Twin Separation

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by caters, Aug 29, 2017.


What should Lisa and Alma do?

  1. Separate the twins so that Lisa has less stress

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  2. Have Alma stay and the twins stay together

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  1. caters Registered Member

    1 of the things I was thinking about for my Kepler Bb story is a twin pregnancy. Lisa becomes pregnant with twins and because of the fetal diapause that is characteristic for her species, 1 fetus stops growing at 6 months pregnant but is preserved. The other fetus continues growing until it is born. Then, once the first baby is born, the fetus that was preserved now starts growing again and is born. This leads to an average of 3 months in between births for a multiple pregnancy.

    Now, Lisa is able to handle a singleton very well. She did it when she gave birth to Alma, her oldest daughter. Alma is still in adolescence but she is only a few years away from being an adult(their species adolescence starts at 15 years and ends at 25 years, then there is a 1 year period between adolescence and adulthood). However, twins are overwhelming. She would, if she had to, be overlapping a 3 month old baby's breastfeeding schedule with a newborn's breastfeeding schedule at the birth of the second twin.

    So I was thinking that when Lisa is 6 months pregnant, Alma should start inducing lactation as well as get Robin(her dad) to build her a home and transport her exercise equipment and books from her old home to her new home(she is muscular and loves the fact that she is muscular).

    Then, when the second twin is born, I was thinking of having Lisa stay in her home with the 3 month old twin while Alma moves with the newborn twin from where she was born to her new home close by.

    This would mean that the twins would be separated. I am not at all sure if the twins would experience separation anxiety from this. But if they do, the newborn twin would experience less of it.

    But, despite the benefit of less stress for Lisa and Alma having a baby, should the twins be separated? Or should Alma stay and take care of the newborn twin without the twins having to be separated?
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  3. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    If they're born several months apart, it may not manifest as a twin relationship, even f they are genetically twins.

    Not sure I've never met a child who did not resent the intrusion - and ultimate deposition of 'beloved' status - brought on by the arrival of a new sibling.
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