There is an all powerful man

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    There is a man... who rules the world.

    He goes to the middle east, and every century he chooses one single person, a worn old man was the first of them. He appears to the worn old man as taller than a tree, so his authority will not be disputed.

    To this single person, the ruler of the world tells him of his power and what happens after death and how everything began.

    And then tells the worn old man that every person in the world must worship and believe in him, for he made the world and the life that lives on it. And such an accomplishment deserves complete devotion.

    And the ruler of the world then gives the worn old man a warning... "From now on... if a person doesn't worship or believe in me.. I will cast them into a lake of fire that lays beneath the earth. I made this the world and non-belief in me deserves eternal suffering" was the warning given to the Worn old man.

    The worn old man of course believes him and goes on spreading the story of life and the warning.

    People begin to believe him, in the thousands, but of course there are still some billions that have yet to receive the warning from this worn old man.... and when these billion die they end up being cast into a lake of fire for eternity because they did not believe in the ruler of the world. They had never heard of him, but the ruler of the world found them worthy of eternal suffering for this failure to worship. Because... the all powerful man knows that because he created everything, he deserves from the people their willingness to devout themselves entirely to him.

    And in 100 years, the ruler goes back to the same place in which he found the old, worn man and finds a new person to be his prophet. And the ruler of the world gives his warning and the story once again. And he tells the young man to write a book about the beginning of the world and his warning of eternal damnation.

    This young man accepts the words of the man that stood very tall and continues converting others, and expanding further the belief. Millions now believe in the ruler of the world, and the book now flourishes everywhere.

    And when men pray to the ruler, he listens to them, and occasionally will whisper a word if they believe hard enough and are so willing to listen. But when people pray to the ruler and ask for answers or for proof of him, he will not say a word, though maybe to one person out of 20 million. He ignores most people, and he tells his next prophet that he listens mostly rather than actually answers.

    But of course, people are still dying and because they don't believe still, they are being cast into fire for eternity.

    And then one day the ruler finds a whole city of believers where the word of his existence has yet to reach and not one of his books rest in a home. Out of complete rage, he sends fire balls to scorch the entire city to the ground, killing men, women and children. And still after their deaths his rage endures, so he sends them to burn forever. Not for a week do they endure the flames charring their skin with smoke filling their lungs. Not for a month do they have to sit in lava while it boils their insides, and the smoke destroys their screams. But for eternity they will sit in that pit of fire, because they didn't hear of this ruler of the world.

    And whenever the ruler of the world chooses to speak, he chooses a person that has a belief in his existence. Never someone in a land which has never heard of him. Only in a land which has had contact with him before.

    He tells a new prophet, of the land of the previous prophets, that slavery and rape are okay. And tells his prophet that it is essential to kill those who don't believe in the ruler. And tells his prophet to stone to death children which talk back. And tells his prophet of his warning once again. And all this is once again added to the big book of the ruler. Also he adds some rules that say killing is bad, stealing is bad, etc.

    The ruler continues to burn for eternity non-believers, having some billions and billions already packed into the lake of burning. And out of anger he destroys another city of non-believers.

    Then one day he goes to the land of the previous prophets and impregnates a virgin. And tells her that its his son in her.
    Time goes on and the boy grows older and the ruler of the world tells that boy "In order for me to forgive the sins that man has commited, you will have to endure torture and death. "
    The boy preaches in the name of the ruler, speaking of his kindness and what good deeds the ruler does.
    The boy eventually goes through with it, dying in the name of the ruler. And the all powerful man says that they must eat crackers every sunday that represent the flesh of his son, and drink wine, representing his son's blood.

    And then the ruler goes into silence and speaks to no more prophets, only offering small whispers on occasion if a person tries hard enough to listen to the ruler. And to those who really believe, he offers a feeling so pure, that they know it is the all powerful man touching them. And to the skeptical, they will find eternity resting in fire.

    The only sort of person that demands complete devotion from everyone is someone of an excessively cruel demeanor. And to say they deserve eternal suffering for being skeptical is so far beyond cruel, humanity is unable to even attain that level of cruelty.

    If you created an entire universe, and created life in your own image...

    Would you demand devotion? Would you demand them to believe in you fully?

    Would you kill someone's entire family to prove that they are fully devoted to you?

    Would you destroy entire cities because they were unfaithful to you?

    Would you hide behind prophets and let them speak for you?

    Would you reward skepticism with eternal suffering?

    Would you expect your followers to kill children for talking back?
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  2. mike47

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    Man...........religions are crap . Just ignore them or show their contradictions . Peace and glory to humanity.lool.
  3. soulstar

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    Lol....that was good sarcasm. If you had power without limit, would you still desire to be worshiped? And why?
  4. Lori_7

    Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church!

    that sounded a lot like preaching to me.
  5. Ro6

    Ro6 New Member

    Not quite, just a way at looking at the bible.

    And everything I said is based on what god does in the bible.
  6. Lori_7

    Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church!

    i still envisioned you all self righteous like and behind a pulpit while i was reading it. just my perception i suppose. no offense.
  7. Ro6

    Ro6 New Member

    well, i believe my words offer more sense than the words of religious people behind the pulpit. and being self-righteous would mean I'd have to threaten hell on you all who've read my post.

    (I'm just kidding)
  8. cosmictraveler

    cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always.

    And you are just like them only in your own way. Telling others what they should think and do according to your beliefs.
  9. Lori_7

    Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church!

    So Ro6, am I to assume from what you've said here that you think god is a man, or you think that theists believe god to be a man?
  10. Michael

    Michael 歌舞伎

    When you take a look at the ME today, you can see why someone made up the Tall Tale of a Tall Man who Ruled the World.
  11. Lori_7

    Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church!

    What's the ME?
  12. Ro6

    Ro6 New Member

    you must have missed the (I'm just kidding) part.
  13. Ro6

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    well, according to chrisitians... god is god. But of course according to the bible, the god has emotions, he is jealous, he gets angry, etc.

    And emotions are what define humans.
  14. Michael

    Michael 歌舞伎

    ME = middle east.

    Even Thomas Jefferson mentions the many and often wars in Europe and in the ME.
  15. glaucon

    glaucon tending tangentially

    And a burning bush...
  16. Michael

    Michael 歌舞伎

    is a burning bush the same as a fire bush :p
  17. glaucon

    glaucon tending tangentially


  18. Michael

    Michael 歌舞伎

  19. Ro6

    Ro6 New Member

    so... that must mean... those with fire 'bushes' are... gods!

    im dating one then
  20. Hapsburg

    Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist

    No, emotions are what defines a thing that thinks. In general. Not just humans have emotions.

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