There's a Black Hole at the Cosmic Core

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Peter Lamont, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Peter Lamont Registered Member

    Normal ET pet.,
    Please don't talk about turds, I like you and I want to keep on liking you. Speed can be measured in miles-per-hour or kilometers-per-hour. Temperature is generally measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Compression is the opposite of decompression, if you squish something you're probably compressing it. ComPRESSion and decomPRESSion are both PRESSure terms. Expansion is opposite (to me) to Compaction, both volume terms. Volume is all about how much space seomething takes up.

    When talking about a situation, a real scientist will tell you how fast it is going, as well as it's temperature, its state of compression and its volume.

    Say hello to your Dad from me. He sounds like a smart man. See how you get along with what I've told you and get back to me. I admire your thirsty mind! I think you'll do well! I totally enjoyed learning about jet engines. Only 25% of the air taken in is used for thrust. I had no idea!
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  3. Peter Lamont Registered Member

    That U-Tube video was shot when didn't know so much. Interesting that you question my mental sanity? Go ahead, it doesn't bother me. The expansion of the Observable Universe is speeding up, and that's because it is being pulled into a black hole.

    I'm well aware that everybody in the world subscribes to an Anti-Gravity run Cosmos - there's no difference betwwen Dark Energy and Anti-Gravity, they're the same thing and they're fabrications both. Like the Big-Bang - a Belgian Cleric heard the Observable Universe was expanding and just ASSUMED that meant the entire Universe was expanding and there must have been a Big-Bang. Now because this view agrees with the bible it has stood unchallenged for almost a hundred years now. Such ASSUMPTIONS are dangerous in science.

    Outward expansions slow down and stop - it's just the nature of the beast. Accelerating expansions are Inward - and that's just the nature of the beast. Why is the expansion accelerating, because it's being drawn into a Center of Mass by an attractive force. Not pushed by Anti-Gravity. Anti-Gravity doesn't exist and dressing it up doesn't make it real.

    Gravity runs the Cosmos. Gravity keeps the moon orbiting Earth, Earth the sun (Sol), the sun the black hole at the center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. Gravity doesn't run out - it's universal to me and Newton. Newton was knighted for his smarts.

    Gravity built the Cosmos from a huge cloud of Hydrogen, and that makes it Gravity's right to destroy the Cosmos when it falls into Mable. People used to think Mankind was created 'Poof,' just like in the Bible, but Darwin showed us Mankind evolved slowly. People still think the Cosmos was made, 'Poof,' just like in the Bible, but I say the Cosmos evolved slowly.
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  5. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Peter can I ask?
    What is it you wish to achieve here at sciforums?
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  7. Peter Lamont Registered Member

    Origin, you're so slippery. It's not just accelerating air that causes decompression, but any system that accelerates will tend to lose pressure. Like I said, you're full of it, you're hostile and completely unable to see what I'm trying to say... Really, why do you hang around in this thread? Please don't, and I really don;'t have time for you anyway. BYe, and have a nice day!
  8. Peter Lamont Registered Member

    Quantum Quack,
    Of course you can ask me what I'm trying to achieve here at Sciforums, and I'd be glad to answer.

    I have this theory, the Mable Theory, which to me makes a lot of sense. By using this forum, and others, I'm trying to explain it not just to the other posters, but to the people watching, also.

    THis theory is bitterly repressed. I see nothing wrong with the science I write, but ignorant people seem to be upset by it - and that doesn't matter to me, one jot!

    This theory doesn't agree with the Bible, and that gets me a lot of trouble. Otherwise, 'accelerating expansions' is what I have tried to find. Yes, I asked for help looking for them, but didn't get any. I think I came up with about 13 of them, I didn't keep count. I was looking to see if I could learn anything about these 'accelerating expansions' and sure enough, they taught me something - every one of them is Inward. This actually goes along with another observation I have made - that all Outward Expansions slow down. The reason for this is that Outward Expansions get their initial 'kick' early on, and then have nothing to keep them going.

    Inward expansions, because they are drawn by an ongoing attractive force toward a Central Point, are going to accelerate - this is borne out in experiment also. There can be no doubt, that what I say is the truth.

    We (in the Observable Universe) are experiencing this expansion that accelerates. The expansion is accelerating why? Because it is being pushed by Anti-Gravity? That's what the rest of the world believes. No, the expansion is accelerating because it (and everything else) is being drawn (pulled) by an attractive force toward a Central Point - which can only be the Center of Mass of the Universe. But what is there, at the center? Is there any way to tell?

    Actually, there is - our Rate of Acceleration. If the Rate of Acceleration of our motion thru' Space relative to the center of mass is declining, there is nothing there at the center. If it is increasing, our Rate of Acceleration, then it's a black hole - Mable, the Black Hole at The Center of The Universe.

    My readings tell me the Rate of Acceleration of the Expansionof the Observable Universe is increasing. Now, if this expansion is the result of our acceleration thru' Space (relative to Mable) and the Rate of Acceleration of the expansion is increasing then the Rate of Acceleration of our movement thru' Space is increasing also, in my opinion - and that spells black hole.

    Let me know what you think of this, and whether or not this is what I have attempted to explain, as you asked me. This is what I have been trying to achieve, Quantum - and you and the people reading this will have to make up your minds. Could I be right? Me, I'm sure I am.
  9. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Well Peter if you were actually interested in learning how to communicate your ideas you would have realised that you have failed to do so.
    Bumping this thead to maintain forum rank position will inevitably get it sent to the cesspool and probably lead to banning. As you have clearly stated and demonstrated dont care about it ... any ways.
  10. Peter Lamont Registered Member

    It's like this...
    I haven't had a good time on this 'site. Being sent to 'psuedoscience' was bad enough, but their 'bot also limited me to one or two responses a day.

    In addition, when I went to repy, like now - for example, I get sent to the 'advanced' response pages, the one that starts:- 'Title:' where I can't see what the other person wrote. Why would they do this to me? They would only do this to me, surely - if they didn't like me... (as if 'Science' was a popularity contest.)

    And another thing, almost everybody was hostile. These were ignorant people, so they are excused, but Prof.Layman, normal E..T. pet, yourself, were nice and for that I'm grateful.

    Also, and this is by the side - I learned quite a bit of SR/GR that I hadn't ever considered before, kinda like 'event horizons,' etc. and jet engines which, I can't deny it - I found absolutely fascinating even if they had nothing to do with my thread.

    Other 'sites I've been on have been more friendly. I guess it's just the 'luck of the draw,' - I don't care.

    Well, I think I've said everything. All I can say is 'thanks.' Thanks for letting me explain my theory, thanks for not booting me to the 'cesspool' an all.

    So Thanks Sciforums!!![/SIZE=5][/COLOR="#0000FF"]
  11. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    Making up random bizzare stuff is not science it is just... making up stuff.
  12. Peter Lamont Registered Member

    We'll see.

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