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    Anyone saw Westworld?
    It was pretty good, but I had some problems with the character of bernard.
    First of all considering fort's ultimate plan was to make the host sentient. Why didn't he yust look at bernard and tought mission acoumplished.
    bernard doesn't show any real loop behaviour he is fully capable to help develop host (thinking outside the box) that's his job. And having a (unscripted) private life.
    You might wonder what real people would do if they knew. But remember ford brought in Bernard to do the things the scientist couldn't do. Whilst bernard couldn't defend himself against a army that want's him dead. He certainly has his value and that might need to be enough. Hes also far more capable to understand what he is. then any of the other host by a large margin.
    A better strategy then killing all the board members I think.
    Also I doubt Dolores really had much of a choise is killing ford. I'f she had the choise ford should have foreseen the possibility that she wouldn't shoot him. And this would have prevented his storyline. Meaning she had no choise.
    Also their is a site from delos made by the makers from westworld. That describes dolores little loop. The only thing that needs to happen for her to reset is that she doesn't interact with a guest for a single day.
    Anyways in finding the maze between dolores, maeve, teddy and the rest it's really bernard who is best suited

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