There are no logical arguments against God!

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Light Travelling, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Here we have some common ground then.

    kind of the point i am trying to make.

    I agree, and this does not just relate to god or theism. There is a broader and more comprehensive belief that exists (or not) all around the world. A belief in the spiritual, in an unseen world that either affects the physical or has implications on our continued existence. These are beliefs in soul, spirit, angels, reincarnation, devas, god, gods etc.

    I do not beleive it is as simple as believers are inscecure or simple or gullible as many atheists would state. Or that atheists are bad, stupid, or spiritually stunted as many theists would state. This debate is not new, I have read a passage in the upanishads (3000+ years old), which talks of the debate between believers and non belivers - I cant put my hand to it now but will try to post it tomorrow.

    My ideas on the existense of god are pretty sketchy, but I do believe there is a spiritual ascpect to life and too humanity, I also believe in multiple lives i.e. reincarnation. So I will base my answer on this;

    Through different lives we pass through different stages of development and experiential learning, it is necessary for some of these lives to be as believers, some as non believers. Some as believers in spiritual self but neutral on god, some as believers in god full of faith, some as believers in nothing unproven. I am not saying that one path is more developed than another, just different and necessary.

    I agree here too. I dont think atheists nor theists are ignorant by definition. Although ignorant people exist within both categories.
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