was hitler jewish

Discussion in 'History' started by zweio, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. zweio Registered Member

    I've heard that Hitlers father was jewish and he hated him, that's why he hated the jewish people too,and i can't believe that hitler had jewish blood in him. what do u know about that ?
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  3. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    No ... god damnit.

    1. he wasnt jewish (religiously)
    2. Jews arent a race,( 1932 propoganda and isreal made them seem like one. ) so its simply impossible for a person to be JEWISH unless they are part of the religion , which hitler wasnt.

    -the term for people who think jews are a race is Zionist.
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  5. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    There isn't a thing called jewish blood, exactly, but it is possible to inherit the traits that have accumulated through 2000 years of social and religious isolation. There is a sense in which there is no such thing as race, only sets of inherited traits. It is possible that hitler had Jewish ancestors, I don't know, but it would be wrong to say that the son of European Jewish parents would have the same traits and features as your average German Christian. Certainly he would remember the fact. I can tell with some people just by looking if they are Jewish or not, if Jewishness was only a religion and nothing else, this would be impossible.
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  7. Thersites Registered Senior Member

    You can tell whether some people are jewish or not just because they were funny hats.
    European jews weren't isolated over two thousand years and even if they were, forty generations aren't enough to make a noticeable difference in appearance. You can tell if some people are jewish by their appearance because they were almost the only immigrants in one place from another and so almost the only people with a particular set of features. As a child I could tell some jews from their apppearance; on the other hand, when I visited Morocco everyone looked jewish to me, because they all looked like that.
    I very much doubt that Hitler would remember the fact, if fact it was, that his father was jewish. Not many people remember their conception.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2005
  8. River Ape Valued Senior Member

    Johannes Schicklgruber (1764-1821) was a farmer in the small Austrian village of Strones. His daughter Maria Anna was born in 1795, and her first and only child, Alois, was born in 1837. She was unmarried at the time, working as a cook in Graz, and Alois Schicklgruber was recorded as illegitimate. When the boy was five years old, Maria Anna married a Johann Georg Heidler (or Hidler, or Hitler). There is good reason to believe that this man was not Alois’ father, since no attempt was made to retrospectively legitimise the birth. Maria Anna died in 1847, but Alois had already been sent to live with Heidler’s brother and his wife who raised him in relative prosperity. Alois adopted the surname Hitler when he was forty years old, twelve years before the birth of his son Adolf.

    The identity of Adolf Hitler’s father’s father has always been uncertain. However, Maria Anna was working for a wealthy Jewish family at the time she became pregnant. It has therefore been speculated that Hitler’s grandfather may have been a member of this Jewish family, thus making the Fuhrer one-quarter Jewish.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2005
  9. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Genuine thanks to you RiverApe for bringing some genuine facts to the thread. I have often pondered what would have happened to 20th Century history if Aloiss had not changed his name. Heil Schicklgruber just does not have the same ring to it, sufficient to capture a nation.
  10. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    Ye the facts are apreciated , but its still doubtable that she had the baby of a member of that jewish family she worked for.
  11. Brian Foley REFUSE - RESIST Valued Senior Member

    10% of all Germans can claim some Jewish ancestor , there is no such thing as Jewish blood . Jews are simply a religious sect no different from Christians or Moslems . Below is a curt renouncing by the Jewish Virtual Library of Hitlers Jewish origin .

    My opinion is you cannot rule out any possibility that Hitler had a Jewish ancestor besides if he did it is immaterial .
  12. true, he was anti-Jewish everything

    right, they are an ethnic group, like Mexicans.
    FYI: they can be traced back to a semitic people with a collection of new blood, i.e, Kazars, germanic, slavic, turkic

    no, zionists are racist, they think they are better than the arabs that they supplanted in Palestine,
    zionist are technically nationalists from a judeo-semetic ethnic group
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2005
  13. actually, it might explain why he hated jews so much
    I'm still wondering if he hated himself so much, that he 'saw' himself as a blond, blue-eyed aryan, when in reality he was very much the non-,
    so much so, that he had to kill the truth, by killing 'his' non-aryan blood-relations, so that there would be no 'spot' on his ancestory

    say, isn't that what that kid did on that reservation?
  14. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    Hitler hated jews I presume because as you know he was turned down from art school, the guy who didnt let him in was infact jewish... I think the stress of being spat in the face made hitler crack and go crazy... starting the chain of events, thanks though for defining zionist, didnt know thats what it really ment.
  15. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    another factor to the flaw in that theory was , wouldnt it be easyer to kill all the arian looking people, and make himself the image of the perfect german? instead of hating himself because his grandfather who he never met looked that way?
  16. Misskitty Registered Member

    Was hitler jewish? Ummmm obviously not.
  17. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    Actually I have a support for the theory of hitler being 1/4 Jewish.

    The genome that causes the black haired jewish phenotype is not prodominant and cannot appear out of 2 blonde parents, so it is impossible that the father of hitler's father was a blonde arian as then hitlers father would be either red haired or Blonde. so it must be that whoever hitler's grandfather was he must have had the characteristics of a jewish phenotype.
  18. Thersites Registered Senior Member

    Don't know whether you're right about "the black-haired jewish [or any other black-haired- how do you tell them apart?} phenotype" being recessive, but even if it is true that is no evidence for Hitler's grandfather being a jew or being black-haired. A recessive trait can be passed down through countless generations. It is only when the gene bearing such a characteristic is combined with another bearing the same characteristic that it will emerge in a child.
  19. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    black hair cant emerge through two blonde parents even if the grandparent was black haired. blonde hair can emerge out of any combination.
  20. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Theres an interesting book called 'The Jew of Linz'.

    Basically, it says that Hitlers anti-semitism started way back in his school days with a Jew named Wittgenstein (who's philosphy Nazism is partly derived). Its said they had an 'intimate' relationship. Hell hath no fury like Hitlers gay scorn, eh?

    Well thats one theory..
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2005
  21. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    erm... I seem to be missing a general point here...
    What's the difference if Hitler did have or didn't have a jew in his ancestry?
    I mean.. that wouldn't be anything weird if a jew likes killing his own kind.
    During the soviet occupation there were a few Latvians who did that to their kinsmen too.
    Being a part of one nation doesn't mean you have to love or even like your ummm kinsmen, tribesmen, countrymen (or whatever).

    p.s. I doubt that a person can be called jewish if his grandfather was jewish.
    For example, one my grandmother was Polish, but I doubt that because of that anyone will call me Polish (not that I have anything against that!).
  22. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    I agree
  23. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    I guess that makes Hitler a Zionist. Just Joking.

    Scripture says that Israel is given to the descendants of Isaac. The study of genealogy shows that if Isaac and Ishmael have any descendants then everybody on earth except American Indians, Pacific Islanders and people living in isolated pockets are descended from both Isaac and Ishmael.

    Jews and everybody else moved a lot and intermarried with the locals.

    It would be funnier if Hitler was a Jew. It would support my feeling that God's essential nature is that God is a comedian and if we don't get god's jokes that is our tough luck. Answers for the Question, "why does God allows suffering" are 1: suffering is a test, 2: suffering is deserved punishment, 3: suffering is a teaching device, 4: suffering creates longing for god, 5: suffering is an illusion (on the deeper level only God's grace exists) 6: good comes out of suffering.

    By seing the evil of Hitler the world was able to make several more steps towards rejecting racism.

    J. Edgar Hoover was probably a part African American homosexual who publicly seemed to be a persecuter of blacks and homosexuals.

    What starts as an attempt to try to convince yourself and others that you are not what you are may become a nasty habit.

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