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  1. darksidZz

    darksidZz Live without rules!

    darksidZz - What's he been up to :D

    Well this has been one hell of a weird year, I bought a laptop from HP, found out the LCD was angled slightly and they couldn't repair it, scratch that dumb idea and then built a PC which was way, way over my price range but one hell of a machine non-the-less. The mobo has loose connections IMO especially the VGA but the DVI-HDMI adapter I got was so big it weighed the port down which led me to rethink using it! So money down the drain there too :S I'm a dumb person...

    Then wonderful for me I goto change my insurance policy and find out it would be a mere 1200 dollars! Fancy that financing a car at 289 a month would force me to full coverage and that just about equaled it's payments! LMAO I got with esurance thank god at 830 :S

    Now wait there's more, my car has some kinda problem on the passengers side where the wheel area squeaks badly when I drive, pretty sad eh? Let's see what that'll cost me!

    So all in all I've wasted tons of money out here in California with little to show but my wasted time and energy. Also I've been kinda out of things lately and I can't tell if I'm doing well at my job or not, they may think I am but still :L

    Hard to be optimistic at this point :/ I'm tired an feel old, how bout u?

    Umm yea this had gotta be so silly, why'd I write it :S guess cuz I got no therapist, lol

    So all in all I accomplished some things but I'm sure that car has some sorta weird problem, grrr I got extended warrenty with it but how long would it take to even fix I wonder, what a joke. Days and days probably which I don't have since some ppl work unlike mechanics who just bill :p

    Adios for now!
  2. James R

    James R Just this guy, you know?

    Hang in there, darksidZz.
  3. lucifers angel

    lucifers angel same shit, differant day!!

    your doing just fine, dont stress out about everything and anything!

    and dont panic about the car, it'll get sorted, and then you'll be a happy bunny again!
  4. vslayer

    vslayer Registered Senior Member

    nearly $300/month for a car? why not just by a cheap dunger and replace it every 6 months, unless im mistaken you dont have any warrant of fitness standards in america, so there shouldnt be a shortage.

    also, that sound is most likely a wheel bearing, shouldnt cost more than about $150 for a new one, and provided you have the right tools you can do it yourself in about 30 minutes.
  5. alexb123

    alexb123 The Amish web page is fast!

    How you getting on with your sister?
  6. draqon

    draqon Banned

    DarksidZz...what is your BMI? Have you lost weight?
  7. darksidZz

    darksidZz Live without rules!


    You know this 22 inch monitor makes text so small it's nutty, lol I try changing it in IE but the text is the same size on most things, lol

    Umm, my BMI is like before, it's hard doing much if you're scard to go out lol
  8. John99

    John99 Banned

    Never heard of that, well one time i had a DPS Velocity card that was too long but used velcro zip tie to support it.
  9. darksidZz

    darksidZz Live without rules!

    Today sucked, I got talked to about a thing at work that was pretty bad.

    What I do part of the day is book/change/cancel room reservations. Well for 1 in particular it was complimentary through an insurance carrier they had, I found later we still get the bill so it's doesn't really matter. But anyway I saw this change in the list, looked into it, the price was 100 for 2 hours. I was not sure it would be allowed so went to ask 1 of my coworkers whose been there a long time, they only have 2 + me. Anyhow after reading everything he said to go ahead and do it, I asked specifically "at that rate?" and he said yea we've done it before. So I said ok, should I fax over a confirmation? He said yea.

    Later on in the day I found out the other person had been working on that very job, but there was really no indicator of it. They asked why I'd booked it at such a high cost, I was lost at first then realized it's the very one I asked him about. He then yelled out from behind the cubicle that he'd told me to do it, etc. Long story short he admitted he said I could + should, that was yesterday. Toady that other person besides him had a talk and said the people who manage complimentary locations were pissed, or management, whomever. Anyway I was like "I know" because I did know they explained it yesterday!

    So then I listened to her ask me why I booked it, I was like "huh" to myself, she then said if I wasn't sure to ask someone, etc. I was like "um ok". After her blathering speech I said "but I did ask him." and she acted as if I didn't still?! I was utterly confused because he would've done the thing himself if I hadn't folllowing her logic?!!!

    wtf they're thinking I don't know but it took all I had not to walk right out the door and deal with the consequences, I know you'd say that's irresponsible but you know what I'm tired of listening to ridiculious logic, she was completely telling me to do exactly what I'd already done! Bizarre?

    So essentially all I got out this was never listen to someone that tells you to book an expensive room. It's still really silly, I did ask but she made a speech about how I should ask. Hell the guy even told her in front of me and e-mailed the supervisor, so wtf she was going on about is beyond me. I would never have booked it if he hadn't said ok!

    Well she said basically "this can never happen again" and I was thinking to myself "no, no it can't, not if I leave." lol Just plain weird man.

    If I did leave I'd likely loose my car and stuff but eh, I'm sick of this silly nonsense from companies
  10. GeoffP

    GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum

    You can do it man.
  11. MacGyver1968

    MacGyver1968 Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke

    Hang in there Sam...even though life is trying to make you the poster child for "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all"...you can bounce back..and maybe...maybe...someday you can know the comforts of a woman. :)
  12. GeoffP

    GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum

    If the glue holds, sure.
  13. Blue_UK

    Blue_UK Drifting Mind

    Just remember, Sam, always make sure blame can be passed in the event of failure.

    If it works, it was your doing, if it fails or will fail soon, "have confidence in the abilities of your colleagues but understand that mistakes happen and it's our joint responsibility to resolve the issue".
  14. darksidZz

    darksidZz Live without rules!

    Well I did make friends with this girl at work, she's nice but has a BF. She doesn't much fancy their antics either and wanted to leave today too, lol I don't think she needs the money but I do because I have 289 for the car 132 insurance a month + 300 rent. I'd quit if it wasn't for that reason, a friend besides that girl tried cheering me up but I wasn't buying it. Pretty depressing really :s
  15. USS Exeter

    USS Exeter unamerican american

    Well, if she ever breaks up, just be there for the rebound. ;)
  16. invert_nexus

    invert_nexus Ze do caixao


    That's her way of saying that she's a female who wants you for mating purposes.
  17. USS Exeter

    USS Exeter unamerican american

    Recreational mating purposes.
  18. MacGyver1968

    MacGyver1968 Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke

    Dude...I'd buy the hooker, if it would break the streak. Can you buy hookers online from Texas..and have the "outbound" California?
  19. GeoffP

    GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum

    Hookers were a poo's throw from my place when I lived in California about six years ago. Should still be lots. And wiser, with goldener hearts.
  20. draqon

    draqon Banned

    Look Sam, I expect you to loose weight, now use this summer time and jog in the park or just along the street...loose that weight!

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