superiourity to a woman of Nordic descent.

    What evidence is there that Nietzsche feared women at all?

    I think Freddy might have been fonder for the gender as a whole if he'd seen the praying mantis half.
    It was pettiness and shallowness that he seems most repulsed by, yes?

    (If you've even read Nietzsche, which I question, and if you've understood Nietzsche, which I don't even bother to question)

    I'd be a worm that gnaws on the foul corpses of the dead.
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  5. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Maybe from your perspective. You seem like the dominating type that wouldn't have it any other way.

    And actually, there is a contradiction, because if women weren't subservient in ancient Greece, they'd have either been half the cause, or the propenents of peace. So.

    If love had a beginning then it must have an end. What causes love? Now I'm no expert on behavioural psychology but I do know that certain types of people clique. Sexual attraction is the difference between loving somebody and merely liking them, because sex is a spiritual experience in the neurochemical sense. Only an idiot would claim it be wholly physical without having an effect on the relationships of people. Example -- I can't have sex with my friends and pretend like nothing happened. Especially my friends. You're views of the other person changes when you see them naked.

    You can continue loving someone if you've created something together which you both love which is the direct result of the instinct to procreate and live on in ideas and genetics. Could be a field of science, kids, life accomplishments. Sexuality is only a minor piece of the desire to live on (which I should have been more clear about.)


    I'm not just a Jew. I'm a Jewish moor and we could kick your Nordic asses at anything

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    For the half that he didn't understand, he saw as a riddle. The only solution to that, is pregnancy. He gave me a really good laugh with that one, but in a way, I can empathize (I don't have any kids BTW..way too young for that).

    The bleach blond bitch. Yes, but combine that with the predatorial praying mantis half and you'd be fearful too.

    For the last few months, I've been reading a little of his work. I bought the basic writings book. Got up to part III of Zarathustra(from the libary), read a few chunks of BGAE and a teensy bit of the Birth of Tragedy. I also read - from the library - a couple of chunks of the will to power which I like more that BGAE.

    I even used that part of 'what Europe owes to the Jews' as a clever snippet in an essay on 'Night'. Yes, I have a shitload of difficulty understanding him, but I'm getting better. Can you honestly say that you fully comprehend him?


    I can't say I've ever eaten corpse before, but I discriminate against all foods that have been in the ground for more than week.

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    I guess it would be nice to eat something and not know the difference.
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  7. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Dominent? Oh fucking hell, you're so off it's hilarious.
    If I was, and not so over-tender and gentle, do you think I would have arrived at my conclusions?
    It is only those capable of inflicting that tormenting joy of loving a man (or woman) who is always cold, always strong and never responds to our affections that can afford to make vauge, romantic statements.
    Those most capable of love are those least capable of sentimental luxury.

    No Elbaz, it's the woman who professes that she is soft, loving and gentle who is going to get you by the balls.

    As I mentioned, it is not love that creates political inequality.

    Neurochemical experiences are physical experiences.
    In any case, most people have the experience of fucking people they don't care about, don't care for, and won't even see again. Does one "love" a one-night screw? Of course not.

    Only insidiously. Certainly, the Jews are capable of much insidious poisioning.

    The half that he didn't understand are the ones who don't buy into all the cultural bullshit about what it means to be a women.
    And that's only the solution society thinks would work.

    But Nietzsche was not fearful.
    Besides, Nietzsche was not a pussy like you. He liked predators, thought they were interesting.
    Sexual predators (I don't mean rapists, but manipulators) are fascinating.

    We don't ever fully comprehend what we are.

    I liked the metaphor because it sounded morbid. I like wolves and dolphins, but if I had to be an animal besides human I'd be a bonobo, because all they do is fuck and eat fruit and roots all day.
  8. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    So you'd like a man to 'tame' you as he would a wild cat? I can understand that. But traditionally, its the men who are domesticated.

    So you're saying that I'm weak when it comes to women? Now that is fucking hilarious.

    Physical experience don't have the same implication as neurochemical or 'spiritual' ones. Would you compare the first time you 'did it' or got high, to your last mosquito bite? The first two stay with you for the rest of your life (if you can remember the second,) and the third had no lasting effect on your mind. In a way, the mosquito was screwing you, but thats about as far as a on night stand goes. So its irrelevant. Two mosquito's sucking the blood out of eachother is not neurochemical.

    Hahaha. priceless. For all the laughs I've given you, you've given me twice as many.

    I should turn this into a thread:
    Who would win? - A Jewish Moor, or a Nordic dominatrix?

    I've never met that kind of a woman. I've met the subservient one. The praying mantis one. Bleach-blond one. The one who tries to find meaning in life by becoming a man and the one who spends her life trying to figure out what it means to be a woman. But never that kind.

    But then I've never met that kind of a man either.

    BTW, what does it mean to be a woman?

    I think he was. He liked to talk about shit. He knew exactly how a person should act towards society and women, but he was never able to accomplish ANY of those things. Nietzsche was a pussy. Its possible that I am as well, not because I don't find predators interesting (I do), but because I don't walk nakedly around them as prey would.

    What makes you think I'm not a sexual manipulator?

    What do you find interesting about the sexual manipulator type(I'm curious here)?

    Ah, but we can learn a lot from the reactions of others. Its not impossible to have self-awareness, but maybe undesirable to some.

    You could do that as a human, only you'd be so self-aware that it would disgust you. Personally, I'd like to be a minke because swimming under water all day is a very contemplative, carefree existance where there arent many noises and plenty of sea creatures to snack on. like being in a womb. swimming is fun.

    YOU consider yourself to be over-tender and gentle? ha. Would two ICBM's instead of breasts make you feel less so?
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2003
  9. Xev Registered Senior Member

    No, I'd like a man to be my lover and firebomb strip-malls with me.
    I don't see relations as strictly dominence/submission.
    You do, but this is because you're a member of a culture that has suffered slavery and persecution for too long.

    No, I'm not. Merely making an observation.
    If you're not hard when it comes to women, you should probably get a prescription for Viagra anyway.

    Uh, last I checked chemicals were physical substances. Did you think they were made of phlogiston?

    I'm not a dominatrix, don't project your silly little fantasies.
    I'm not educated either, for chrissakes I'm a high school dropout.

    And I'm not strictly Nordic - got some Slav in me too.

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    Ah. But then, the inferiour can only sense superiourity. Actually recognizing it is another story.

    Who gives a shit?

    How foolish. Nietzsche saw through women, saw through society and saw through morals.
    Having that ability, why would he want sucess with women, society or morals?

    Once you've recognized how pathetic your opponent is, why would you want aknowledgement from them?

    That's not weakness, that's sense.
    Besides, Nietzsche was a fucking babe. He didn't need to learn how to act around women to get laid - unlike a little adolescent Jew might.

    The fact that you're a seventeen year old boy.

    Emotionlessness. Pure egotism. The ability to form relationships with other humans and yet not care about or for any of them.

    Awareness and comprehension are different. At the end of the day, one simply is.
    The self-aware know what they are.

    Minks are smelly. Then again, they probably don't smell so bad to each other.

    You know the ending of La Boheme, where Rodolfo is crying for Mimi?
    I can't listen to that without crying like a baby.

    Do you mean ICBMs?
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2003
  10. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Actually, the only reason I suggested that was because I thought, with your philosophy you'd prefer to be the 'master,' in a relationship where one uses, and the other gets used. A symbiot thing. You then took the opposite position. Now you're taking a different one. So I guess what you really want is a relationship where theres nothing to give and take except affection? Those usually end badly..

    And another thing is that I'm nothing like my culture. When I go on the youth group trips, I get a long with no one,(with the excpetion of a few girls.) I think the chief counsler hates me. I only had one friend at my Jewish dayschool (until grade 4)and that was a temporary thing. Its caused a lot of tension between myself and my parents. Anyways, being Jewish does not mean you have to be assimilated by the culture.

    Could you clarify your observation a little?

    Certain chemicals have a permanent affect on the mind, while others are temporary. Everything is essentially physical, just at different degrees. A spiritual experience is something so physical that it has a lasting effect on the way you percieve the world. IE, doing it with someone who you will see again.

    Don' excuse your inferiority to my moors. I'm not strictly Moor either. I've got a mix of Austrian and Russian blood in me.

    Name a woman who has been completely independant from cultural bullshit. Heck, name a man. Anybody who says they are is a liar.

    I do, because I don't think you fully comprehend what it means to be a woman, as you claim.

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    Bullshit. He let women, society and morals conquer him. Remember, he went insane? The one real relationship he had with a woman (well that threesome,) ended up crumbling. Unlike Zarathustra, he spent the rest of his life as a hermit, and morality..well, I don't think we can say he ever freed himself from that. The man always had undertones that he could never kill.

    And his homosexuality never had a chance to express itself either.

    When you chop somebody down to their flaws, everyone is pathetic. To claim you are less so is, as you said, an acknowledgement of inferiority.

    I can get laid off of looks alone. But thats not exactly what I want. What I want is a decent girl who won't grab my balls and put a gun to my head. That type is much harder to get. They often clique with the opposite - asshole type personality - while guys like myself get stuck around people who turn out to be bitches (depending on how long they hide themselves); I've found You need to be proactive against those things.

    seventeen year old *man*/womanizer. 18 in february.

    And you think that makes them superior??

    Dolphins are way too social.

    Nope, don't know 'La Boheme'. But if its anything like Madame Butterfly, then maybe I can relate a little(except for the crying part which I just don't do.) Pinkerton (Weezer) moved me more than just about anything else. Not kidding

    But I'm no pussy..

    EDIT to add: Still, being able to cry does not make you a gentle creature. It simply means you're able to feel emotion, or if you want to talk physically, means you have an overacive adrenal cortex (?). Not to project it onto you, but sometimes its the most thoughtless and cruel people who cry the most.
    Yes. But if ICMS's float your boat, just the same

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    Last edited: Dec 25, 2003
  11. Joeman Eviiiiiiiil Clown Registered Senior Member

    What I learned about women is do not piss them off. It's just not worth it. Don't fight with them either because you can't win.
  12. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    You can win.
  13. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    A woman is usually the one putting herself in the position to be "caught"; there never is really a "chase".

    Women have a vagina. It and areas around it are highly errogenous.

    Most if not all, are as mentally fucked up as us-- men.

    You can never be in control unless you allow her to feel that she is, at least fundamentally, in control. If you do not provide this visage, she will be seeking control.

  14. Bells Staff Member

    Ermmm eh? Why the need to have control? So you think to keep the little woman happy it is best to let her think she has control? The notion of the man letting the woman THINK she has control is so sexist it's not even amusing. Does it make you feel like a big man if you let her think she has control? Do you strut like a rooster as you let the little woman think she's in control? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Because from here, you are just making yourself sound like a ermmmm... well nevermind, I don't want to be rude

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    Men have penis'. It and areas around it are highly sensitive to being struck with a blunt object. Imagine that

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    . And women, unlike men, do not think with their sex organs but with their brains.

    And as for the thought of women putting themselves in a position to be caught, ermmm Hed, I think you need to stop hanging out with girls in primary school. Hed, I think you need to grow up a bit and actually get to know some women (aside from your mummy that is). I think the only visage is that you actually THINK that you know or have learnt anything from or about women.

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  15. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    :bugeye: I didn't really think it would be this good.

    One down, two to go.

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  16. The Marquis Only want the best for Nigel Valued Senior Member

    Oh for gawd's sake fountainboy - are you letting them know you're having fun again? Who's the dependant hmm?
  17. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    Aussie fool:

    I meant everything I said.
  18. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    commitment to trust
    keeping your word
    being honest

    self development
    intellectual evolution
    personal growth

    what most people lack is self control in these issues
    so seek to gain control of other things that are easyer
    which is most often other people or animals
    money is also represented in this manner along with property and possesions
    and is related to things like work-a-hollic type habits and- selfishness and shallow emotional value and ability
    -things that remove the focus away from personal issues that seem too difficult to change

    this is a big one
    it is closely associated with emoitional relationships
    and is inter-connected to trust and personal development
    these things are achived through control of ones own ability to change

    there are several social myths and saysing that support the concept of not changing because that is the easyest thing to do ... being lazzy
    there are certain methods that people use to nurture their children and others they come in contact with to reinforce these negative aspects toward personal growth

    these negative aspects and lazzy and retarded ways of interaction and attempting to foster in others is most often represented well in the way a person views the concept of love
    and how they show emotional communication or more precisely lack of it or aversion to it

    so those that think love is a something that only brings negative responses are just not yet developed enough to deal with all that is required to choose a person who is more likely to be similar in personal growth and maturity,
    and also not ready to develop themselfs in that way either
    most stumble at such a evolutionary point and dwell within it for a majority of their lifes..
    through society presures and such like things that have been manifested in a manner that forces them to try to not show/feel or express emotion in any way, aside from the normal materialistic and monetary manners of acceptable social displays

    it is easyer to dislike soemthing than to like it because that is the way people have been raised by their parents and society presures around them to maintain that level of pathalogical self reinforcement

    why not dare to ask yourself the question,
    what is pathalogical behaviour?

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    Last edited: Dec 25, 2003
  19. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Fucking. Priceless.
  20. Joeman Eviiiiiiiil Clown Registered Senior Member

    Erogenous I thought.
  21. Xev Registered Senior Member

    How would you know? You're seventeen.

    Ah, you are.
    Your attempt to distance yourself from your culture is noble, if common, but it fails.

    Not according to Websters:

    Spiritual \Spir"it*u*al\, a. [L. spiritualis: cf. F. spirituel.
    See Spirit.]
    1. Consisting of spirit; not material; incorporeal; as, a
    spiritual substance or being.

    Try to use accepted meanings.

    There is hope for you yet.

    Doesn't follow, superiourity is relative.

    How would you know?
    I doubt you've even had sex with a woman, and if you even have pubes the hair is probably longer than your dick.
    You are, after all, Jewish.

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    I was not aware that teritiary syphilis was caused by morality or society, and the role of woman is only of carrier.

    There is, of course, no evidence for Nietzsche's alleged homosexuality. The claims are simply the disturbed ramblings of mediocre and vengeful souls.

    Your relationship woes are uninteresting.

    Ah, so you're seventeen AND A HALF.
    My little sister did the same thing when she was seven and felt she was too young. Cutest darned thing.
    I do hope nobody shatters your illusions too fast. Women can be cruel.

    No, only interesting.
    I find the manipulative and callous to be fascinating specimens, wheras you look up to them in awe. I was a little simular at your age, but when you grow up you'll realize how meaningless and weak the type is.

    Why not?
    You like the idea of my being some cruel, Nordic mistress. I bet this exchange is fueling a lot of your little fantasies.
    You're cute and funny. I hope the world isn't too rough with you.
  22. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    In all my life, I've only had 3 relationships like that (the good kind.)

    The first was in grade 1 or 2(can't remember which). I accidentally broke her arm. End of story.

    The second was when I was in grade 6 and she moved away. No doubt, she probably went on to be influenced by the likes Brittney spears.

    The third is about to happen. I'm graduating this year so I can already tell you how its going to end.

    Let me tell you something: I really, really am different.

    I'm sure you know when Nietzsche says that thing about offering a kid a choice between being virtuous, and being strong? And the kid who gets offered to be strong stares at you 'wide eyed'?

    Well, I was the kid that wanted to be virtuous. I really tried to learn the Torah and be Virtuous, give Tzedacah and fit in with my culture. But I couldn't. The more I tried, the more distanced I became. Now I've quit trying. Being strong is working out much better.

    Oh -- and the kids at Jewish summer camp are not what you'd expect. They do not stay up late memorizing talmud like the stereotypical Jew. And neither do I.

    Thats why I used it in the 'neurochemical' sense. You know exactly what I'm talking about, but don't want to admit it

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    Well, if we're going to throw absolutes out the window, you may as well forget the idea that one can become completely independant from cultural bullshit. I still win.

    I've had pubes since 12, which unsurprisingly haven't outgrown my dick, and believe me, I know my way around a woman. If you have any doubts, meet me at the Mikvah

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    Tertiary syphillis is no excuse for the breakup of a threesome, a life as a hermit or the prejudice undertones he kept in his writing. He was already broken by the morals of society.

    Perhaps. You know more about him than me. But looking at his mugshot, with that handlebar moustache, and the super-serious expression, you have to admit the possibility that he wanted to get spanked.

    You're just saying that.

    17 and 3/4. actually -- I just wanted to emphasize the fact that I am very much a man, and only a quarter years away from it being official.

    Actually, I don't stare at them in awe or find them to be fascinating. I feel a little reprieve for them knowing that my own life could be worse.

    I already realize that the manipulator is weak and meaningless. Oh and -- I thought we already established that I am a man.

    When I saw your name days ago, I used to think of a lizard with a whip, holding a gun and commanding all of the prisoners to get into your car. Now I only can only picture one of those big Valentines day hearts, or you nursing the prisoners back to health. You've crushed my fantasies, Xev.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    As a matter of fact, I like it when the world is rough with me. It can be fun, if you haven't learned the pleasure of winning a good wrestling match -- You feel like your about to puke halfways, but once the ref raises your hand, you just want to let back your head and cream your pants. I bet You've only lived this dream through Tyler Durden.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got 12 kilometres to run...
  23. Bells Staff Member

    LMAO!! Oh god this is so funny, it's bordering on sad. Xerxes, you don't get to know your way around a woman. She's not a town or city with roads and streets. We don't come with maps where by you can negotiate the highways and one way streets

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    . Not every woman is the same, and therefore by saying you know your way around women, you should really be saying you approximately know what a woman looks like anatomically.

    Ok, this statement had me laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for that. All I can say to that is that you have a lot to learn. A whole lot. You're but a tiny babe in the woods. I can barely remember being 17 and 3/4, but one thing I do remember is that there was no way in hell I'd classify myself as a woman at that age. Age does not make you a man little boy. Life and life's experiences does, and frankly, after reading your posts in this thread, it is obvious that you haven't lived life long enough to classify yourself as a man. Your statement above about you knowing your way around women proves that.

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