What do girls want?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by spidergoat, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    And he can breathe through his ears

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  3. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    So, possibly my final post in this topic, I wanted to point out how ridiculous it is that my thread about the American school system is emotionally accused of being self-centered. What kind of argument is that anyway? Its merely a character attack and emotional shaming. Going to the doctors when you are sick is self-centered, but it is not shamed, why because it is not part of some orchestrated character attack. It only occurs during bouts of pithyness when one is desperate to accuse the other of imagined flaws.

    My thread about the American school system was in the hopes of improving america, instead I get spat in my face and told I am a bad person for wanting to improve the schools of America, this is the level of hysteria I am dealing with. The internet is often so toxic and there are so many negative and judgey people.

    So if you want a deeper peek into my morality, here are some of my moral views.

    I am against all forms of genital mutilation, by the way.

    I am not Team America, Moral Police but I am not some third-world savage either. I am more or less a balance. Next, rant and rave about how I used the word savage, and how a bad, terrible person I am for saying the word savage in this PC goodie-two shoes word arena. Even though you consider their way of life to be savage but you'll say crap like "Hate the action, not the person." Meanwhile you go on crusades of hate and character attacks based on your grandiose paranoid assumptions and fallacies and dump all your hateful energy on some person.

    So usually in these cases, when I post on an internet boards about how I am against ALL forms of genital mutilation, some punk will come up to me and accuse me of being an MRA and how dare I stand up for males, that how dare I compare FGM to circumcision and that I am a fool, moral hypocrit, for standing up for male rights and saying its wrong to stand against circumcision, and then spam all the numerous health benefits of why consent is completely irrelevant in regards to the male specie.

    So when I am accused of being an MRA I take it with a grain of salt as it is emotional hyperbole. I feel no shame in standing up for men's rights. I ought to stand up for men's rights. The hyperbole is the association that by standing up for men's rights, this somehow means that I support every common tenet of most MRA's which is ridiculous hyperbole. I haven't even read or studied their tenets long enough to even know which one's I agree with and support.

    Do you actually believe the sewage you spew or do you just write it so you can read it and feel proud of yourself.

    Obvious, its common sense that females should get paid the same amount of money for a job as a male. It is simple common sense...you do a job, you get paid the wages. But of course on the internet Hyperbole and paranoid delusions reign supreme, "everyone i dont like is hitler", and if you don't agree with me fully then you are some evil arch nemisis neocon who is out to ruin the planet and rob us females of our naturally owed wages...get out of here with that nonsense.

    Now as far as MRA's go, yes generally in America males are generally treated as worthless human beings. Generally it is socially viewed as funny if a man gets rejected on a woman, this is viewed as a punchline. Then if a man wants love he is socially shamed as "needy" or "clingy" as if it is morally wrong to wish to be treated on the same level as a female. Among other males he is bullied for expressing any sort of feelings or dressing in clothing outside the acceptable normal parameters. Then he is told he must "work hard" and get his "confidence" if he wants a girlfriend, as if life is some shallow stupid macho workout comedy. Society has historically viewed males as generally disposable and worthless, they are always made to be soldiers, die first on the Titanic, in the bible it is "Slaughter the men, but save the women and children"...this reflects their status of generally disposable worker drone bees of the hive, all for "the greater good of the hive". In America men are generally ignored and given no attention socially, especially on social media or dating sites, unless they are a "perfect specimen of male". Transsexuals report recieving no love or attention as a male, but as soon as their sex change all of a sudden they recieve endless amounts of attention and affection.

    Furthermore about unfair wages, men also suffer from unfair wages, unless you are the "perfect specimen alpha male" you will general have a tough time getting a job and promotions at the work place. This is especially true in hollywood, actors in hollywood, screen time and hours of labor mean nothing unless you have a "Hollywood name" and many male actors who had to work more screen time, got paid astronomically less than other actors who simply had higher social status than them.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    EVERYTHING is ESP-pecially true in hollywood

    do you watch movies that are in another language that you do not understand that have no subtitles ?

    we should not have nuclear weapons... but 'we' do.

    making a smoothie out of Culture & consequence does not define a working example of morality.
    it simply shines a light on one specific part.
    just because that specific part is one of your triggers for a feeling of dissatisfaction, does not make that aspect suddenly linked to other aspects of cultural cause and effect.

    Romanticising lament...
    if thats your thing, fine.
    look at Vincent van Gogh
    Art does not NEED suffering as much as suffering does not NEED art.

    Culture and Sociology are 2 seperate things.
    equally psycho-social-personality models of projective-normalcy
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  7. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    I used to do that in Italy and Japan. And Puerto Rico for that matter (but I cheated a bit there.) Get enough Suntory Whisky in you and you can understand Japanese just fine. -ISH.
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  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i met a girl once
    it was terrible
    soo terrible i had to meet another one, and another one, and another one.
    i had to keep meeting girls and having terrible experiences to fix the terrible experiences i was having.
    then i finally realised it was all their fault, for being a girl.
    finaly it all made sense
  9. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member


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    Click to fall backwards in time.

    He forgets:

    (1) "Attractive" is relative.
    (2) The species requires females in order to propagate.
    (3) The species will propagate.

    ∴ Without attractive women, the ugly men will be even uglier, because the baseline and variations thereof will be uglier. He's still screwed. Or, well, not, I guess. Or, uh, however it goes in this particular case. But if, for instance, I have a particular thing by which red just disagrees with my aesthetic, then I can promise you if red was all that was available I would eventually figure out which red was attractive. In truth, I actually think I know, but just don't know under what circumstances it occurs. Then again, I'll worry about it when it comes up. Vis à coq, as such. Never mind.

    (And, y'know, I get what Steinem is after, but I swear unto you, it's more about not picking it out of my teeth.)​
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  10. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member


    • mgtow video
    • Two stanzas, variable.
    • Stillshot: British queen.
    • Two paragraphs.
    • Animated .gif
    • Two paragraphs.​

    The video—

    —coincides with your penchant for revolutionary postmasculinist revivalism; the two stanzas consist of nine sentences denigrating Americans, and it is worth noting—

    —the thread was called "Personal Nihilism"↗, after all.

    The stillshot of the British queen is fucking hilarious for more reasons than I can count, but at this point if you're wondering about notions of your post being self-centered, one can only hope you feel better after the anti-American outburst.

    The two paragraphs following Her Majesty make for an intersting manifesto describing your beliefs, and if God hadn't intended her to eat pussy, He wouldn't have made it look like a taco, so I really haven't a clue what to make of the ponytude.

    And of Finnish dreams and stranger things, or maybe that formulation isn't quite right, but never mind, look, people aren't without human sympathy, but, to the one, the last paragraph is entirely about you.

    I would have thought some things were obvous. But it is also true your post has a particular recursive effect and value in demonstrating the problems of the school system.

    Think of it this way: To the one, you are not something. To the other, you cannot stop behaving as if you are. While this is not conclusive, the one thing you seem utterly useless about is recognizing the world outside the narrow confines of this something that you aren't but keep behaving like you are.

    Behaviorally, the next consideration in line is that one is not that something but instead trapped with it. The question remains why you do not step out, either as an act of will or according to whatever restrains you.

    The larger effect, of course, being that your indignant posture is unbelievable.

    Furthermore, it would probably help you to not detach and compartmentalize everything. To wit, do you understand that it's not a matter of complaining about the school system? Are you capable of understanding that people notice when you duck out on a question only to pop up elsewhere pushing the cause, anyway? The colloquial question, as to the video, runs, approximately, "You couldn't not?" That is, you could not somehow not use propaganda from the one cause in ostensible pursuit of another? You couldn't find anything else under the sun that would work?

    And in telling stories about being accused of MRA, it might help if you're aware we are long aware of a phenomenon by which people's descriptions do not preclude that they behaved in a manner that particularly drew the criticism; to wit, there are circumstances in which declaring one is "against ALL forms of genital mutilation", especially with that accent, is specifically counterproductive and thus draws suspicion of masculinism. And in that case, too, we run into the question of whether one "couldn't not"; there has been plenty to say about male circumcision, but such direct comparisons to female genital mutilation are fundamentally inaccurate, and at some point people do wonder why those who aren't something cannot manage to behave differently from what they say they aren't.

    Similarly, saying one has not "even read or studied their tenets long enough to even know" MRA is actually kind of multivalently meaningless. Not only does it not preclude, but, as I noted, it's all the same principle despite the internecine stratification. Some call it masculinism; the term du jour is manosphere.

    And we get it: You're not of it. You just happen to speak the language and behave to custom. The question remains why you do not step out, either as an act of will or according to whatever restrains you.

    Yeah, I can do that one in my sleep. The thing is, you have to pay attention to history. But it's not just your make-believe; it is, like I noted weeks ago, the other cues about your behavior. Slapping a new coat of cult over the old creed is for suckers.
  11. billvon Valued Senior Member

    You should not extrapolate your own experience to everyone; it's a common fallacy but leads you to some very incorrect conclusions.
    Just as women getting rejected is often viewed as a punchline. Comedy uses such situations.
    As are women who have a crippling desire for love. There are even songs about that.
    Which is an even bigger issue for women.
    No. That's life, not "some shallow stupid macho workout comedy." If you get to be good at something you will find fulfillment in doing that, and other people tend to like people like that (man OR woman.)
    And has historically treated women as property. Men got the better end of that deal.
    Nope. The section you are misquoting (from Numbers 31) is actually "Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known a man intimately. But keep alive for yourselves all the young girls who have not known a man intimately."
    Some examples to disprove that -
    John Lithgow
    John Candy
    Forest Whitaker
    John Reilly
    Danny DeVito
    Richard Kiel
    Quentin Tarantino
  12. gamelord Registered Senior Member


    Why do you keep calling it a mgtow video? You are being intellectually dishonest. The video had nothing do with mgtow it was a video about human rights as school applies to both males and females.
    There is a Nazi website, with a picture of George Washington as their mascot. If George Washington is popular with Nazis, does that mean George Washington is a Nazi?
    If a video is popular with mgtows, does that mean the video is mgtow?
    If icecream is popular amongst white people, does that mean icecream is a white person?
    If peanut butter was first invented by a black person, does that mean the idea of peanut butter, is a black person?​

    Glad you have a sense of humor.

    I have no idea what you are trying to say.

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    In order to empathize one must experience something firsthand. But I suppose the noble idea of reincarnating as a Finnish person is too much to ask for, I guess I must suffer endlessly as an American. And if you want to talk maths, the last paragraph was about 1/6th or less of the content, maybe even a tenth if you count the video itself. So calling it self-centered is intellectually dishonest, when my goal was to save society.

    No idea what you are saying.

    Yummy world salad. Let me know when you want me to understand what you are saying.

    No idea what you mean, more vagueness and yummy word salad.

    Well, at least you took a break from the word salad, but now you seem to be on a witch hunt to find the heretics of masculinism.

    And now back to the word salad.

    Back to being readable again, as to why I don't step out from "masculinism" it is because femininism, hasn't worked out that well, being passive and non-confontational generally is not a good suggestion to those who want real change.

    Nothing about my video of the American school system was cult-like or make believe. Rather it is cult-like to believe there is nothing wrong with america or its school system.
  13. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Its not extrapolating my own experience, it is widely known and accepted that males on popular dating sites such as okcupid or POF generally get an empty inbox and very little respect or attention.

    I dont find it funny and its not my kind of comedy. But on average the incel beta male is used as a punchline more often and is more generically used.

    Yes I have heard those songs women complaining about not finding a man. But that is all they are, songs, and most of these songs are written for these female pop-stars are written by men anyway. Most of these songs are not realistic and have no bearing on reality. Because if beyonce, or whoever, some famous female singer, sings about being incel, chances are she is not actually incel, do you honestly expect me to believe famous female pop-singers are incel and can't find a man. If they can't find a man it is because their standards are too high and they won't give most males an honest chance.

    No, women can wear whatever they want, boys or girls clothes. Yet boys have to wear only macho drab boys clothes. Women can go to the gym, play sports, do anything a man can do and not get shamed for it. Women can wear lipstick, but if a man wears lipstick he might lose some friends and be socially shunned.

    Your last comment was nonsense and this one gives me the same vibes as well. You must live on some other planet that is not the reality I live in.
    In reality, this planet, all a woman has to do is look pretty and they will get hundreds of guys interest in them.
    But if you are male, you have to have a life, a talent, and act confident and entertaining all the time. And you have to fit in with the social norms of the day, you aren't allowed to act different from the crowd or go against gender norms either.

    Ok, so you finally made on argument that was based in reality, I will at least nod to you on this one.

    I think there are other passages which specifically describe slaughtering men and saving all the womens. But I dont want to go through those ancient texts, but in general society has an attitude that it is acceptable that men die but unnaccpetable that women and children die.

    Examples of what? You post some successful men, then try to say that income equality doesn't exist in hollywood, when it does.
  14. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Yep. Just as fat or older women get an empty inbox.
    The typical incel male isn't very healthy mentally.
    Actually I was thinking of songs written by men about women (and sung by men.)
    Like I was saying, these were songs by men. (And no, successful singers can generally find partners; I was referring to members of the opposite sex they sing about.)
    Same is true for many women.
    You do not live in the real world if you believe that. Get off your mom's couch and find some real people in real social situations to talk to. Then ask a woman if there is any pressure on her to wear certain clothing.
    And if a woman wore a t-shirt to work she'd get a lot of grief - a lot more grief than a guy would get. Women are expected to meet higher standards of fashion than men are. (Most of this pressure, BTW, comes from other women.)
    Agreed. Go to the window and look outside - that's the world I live in. The world of the Internet and Youtube is not really the real world.
    Really? A fat but pretty woman is going to have "hundreds of guys" being interested in them? Again, meet some and ask them.
    "Acting different" is a plus, actually. Women notice that. (Men notice it of women as well.)
    You said that "unless you are the perfect specimen alpha male you will general have a tough time getting a job." I listed very successful actors who are in no way "perfect specimen alpha males." Thus your statement is wrong.
  15. gamelord Registered Senior Member


    Their inbox is more empty than hot girls but they still get more messages than even many average guys. And many more messages than fat or older men too.

    Either these women were extremely unnattractive or extremely emotionally or financially draining. Normally a guy will not leave a woman unless he has no choice. A player will try to keep all of his girls loyal. A married man will try to keep his woman loyal. However women do not follow the same rules. They will actively look for excuses to leave guys, mainly because women are not generally attracted to the vast majority of guys on this planet, one reason is gender norms trying to make guys as ugly as humanly possible.

    In the real world, my mom wears guy clothing, pant suits, sweatpants, t-shirts, etc, but if I in the past, if i wanted to wear a dress, shed lecture me on the bible about how im not allowed.
    Maybe you are talking about third-world countries where women are more traditional. My discussion was mainly about civilized societies.
    The effect of the modern "enlightenment" has done is make women more liberal, women give themselves a free ticket to wear whatever clothes they want, feminism tells women to walk around naked and have slut pride. But the same reasoning does not apply to males, males are told they must stick to traditions, wear gender-enforced clothing and obey norms, be a provider, be emotionally strong and a "man", emotionally strong yet physically weak and passive, bs like "real men back down from a fight", plus not wear makeup, must look plain and boring at all times, plus a bonus of get shamed for having a sexuality and "objectifying" the womens. Told he must form a "meaningful relationship" before getting sexual, even if the woman in question is boring and has absolutely nothing in common for him to talk about or connect over. Its just a way to shame and subjugate men as some sort of deep seated revenge to punish them for their ancestors sins.

    She'd get grief just like a man would get grief by wearing a T-shirt to a formal job such as a high-class business job or fine dinner kind of job.
    Women who do jobs like road work or pizza delivery can wear a T-shirt all day. Female golfers can wear t-shirts. Waitresses can wear t-shirts too. Name me one job women can't wear T-shirts but men are allowed to wear t-shirts.
    Because let's flip it around. If a man wears a dress he gets fired instantly and laughed at. But in the one hypothetical job wear a woman can't wear a t-shirt, all she gets is mildly scolded, not fired, not made a laughing stock of the town.

    Youtube has some real videos in it, and some of the news on the internet is real, not all news is fake news.

    Maybe not hundreds but still will have more guys clamouring for her than a fat guy will have women clamouring for him.

    Yeah they notice it and don't want anything to do with it usually, they usually go for the cookie cutter romance like Ken of barbie.

    All of those are alpha males, although granted not perfect specimens.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  16. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    a question i have paused from asking several times.
    maybe from a sense of not wishing to pry &/or more soo the alure of context to trolls. though my attenutation of the cantor is somewhat echoey of what i cant quite fathom to be sholls, a shallow patch of sea floor or a circling school of sharks on the perimeter of the light.
    i was pondring a trick of the light from a perculiar angle, like one might see a reflection & refraction of many colours of a spinning whirl pool from a parallel view point.

    were life a clear crystal ball spinning, should we be able to see all around through it clearly ?
    probably not.
  17. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Hot looking women get more interest than average looking women (or men) on forums that show only pictures.
    Hot looking men get more interest than average looking men (or women) on forums that show only pictures.

    This isn't all that surprising, given that all people have to go on is the picture.
    Perhaps. Which is a good indication that being a hot woman isn't a guarantee of anything, eh?
    It's like you've never actually met any men or women and you are creating images of women in your mind based on a combination of TV and the Internet.
    Again, you are extrapolating societal behavior from your own personal experiences. Get out of the basement, put a dress on and go to a local LGBT hangout. Who cares what your mom says?
    If you really think that third world countries do not have "civilized societies" . . . that's a pretty bigoted approach to the world.
    And within the LGBT movement, men have given themselves to wear whatever clothes they want. Look at Freddie Mercury.
    What is "slut pride?" Does that means they have pride in themselves even when someone like you calls them a slut? If so, good for them.
    Again, get out of your mom's basement and go to a pride parade or something.
    You are starting to get it!
    "It must be real - I saw it on Youtube!"
  18. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    the irony of the obsession about looks is
    when someone is not dressing up to look like someone else, they are who they look like.
    being "themself" is subject to the way others treat them as a process of cause and effect of majority poll results of human behaviour.

    thus rich people often say "money cant buy you happiness"
    while poor people say "all things can be bought"

    the perspective is more soo a window on human behaviour than a metaphor for personal character.

    thus leaning on stereo types lends to an ever reducing field of intellectual variant to personality complexity.

    you can clearly see this in cults
    the personalaties are expected to be all the same
    the difference between personalaties in cults is deemed to be a working example of a manual task.
    the manual task defines the personality difference.
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  19. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Physics says no, but accepting a bit of subjectivity about the idea of seeing clearly, the results can be spectacular↱
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  20. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member


    then they corporatised industrialism as a personality traite to make culture

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  21. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Yep. The grass is always greener.

    People who think themselves ugly lament what they look like. People who think themselves good looking lament that members of the opposite sex are attracted to them for all the wrong reasons.

    People who aren't famous would give anything to be famous. People who are famous complain about how no one is real, and all their friendships/relationships are shallow.

    People who aren't rich long for money. People who are rich long for the simple life.

    The happiest people don't get what they think they want - they want what they already have.
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  22. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member


    do we really want ?
    is want a thing ?
    is the human animal a nature to want ? (etc...)

    thankfulness (great to see it becoming a common concept)
    ponders the middle management naval gazing narcissist following sociopath flash cards to have "the complete life"
  23. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Yes, but the interest is in the averages. Hot men and hot women get attention, however, average women get attention, but average men do not get much attention.

    It is a guarantee you will get attention.

    Again I say, if a man leaves a woman he has no choice. Either she has become too toxic to bear, is giving ultimatums he wont accept, or the marriage has flatlined between them.

    You are missing the point, which is that the world, and america at large is very backwards in terms of gender abilities. LGBTs are minority not majority. Lgbt hangouts are also flawed, in their own way.

    I suppose the word is civilized, but very backwards.

    The world, and america at large is very backwards in terms of gender abilities. LGBTs are minority not majority. Lgbt hangouts are also flawed, in their own way.

    A feminism thing where they stand up to slut shaming of females, then go around shaming men who are sluts.

    Lgbts are human, and thus flawed, corrosive and inhospitable often times. Many of them are damaged and thus take out their abuse on others. The lgbt order is not some kind of utopia of love and acceptance.

    In this way, incels are the sane ones - they want to satisfy purely biological and social needs, genes, while the others wish to satisfy imagined ideals. The unhappiness of the incel has a sane root, whereas the unhappiness of the rich man is a product of his own insanity.

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